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									Wonderful paper pumpkin

How beautiful is beauty inside and raises self
pumpkin paper is really how I feel when making this
fun pumpkin for my children and I want you also feel
a sense of this and your children.
Paper pumpkin suitable for many occasions
including (birthdays, festival of love,Christmas,
school buses, buses family ......)

Thottagha simple materials that are:
1 - small paper cylinder.
2.3 The shed a different color (as you prefer)
3 - Glue
4 - scissors for cutting
1 - Place the cylinder in the first, paper, and paper
and then wrapped in a circular fashion until you
reach the following figure.

2 - Put the previous sheet in the second paper and
then wrapped in a circular motion like the above in
the third paper.
3- Cutting paper and cut this one after the other thin
strips as follows.
4 - Paste party paper strips of paper inside the
cylinder and then slide the paper the second and the
third is as follows.
5 - until the end of the following form.

6 - making pumpkin head formed by the green paper
in the form of a cylinder such that.
7 - placed at the top of the pumpkin

Good life as you and also makes you feel happy
repeat seen ☺

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