Human Resource Management _HRM_ by fdshsdhs



• Performance evaluation
• Pay for performance
      Performance evaluation

• Why?
  – The improvement of ”matching”
  – Communication of values and objectives
  – Information of the individual (as a basis for self-
  – Training and (career)development
– Serving as a basis for payment
– Information for hiring strategies - validation for
  entry requirements
– To help the HR-function in proving its necessity
– As a basis for retention and reduction
– Legal defense
– Effects on those doing the evaluation
             Important dimensions

•   Who and what is to be evaluated? (level)
•   Who carries out?
•   Time horizon?
•   Objectivity/subjectivity (ratio)
•   Relativist/absolute
•   etc. (see page 215)
              The receivers

• The systemet has to be:
  – Fair
  – In accordance with culture and startegy
  – Support the indviduals social and
    organizational role
          The evaluators

• The system has to be :
  –   Efficient (time consumption)
  –   Not ”restrain” the relations too much
  –   Link to pay?
  –   ”Evaluation of the appraiser”?

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