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									                                                                                        T MARY’S CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                                                                                              Cheltenham Road East
                                                                                                          GL3 1HU

                                                                                                Tel 01452 714053 / 855305
                                                                                                        Fax 01452 714207
                                                           E-mail Address:

                         St Mary’s staffing structure and roles (September 2011)
  Class                      Teacher(s)                                           Teaching Assistant(s)
                                                             AM                            PM
Reception     Mrs Rebecca Lansdown (Mon, Tues,Weds)          Mrs Maureen Jones             Mrs Maureen Jones
              Miss Janet Payne (Thurs & Fri)                                               Trainee TAs
                                                                                           J Mitchell Weds/Thurs AM

  Year 1      Mrs Sarah Robinson (Weds, Thurs & Fri)         Mrs Fiona Sharpe              Mrs Fiona Sharpe
              Mrs Jenny Fredrickson (Mon & Tues)                                           (Mon, Weds, Fri)
                                                                                           Trainee TAs
                                                                                           H Thomas Tues/Thurs
                                                                                           K Bramall Mon PM Tues/Thurs AM
  Year 2      Mrs Claire O’Loughlin                          Miss Becky Whitney            Miss Becky Whitney
                                                                                           (Tues & Fri)

  Year 3      Katie Wilson                                   Mrs Elizabeth Thomas          Miss Becky Whitney
                                                                                           (Weds & Thurs)
                                                                                           *SEN TA: Tony Wadley (Full-Time)

  Year 4      Mr Mark Ricketts                               Mrs Caroline O’Connor         Mrs Fiona Sharpe (Tues & Thurs)

  Year 5      Mrs Catherine Goodchild                        Mrs Kath Pitts                Mrs Kath Pitts (Thurs)
                                                             Mrs Penny Windsor             Mrs Penny Windsor (Tues & Weds)
                                                                                           *SEN TA: Karen Abbotts (18-21 hrs)

  Year 6      Mrs Anne Fullerton                             Mrs Sue Ryder                 Mrs Susan Ryder (Tues)
                                                             Mrs Jan Dunstan SEN TA        Mrs Jan Dunstan SEN TA
  Special     SEN Co-ordinator: Miss Janet Payne         SEN Assistant : Mrs Caroline O’Connor
  Needs       Speech & Language Teaching Assistant : Mrs Mary-Jane Blackburn
   PPA        PPA teachers cover the release time that all teachers are entitled to by law (for Preparation, Planning &
   MR         Assessment).
              At St Mary’s teachers are released for one day per fortnight. This means that your child will be taught by their
              PPA teacher one in every ten days.

              As members of the School Leadership Team Mrs Fullerton and Mrs O’Loughlin have an additional day per
              fortnight for their leadership roles.

              >Mrs Anne Hanson**      PPA cover in Y2, Y4, Y5, Y6. Management Release cover in Y2 & Y6

              >Miss Janet Payne PPA cover in Reception & Y3

              >Mrs Jenny Fredrickson PPA cover in Y1

              >Mrs Joanna Marsh providing release days, supply cover across the school and specific support in Reception &
              Year 1 classes for Term 1.
                                         *Hours/roles may vary dependent upon tribunal outcome and final statement.
                                   **Shirley Cox will be covering the period of Anne Hanson’s absence in the Autumn Term
Leadership Roles
Head: Liam Jordan           Deputy Head : Anne Fullerton       Infant Team Leader: Claire O’Loughlin
EYFS Leader: Rebecca Lansdown               School Business manager: Carolyn Coughlan

Subject Leader Roles
Core Subject Leaders
Literacy: Claire O’Loughlin    Numeracy: Anne Fullerton      RE: Janet Payne   ICT: Katie Wilson Science: C Goodchild

Foundation Subject Leaders
History: Claire O’Loughlin       Geography: Anne Fullerton      Art: CatherineGoodchild         DT: Sarah Robinson
PE: Anne Hanson                  MFL: Anne Fullerton            PSHCE: Jenny Fredrickson        Music: Becky Lansdown

Other Area Leaders
SENCo: Janet Payne               Gifted&Talented: Catherine Goodchild

Adminstrative Staff
Secretary: Helen Adams         Business Manager: Carolyn Coughlan Admin Assistants: Mary Cullimore & Kath Pitts
Librarian: Becky Whitney (Mon PM)           Finance Assistant & Catering Admin: Caroline Lewis

Catering Staff
Catering Supervisor: Sue Morton                  Catering Assistants: Kerry Keats & Paula Robinson
Dinner Hall Assistants:                          Joanne Mitchell, Dawn Holliday & Lauren McAvoy

Midday Supervisor Staff
Supervisor: Janet Coleman     SEN MDSUs: Mon/Th/Fri: Caroline Lewis
MDSUs: Sylvia Boucher, Sue Ryder (Mon-Thurs), Elizabeth Thomas, Dawn Holliday & Claire Barnsley

Breakfast Club
Supervisor: Jude Rutter       Assistants: M/T: Belinda Coughlan W/Th: Kathy Howells Relief Assistant: Sylvie Boucher
                                          Fri: Kathy Bramall.

Cleaning Staff
Cleaner in Charge: Robert Jurgielewicz        Cleaner: Piotr Sledzik

Parent & Child Support Adviser. Laura Abrahams                   Permanent change          Temporary arrangement

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