The Presto Pizza Pizzazz Oven! by denisegleed


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									          The Presto Pizza Pizzazz Oven!
  Introducing the Pizzazz Pizza Oven, it’s compact and creates the
       perfect crispy base and melted cheese top in minutes.

The rotating tray turns continuously for even baking; and it has top and
bottom heating elements that bake from both sides, quickly and evenly;
from thin crispy to rising crust.

You can set the controls for top, bottom or both elements for extra control if
you like a crispier crust or more golden brown top to your mouth-watering

The Pizzazz Pizza oven also prepares convenience foods like frozen chicken
wings, egg rolls, jalapeno poppers and fish fillets. Chicken nuggets,
quesadillas, toasted sandwiches, cookies and cinnamon rolls. Delicious!

While other ovens are heating, … you’re eating!

                                      “Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven”

                              Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven easily bakes frozen,
                              homemade or deli pizza faster and cheaper
                              than pizza delivery! This is how you get
                              impressive, mouth-watering pizzas!

   Pizzazz Replacement Pizza Tray

The Pizzazz Pizza replacement tray is for
serious pizza lovers who wear them out!

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