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                               SCAMPI A FOR ASI

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3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                  200209–CSSA0001 – 1
    CSSA                                         ARC V1.1
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

          The Appraisal Requirements for CMMI (ARC) V1.1 Defines the
           Requirements Considered Essential to Appraisal Methods
           Intended for Use With CMMI Models
          Appraisal Principles
                       Start With an Appraisal Reference Model
                       Use a Formalized Appraisal Process
                       Involve Senior Management As the Appraisal Sponsor
                       Focus the Appraisal on the Sponsor’s Business Objectives
                       Observe Strict Confidentiality and Non-attribution of Data
                       Approach the Appraisal Collaboratively
                       Focus on Follow-on Activities and Decision-making Based Upon
                        the Appraisal Results

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                    200209–CSSA0001 – 2
                                      ARC APPRAISAL METHOD
    CSSA                                    CLASSES
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

                     Characteristics       Class A       Class B          Class C
                    Amount of Objective      High         Medium             Low
                    Evidence Gathered
                    Ratings Generated        Yes            No               No

                    Resources Needs          High         Medium             Low

                    Team Size (Relative)    Large         Medium            Small

                    Appraisal Team           Lead      Lead Appraiser   Person Trained
                    Leader                 Appraiser     or Person      & Experienced
                    Requirements                         Trained &

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                        200209–CSSA0001 – 3
    CSSA                                    WHAT IS SCAMPI?
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

             The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
              (SCAMPI) Is a Class A Appraisal Method That Provides Benchmark
              Quality Ratings Relative to CMMI Models
             SCAMPI Objectives
                       Gain Insight Into an Organization’s Engineering Capability by
                        Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of Its Current Processes
                             Relate These Strengths and Weaknesses to the CMMI Model
                       Prioritize Improvement Plans
                             Focus on Improvements (Correct Weaknesses That Generate Risks) That
                              Are Most Beneficial to the Organization Given Its Current Level of
                              Organizational Maturity or Process Capabilities
                       Derive Capability Level Ratings, As Well As a Maturity Level Rating
                       Identify Development/acquisition Risks Relative to
                        Capability/maturity Determinations

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                            200209–CSSA0001 – 4
    CSSA                               SCAMPI V1.1 HIGHLIGHTS
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

             Single, Integrated Appraisal Method to Support
                       Internal Process Improvement
                       Supplier Selection: High-value Discriminator
                       Process Monitoring: After Contract Award (Incentive/Award Fees)
             Detailed Method Definition - SCAMPI Method Definition Document
             Emphasis Moves From “Discovery” to “Verification”
             Four Data Gathering Mechanisms (Objective Evidence Sources)
                       Instruments, Presentations, Documents, Interviews
             Focused Investigation
                       Application of Efficient Techniques for Collection and Management of
                        Appraisal Data

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                       200209–CSSA0001 – 5
                                PRACTICE IMPLEMENTATION
    CSSA                              INDICATORS
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

    Practice        Implementation Indicators (PIIs) - the
             “Footprints” That Are the Necessary or Incidental
             Consequence of Practice Implementation
                     IncludeArtifacts As Well As Information Gathered From
                     Interviews With Managers and Practitioners

    PII-based           Process Appraisal Uses PIIs As the Focus
             for Verification of Practice Implementation
                         Is in Contrast to an Observation-based Approach
                     This
                     (CBA IPI) That Relies on the Crafting of Observations
                     That Pertain to Model Implementation Strengths or

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                            200209–CSSA0001 – 6
                                 PRACTICE IMPLEMENTATION
    CSSA                             INDICATOR TYPES
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

             Direct Artifacts
                       Tangible Outputs Resulting Directly From Implementation of a
                        Practice; CMMI’s “Typical Work Products”
                             e.g., Project Plan, Project Performance Measures

             Indirect Artifacts
                       Artifacts That Are a Side-effect or Indicative of Performing a
                             e.g., Meeting Minutes, Reviews, Logs, Reports

