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					    -;;{.[2                 12:00                                                                                               P.01/02

        City of Lskes

     City Council
     Diane Third
   Council Hofstede
        Member, Ward           March       22) 2012                                    f\
                                                                                      1-'rll   1'-\ .-

   South Street- 307
 350 5th      Room                                                                      b      0 """&-     -g ~ l..-b e tJ
         MN 55415-1383

      Office 612 673-2203
       Fax 6'2 673-3940                    M
       TTY 612673-2157         Governor ar.k Dayton
                               130 State CapItol
dI8na.hofstede@c;i,minneapoILs.mn.us MN 55155

                               SenatorJulie Rosen
                               322 StateCapitol
                               St. Paul. MN 5515S
                               RepresentativeMorrie Lanning
                               379 State Office Building
                               St. Paul, MN 55155 .

                               Dear Governor Dayton, Senator Rosenand RepresentativeLaMing:

                               Minneapolis has been home to the Minnesota.Vikings since 1982. We believe that our City
                               should be their home for the next 30 years- The Vikings are a great statewide asset,and
                               their fans provide important supportto our local and regional economy. We also believe
                               that the Minneapolis Convention Center and Target Centerare important statewide assets
                               that contribute significantly to the local and regional economy,

                               As Minneapolis elected leaderswho representa majority of the City Council and the
                               position of Mayor, we stand ready to be the local partner for a stadium solution. We will
                               not take a vote on a Vikings stadium that violates the City's charter. We stand f1rmly
                               behind ~he principle that salestaxes collected by the state in Minneapolis should stay i[1
                               Minneapolis to be usedto build and sustainstatewideassetsin our City.

                               To provide the local parmer contributio[1 of capital and operating support for a new
                               stadium, we supportthe legislatufe r~purposingthe following existing state-authorized
                               taxes (the Convention Center Taxes) in the City of Minneapolis:
                                        a.      0.5% general salestax;
                                        b.       3% downtown restauranttax;
                                        c.       3% downtown liquor tax;
                                        d.       2.625% lodging tax.

                               In addition to providing capital and operating funds for a new stadium, repurposing these
                               above state-authorizedtaxes offers:
                                        a.       Adequate capital and opernting expensesfor the Convention Center so
                                                  that it continues to be a competitive facility;
                                        b.       Adequate capital and operating expensesfoT Target Center so that it can
     mR                                           retain its tenants and be an attractive entertainmentvenue;
                                        c.        Substantialproperty tax relief to businessaJ1d   residential property
     CQII                                        taxpayers.

         and Services

   Affirma1!ve Employer

          ...,"                ,                        ,..,.." .",,"'oJ"" ","",",d                 "".",,","        ,..1.11          ,~
MAR-22-2012 12:00                                                                                                   P.02/02

To achieve these objectives, we support legislation that would maintain the current state-authorizedConvention
Center Taxes and direct the use of those taxes as follows:
        a.       To a new stadium authority to be used to fund a portion of the capital and operating expen$esofa
                 new stadium located at the Downtown East (Metrodome) site, and
        b.       To the City of Minneapolis to be usedto fund Minneapolis Convention Center capital, operating
                 and marketing expense$,    Target Center debt service, capital and operating expensesand savings to
                 the City's general fund.

Giving Minneapolis the ability to make improvements to the Target Center is a required component of any
participation by the City of Minneapolis as the local partners in financing a new stadium.

We reaffirm our support for the City Council's December 29,2003 resolution stating the Downtown East site
(Metrodome) is the City's preferred option for a new multi-purpose sports stadium, which would be home to the
Minnesota Vikings. The Downtown Eastsite offers several significant advantages:
        a.        It is easily accessible from the Sllbstantialexisting highway and transit infrastn.lcture;
        b.       The Downtown E8$t LRT station serves both the Hiawatha and Central Corridor lines, both of
                 which Ca,n    transport thousands off!m$ to and from games;
        c.       The area has significant future development potential, including 2S acres currently owned by the
                 Star Tribune which may be for sale and will complement housing, commercial and cultural
                 facilities developed within the last 15years near the Metrodome;
        d.       It is the location most familiar to and supported by most Minnesotans,who have beencoming to
                 the Metrodome for 30 years.
         e,      Lodging, parking, and hospitality options at a variety of price levels are located within close
                 proximity .

ConsU1Jction a new multi-purpose stadium and capital improvements to Target Center needs to put Minneapolis
residents to work. Towards that end. we support a plan whereby:
         a.        A percentageof construction contracts equal to or greater than other Minneapolis development
                   projects be awarded to women and minority owned businesses;
         b.        The construction workforce includes skilled minority, unskilled minorities and females and
                   commits to achieving workforce utilization goals that exceedcurrent city goals:
         c.       The construction workforce also includes workers from Minneapolis zip codes that have high rates
                   of poverty and unemployment.
         d.       Concessionaires at the new $tadium reflect the ethnic diver$ity of Minnesota.

We took forward to working with you and other state leaders in the development of the plan that meetsour shared
goals. We would be happy to discuss these ideas with you at any time. Thank you.


Council Member Diane Hofstede -Third Ward
350 South 5thStreet, Room 307

Minneapolis, MN 55415
Diane.hofstede(ii'lci.minnea                   I

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