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    These days, storage capacities of devices are becoming larger and larger. About four years ago, a 512 MB USB Flashdrive
    was a star. As of today, we have Kingston 128 GB DataTraveller that is so unimaginable. So as portable data storage
    devices are becoming extremely spacious, the need for users to copy large amount of data and files are also increasing
    proportionately. That means to say that when copying very large large, a very much longer time will it take to copy those

    Such a problem can however be solved using programs or software that can make copying of files a lot faster. These
    programs are extensions that can really make copying of files easier and faster. To be able to enjoy the benefit these
    programs, all you need to do is to install it.

    Here are some of the programs that I personally use in my computer and in our school.

   TeraCopy
    This was the first of the programs that I love to install to speed up copying of files in my computer. TeraCopy is free and
    easy to use. When you try to copy bulk files or large files, Teracopy automatically runs upon pasting in of the copied files to
    the new location or directory.

   TotalCopy
    It is more like a Windows addon that will give you options when you click right on a a file or folder to copy. The best thing
    with this is that you can actually change the copying speed, or even have he pause-resume option. I have heard that this
    doesn't run well in Windows 7 but I need to verify it myself.

   FastCopy
    This is one of the oldest softwares to make copying fast. It is another windows addon similar to Totalcopy. It has options on
    which to paste in the copied files. This is my favorite tool of choice when trying to backup very very large files like to backup
    a hard drive because it seldom fails or gives errors.

    I have also noticed that when you install both TeraCopy and Fastcopy, the dialoue box that will appear when you copy is
    that of Teracopy's but the color of the status bar is blue (FastCopy's) instead of the default green of TeraCopy's.

    The programs above mentioned can drastically make copying of files faster. Even faster than how Linux can copy files.
    Copying large files will be a lot faster and easier eliminating the long wait. Though there are many other programs that
    can make copying of files faster, the programs mentioned above are freeware. It's free to use and free to download!

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