             Affirmations
                       Oral or Written Statements Confirming or Supporting
                        Implementation of the Practice
                             e.g., Interviews, Questionnaires

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                   200209–CSSA0001 – 7
                             EXAMPLE – INDICATORS OF PRACTICE
    CSSA                             IMPLEMENTATION
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

   PP SP1.1-1:
                                           Indirect Artifacts

       Establish                            Meeting Minutes
                                            Team Charter
                                            WBS Development Notes

                                                                                    Direct Artifacts

       A Top-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)                                    Top-level WBS
                                                                                     Task Descriptions
                                                                                     Work Package Descriptions


       To Estimate the Scope of the Project                           “I Worked on the WBS Team”
                                                                      “We Used the WBS”

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                                         200209–CSSA0001 – 8
                               SCAMPI AGGREGATION AND
    CSSA                               RATING
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

            Must Have Direct Artifacts, Combined With
            Either Indirect Artifact or Affirmation
                                                                         Maturity Levels
            Coverage                                       (Optional)   Capability Levels
             Must Have Sufficient Objective Evidence for                 Process Areas
             Implementation of Each Practice, for Each
             Instance                                                       Goals
        Must Have Face-to-Face (F2F) Affirmations                       Final Findings
        (Avoid “Paper-only Appraisals”)
                                                    Organizational Preliminary         Char.
                                                          Unit Level   Findings      Char.
                                                                     Weakness(es)     LI
    Inst.     Direct               Indirect          Affirmation         Obs.
      I1 Indicator(s) a          Indicator(s) a      Indicator(s) x                    LI
                                                                     Weakness(es)     LI
      I2 Indicator(s) a                              Indicator(s) a  Strength(s)       FI
                                 Indicator(s)                                         FI
                                                                     …                 PI
      I3 Indicator(s) x          Indicator(s)     x  Indicator(s) a                   PI
      I4 Indicator(s) a          Indicator(s) a      Indicator(s)    …                FI

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                           200209–CSSA0001 – 9
                              PRACTICE IMPLEMENTATION
    CSSA                       INDICATOR DESCRIPTIONS
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

    A       PIID Is a Structure or Schema Defined to Provide a
           Repository for the Practice Implementation Indicator
     PIDDs                 Have Multiple Uses:
                       During Model Implementation – Provide a Mechanism by Which
                        the Implementation of a Model Practice Can Be Described.
                       Appraisal – Provide a Mechanism to Verify Practice
                        Implementation Effectively and Efficiently.
                       After Model Implementation – Provide Vehicle for Training New
                        Personnel, for Internal Monitoring of Practice Implementation,

     PIDDs       Are Used to Capture Data for Both Specific
           Practices and Generic Practices
3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                200209–CSSA0001 – 10
    CSSA         PRACTICES)
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.
      Goal ID             PP SG 2 A project plan is established and maintained as the basis for managing the project.
      Practice ID         PP SP 2.7-1 Establish and maintain the overall project plan content.
      PII Type            Example Direct Artifacts                           Example Indirect Artifacts                              Affirmations
      Example Evidence    [1. Overall project plan]                           Issues and conflicts identified across
      (Look fors/Listen    Project plan revision history                       subordinate plans
      fors)                                                                   IMP, IMS, SEMP, SDP (see model)
      Appraisal Team
      Questions for
      Appraisal              Consider periodic revisions to the project plan due to changes in status of its dependencies (See PP SP 3.2-1)
      Considerations         The overall project plan ties together all the subordinate planning information; this may be a single plan or consolidation of multiple plans.
                             The project plan resolves issues and conflicts associated with the subordinate plans.
      Systems                   Systems-engineering planning details the work activities and work products of the integrated technical effort across the project.
      Amplifications              Examples of plans that have been used in the U.S. Department of Defense community include the following:
                                      Integrated Master Plan – an event-driven plan that documents significant accomplishments with pass/fail criteria for both business and
                                        technical elements of the project and ties each accomplishment to a key program event.
                                     Integrated Master Schedule – an integrated and networked multi-layered schedule of program tasks required to complete the work effort
                                        documented in a related Integrated Master Plan.
                                     Systems-Engineering Management Plan – a plan that details the integrated technical effort across the project.
                                     Systems-Engineering Master Schedule – an event-based schedule that contains a compilation of key technical accomplishments, each with
                                        measurable criteria, requiring successful completion to pass identified events.
                                     Systems-Engineering Detailed Schedule – a detailed, time-dependent, task-oriented schedule that associates specific dates and milestones
                                        with the Systems-Engineering Master Schedule.
      Software                    For software, the planning document is often referred to as one of the following:
      Amplifications                 Software development plan
                                     Software project plan
                                     Software plan

