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Backlinks art


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Building your website is only the first step in your online journey. While it is very important to build
your website with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind, once you have published your site you
need to do everything you can to drive targeted traffic to your website. Whether you are blogging for
pleasure, providing information on your website or running an online store, you need web searchers to
be able to find your site and then visit it.

Internet traffic is controlled and driven by the search engines and their rankings of websites. Google is
the lead search engine and controls over 80% of the searches done on the internet. However, because
of the enormity of the web, there are still hundreds of other search engines that provide millions of
search requests and all of them use similar ranking techniques. One of the key items looked at by
Google and the other search engines are backlinks, more importantly quality backlinks, that your
website will have.

Backlinks usually don’t happen on their own, you need to actively create them and continue to create
new backlinks as your site ages. However not all backlinks are created equally and creating quality
backlinks can be as important as creating quality content. It’s up to you to create these quality backlinks
so that the search engines can find you and will give your site a high page rank in their listings.

One of the most common errors made by webmasters when it comes to backlinks is the practice of
buying huge quantities of backlinks from sites such as eBay or Fiverr. While they listings on these sites
are usually legitimate and will deliver the thousands of backlinks promised, the links are almost always
of very poor quality and are not recognized by the search engines. You have spent some money but
what you have received are backlinks that don’t do your site any good.

Quality backlinks are generally links that represent a relationship between your site and another site.
Google loves backlinks from social media sites (Facebook, Digg etc), other websites in the same niche as
your site, article directories (although these are discounted if the content is not original), wiki sites and
embedded backlinks in authority articles. Creating backlinks on the right type of site is not difficult but it
can be time consuming.

There are a few automated tools that can help you create backlinks, but you need to be cautious before
you spend money on tools to create links. Some of the more detailed and proven automatic link
creators such as BookMarking Demon and Article Marketing Robot have an upfront fee but both
services are updated often and create links on some valuable sites. Usually you are better off creating
an article, putting one or two links in the content body and submitting that article to Ezines, Scribed and
a few other top article sites. Then take the link created by these postings )an example would be the web
address for your Ezine article), put them in the body of your article and submit that to wiki sites, as
many social sites as you can create accounts for and then repeat that process with the social website
addresses. It’s not complicated, but it does take some time.
Backlinks are the fuel for search engines and it is critical that you spend time creating quality backlinks.
Your site can be well planned, gorgeous to look at and filled with great information, but if the search
engines don’t rank your site, your website will only be taking up space on the internet.

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