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									A Doll’s House

 By Henrik Ibsen
      Page One: Vocabulary

Act 1:
1. Digression - n.-a straying from the main
2. Egocentric-adj.-self-centered
3. patronize - v.-to treat someone nicely, but as
an inferior
4. adjacent - adj.-next to; nearby
5. contaminates - v.-to corrupt or make unclean
in some way.
             Vocabulary continued
   Act 2
1.   disheveled-adj.-untidy; disordered; messy
2.   conceivably-adv.-possibly
3.   quibble-v.-to focus on an unimportant detail in order to avoid the point.
4.   vindictiveness-n-vengefulness
5.   depraved-adj.-immoral or corrupt
              Vocabulary Continued
   Act 3
     1. evasions-n.-avoidances of duty or questions by using deception or
     2. exhilarated-v.-stimulated; made lively or cheerful or happy
     3. aloof-adj.- cool and distant; reserved
     4. initiative-n.-ability to think or act for oneself without the
     encouragement or urging of someone else.
     5. infallible-adj.-not capable of making an error; reliable
        Pages Two and Three
 Column One       Column Two
 Record Symbol    What does symbol
                    represent and how
                    does this relate to
         Pages Four and Five
          Cause and Effect
Causes      Nora’s Change   Effects
                                    Pages Six and Seven Characterization

Direct characterization- it is directly stated what
the character is like in stage directions or a
character description

1. The character is revealed through his/her appearance

2. The character is revealed through his/her own words

3. The character is revealed through his or her actions.

4. The playwright shows how other characters in the play
respond to the character by what they say or by how they

Motivations-Record the character’s actions and the
motivations behind these actions.
         Page Eight- Theme
Record notes on the theme of self-fulfillment
 and independence present in the play.

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