      IPPD                None
      SS Amplifications   None

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                                                                                                               200209–CSSA0001 – 11
                                       GENERIC PRACTICES PIIDs –
    CSSA                                  OVERALL GUIDANCE
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

       Practice ID           GP2.3 Provide adequate resources for performing the <PA> process, developing the work products, and providing the services of the process.
       PII ID                Direct Artifacts                                 Indirect Artifacts                               Assessment Considerations
       General Evidence       Documented process descriptions and plans      Staffing profiles and labor reports showing    Ensure the resources necessary to perform
       across PAs                (strategic or tactical) for performing the        effort spent on performing the process.         the process as defined by the plan are
       (Look Fors / Listen       process, which include a characterization of  Documented skill prerequisites for filling        available when they are needed.
       Fors)                     resources needed. (Reference GP2.2)               process roles and responsibilities, and      “Resources include adequate funding,
                              Evidence that adequate resources (funding,         evidence that assigned staff meet these         appropriate physical facilities, skilled
                                 facilities, skilled people, tools, etc.) are      criteria.                                       people, and appropriate tools.”
                                 actually provided as planned.                 Development environment and facilities         “The interpretation of the term ‘adequate’
                                                                                   (hardware, software, licenses, tools, labs,     depends on many factors and may change
                                                                                   test equipment, etc.).                          over time.” Adequacy is subjective, and
                                                                               Cost performance measures showing                 most likely determined through affirmations
                                                                                   provision of funding in accordance with the     of sufficiency from those performing the
                                                                                   plan.                                           work. Listen also for cases where the
                                                                               Analyses, reports, or metrics tracking            process failed due to insufficient resources.
                                                                                   availability of resources vs. plan.             This may indicate weaknesses in the plan or
                                                                                                                                   in the implementation.
                                                                                                                                Care should be taken in relying on
                                                                                                                                   affirmations of "inadequate" resources. A
                                                                                                                                   performer often wishes they had more time,
                                                                                                                                   money, or tools, but still has "adequate"
                                                                                                                                   resources to accomplish their planned tasks.
                                                                                                                                Separate budgets are not needed for each
                                                                                                                                   PA; they may be distributed over several
                                                                                                                                   PAs. A key consideration is whether the
                                                                                                                                   manager of that process has sufficient
                                                                                                                                   visibility to recognize the need for more

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                                                                                                         200209–CSSA0001 – 12
                                   GENERIC PRACTICES PIDDs –
    CSSA                           APPLIED TO A PROCESS AREA
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

       Project            Project Planning
       Management -
       Process Area
       Practice ID        PP GP2.3 Provide adequate resources for performing the PP process, developing the work products, and providing the services of the process.
       PII Type           Example Direct Artifacts                        Example Indirect Artifacts                         Affirmations
       Example Evidence   (see general evidence)                                [Tools: spreadsheet programs;
       Look Fors /                                                                 estimating models; project planning and
       Listen Fors                                                                 scheduling packages]
                                                                                [Staff: experienced estimators;
                                                                                   schedulers; technical experts in
                                                                                   application domain and technologies]
                                                                                Tools: historical project performance
                                                                                   database; data analysis and graphing
                                                                                   tools; risk database; office automation
                                                                                   tools; desktop publishing tools
       Appraisal Team
       Questions for
       Appraisal                 Look for a basic set of project planning and management tools, with historical data repositories used to calibrate and validate estimates.

