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8th Grade Math Assessment


									Who?            8th grade Students

What?           Take a New York State Assessment in Math

Where?          Sequoya Middle School

When?           May 11th and 12th (Wednesday and Thursday)

Why?            All students must participate in state assessments and all
                         are to demonstrate proficiency in math. These
test                     help the teachers determine each students
strengths and                     weaknesses.

How?            The eighth-grade State Math test is a timed test that is
                        given over a two-day period.
                       Day 1
            27 Multiple Choice Questions
           NO CALCULATOR (35 min.)
     6 short extended responses (35 min.)

                       Day 2
12 short and extended response questions with use of
                calculator (70 min.)
                     Day 1
           42 Multiple Choice Questions
       NO CALCULATOR (65 min.)
                       Day 2
8 short and 4 extended response questions with use
                    of calculator
                     (70 min.)


                                18-22%   Number

                                          19% - 23%
 Probability                      0%
       •Come to class prepared (pencils & calculators)
  •Take 3 “mini” tests that imitate the real test, these all
• Take 5 “new” practice tests that imitate the real test, best
                          2 count!
  • Take 2 “old” REAL assessment tests (2009 & 2010) for
                      *Ask questions*
                   Study, Study, Study
                Practice, Practice, Practice

              “Practice makes Perfect!!!”
*Put your name on it!!
*Bring it home to get
   (Any where on it)
* Hand it in, I will
  photocopy it and give
  it back to you to put
  into your folder.
  You will be each be given a folder and will
             keep the following in it…
• Grade Summary Sheets
• Grade Conversion Charts
• All tests given

** Put your name on the tab

** These folders will be collected everyday and
  will stay IN the classroom
      You will also be allowed to…
      “Learn from your Mistakes”

Take notes on the folder when we go over
    the tests and use your folder as a
    “cheat” sheet when you take your
              practice tests.

Organize it by topic ~ Angles, Equations…
The test is out of 70 points!!
      Part 1 = 42 points
         (each question worth 1 point)

      Part 2 = 28 points
      (each question worth 2 or 3 points)

 Passing / Level 3 = 45 out of 70
  Level 4 = 62 out of 70 points

     These points will be
      converted into a
   test grade out of 100%
Would you have passed the 8th grade math assessment
                 given 2009 or 2010?

We are going to start by taking the 2009 this week!!

                  Monday – Book2

                  Tuesday – Book 3
                       & Finish Book2

                 Wednesday – Book1

              Thursday & Friday – Go over it!

                  LETS BEGIN…

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