Acquired Immunity (PowerPoint) by dfhdhdhdhjr


									Acquired Immunity
         Acquired Immunity
• 2 Kinds:
  – Active Immunity
     • You make antibodies

  – Passive Immunity
     • Another person or thing’s antibodies are put
       into your body
         Active Immunity
• When immunity comes from your body
  making antibodies for a pathogen.

• Once the antibodies are present, you
  will not get sick from that pathogen

• Permanent Immunity
             Active Immunity
• 2 ways to get Active Immunity

  – Get sick, get antibodies

  – Vaccination
    • Purposefully introduce a weakened pathogen into
      your body
    • You do not get sick
    • Your body makes antibodies for that pathogen
         Passive Immunity
• When immunity comes from someone
  or something else’s antibodies being
  introduced into the body

• Provides TEMPORARY immunity
  – Your body will eventually destroy the
    foreign antibodies.
         Passive Immunity
• Get a shot of antibodies (vaccine)
  – before traveling to a foreign country for a
    short period of time.
  – After Rabies exposure

• Mothers give their antibodies to baby
  through breast milk
                 In Review
• 2 types of Acquired Immunity
  – Active
    • Your body makes antibodies
       – Get sick
       – Get vaccine of weakened pathogen
       – PERMANENT

  – Passive
    • Put someone/thing else’s antibodies into your
       – Mother’s breastmilk to baby
       – Vaccine of antibodies
       – TEMPORARY

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