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                                                                                                               200209–CSSA0001 – 13
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

        Prior     to the appraisal, the organization populates the
        PIIDs       Contain All the Specific and Generic Practices for
               the Process Areas in the Scope of the Appraisal
        The       Organization Answers These Questions For Each
               Practice In The Process Areas Being Appraised:
                     Do   We Do This?
                     What      Artifact Can We Provide As Evidence?
                     Where        Can the Artifact Be Found?

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                      200209–CSSA0001 – 14
                                        SCAMPI PROCESS FLOW – PLAN &
    CSSA                                          PREPARE
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

                                   Plan for               Obtain/Analyze Initial
                                   Appraisal             Objective Evidence (OE)
                              Scope, Appraisal Plan    1 Questionnaires/Mapping/Documents

                                                        PII (mapping) Database

                             Prepare Appraisal
                                                           Prepare to Collect OE
                            Team & Participants
                                   Trained team               Readiness Review and
                               Participants oriented           Data Collection Plan

                    1 Questionnaires   Optional

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                           200209–CSSA0001 – 15
                                        SCAMPI PROCESS FLOW – CONDUCT
    CSSA                                          APPRAISAL
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

                             Examine OE                                  Validate Practice
                                                                       Implementation Gaps
              Questionnaire results, PII Database,
                    Documents, Interviews                               Preliminary Findings and
                                                                           Findings Feedback

                                    Verify OE                                Document OE
                      Direct & Indirect Artifacts, Affirmations,      Recorded/Updated Appraisal Data
                           Strengths, and Weaknesses               (e.g., tagged notes, PII Database,Gaps)

                    Characterize Implementation of                    Generate Assessment
                               Practices                                    Results
                     Instantiation-level & Organizational                Final Findings, Ratings
                         Unit-level Characterizations

                    Note: Shading indicates iterative process.

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                                        200209–CSSA0001 – 16
                                 SCAMPI PROCESS FLOW – REPORT
    CSSA                                   RESULTS
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

                                                      Deliver Appraisal
                                                    Findings Presentation and
                                                          Final Report*

                                                 Package & Archive Appraisal
                                           Lessons Learned, Appraisal Record (sponsor),
                                                 Appraisal Report/Feedback (SEI)

                    * Final report is optional

3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                         200209–CSSA0001 – 17
    CSSA                             PROPOSED PLAN FOR ASI
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

             SCAMPI A for Requirements Management, Project
              Planning, Measurement & Analysis, Organizational
              Process Focus, and Risk Management (?) for Pilot
                     Team        Training/Readiness Review: 04/27-04/30
                     Appraisal:           05/24-05/27
             Commitment
                     Workwith Sandra to Prepare for Appraisal
                     Provide1 person for the appraisal team (Needs
                     to Have Taken Intro to CMMI Class)
3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                    200209–CSSA0001 – 18
  Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

                                    PATH FORWARD

 voice.256.527.8749                          fax.256.461.7985
3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                                 200209–CSSA0001 – 19
    CSSA                                     PATH FORWARD
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

        Baseline               Process Descriptions
        Execute       Processes in Pilot Projects (objective evidence
               should be generated)
        Collect           Metrics
        Gather            lessons learned and process improvements
        Implement                     process improvements
        Continue                Weekly Telecons and Monthly Meetings
        Prepare              for Appraisal
        Suz        will be Lead Process Improvement Consultant
        Sandra             will be Lead Appraiser
3/22/2012 8:34 AM                                                       200209–CSSA0001 – 20

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