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					In 2012, A College Degree Can Equal
Deep Debts and Regrets -
There was a lot of hype lately about the recent decline in the first two unemployment insurance
and unemployment claims. The media eats it and now believe the American people that more
and more job seekers for positions in these days. Especially those with
graduates. Unfortunately, there are other reports that are in flagrant contradiction to the decline.

According to, "Other data show a much weaker labor market and the economy,
the average duration of unemployment remains near its all time high, putting the rent is close to
historic lows, and there are almost 3 million workers in part-time instead of full-time. " They
report that more, "predict the number of people that will be used by workers on filing for
unemployment, measured as the level of a pool to guess how much water flows, but ignore the
rate will be added to the water." I am not here to debate what the right hand side. But I can with
what I see here, testify to the ground floor.

I see people from all walks of life to lose jobs at an alarming rate. The honest citizens, people
with not so clean record. Graduates from high school dropouts, a PhD and Masters
graduates. They too found themselves unemployed in the boat. I know a PhD, whose owner
from work for five months have been, and she knows other four. It 'a settling or working outside
their field of study. From an article titled, not all created equal, major colleges, the Washington
Post: "Too many students are not sure what work that was after four, five or even six years of
study and collect an important detail to get education loans."

We appreciate educated twentysomethings whose careers are stuck in neutral, with no fault of
their speeches. They are often referred to as the generation limbo. And this is our future, for
crying out loud! I mean, what has come to this world economic / when Ivy League graduates
can find out just fine?

The rules have changed. In those days, would be a trade certificate intelligent that you place it
in a better financial situation. Notice I said "better", but not exactly the best. In fact, depending
on what you are in business and the region in which you work, I'm sure you've got to stay busy
and hard to earn a steady income full-time as well. Considering there is a clear discrepancy
between the expectations of graduates and employment opportunities available to them, is a
marvel as traditional universities still hold their charm. Themselves on only a degree just is not
safe anymore. In some cases it may be harmful.

The New York Times recently profiled Courtney Munna - '. Student Loan Hell 'is a recent
graduate who was not capable of a "good job" and who is now himself recently told The New
York Times that are more than happy to return to their training if he could just quit all this debt
would be ....
I learned from my university, in contrast to all the traditional university, you know. It 'more like an
institution to gain a systematic way to learn while you are offering. And I mean, really make
money and learn from some of the top earners in the industry! And 'the epitome of "hands-on
training" that most owners do not receive a degree from a traditional university. And this is
ultimately what will prepare you for the career you deserve! Internet revenues for Universities
(IIU). Prevent me from playing, and in this industry you have to stay on your toes if you want to

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