Employability (PowerPoint) by yurtgc548


									BERG 2008 - STUDENT

   Delivering Employability:
   Experiences within LMBS

       Dr Ruth Marciniak

Monday 10th November 2008

T1-20, Tower Building, Holloway
      Road, North Campus
Retail Management Course Experience

•Employability context

•Employability content

Employability context:
Perceptions of working within the retail

•Open long hours
•Emphasis on cost
•Poor salary
•Limited advancement                 high turnover
•Unskilled work
•Part-time work
•Diverse employee
                           Ref: Curtis & Lucas (2001);
 backgrounds               Broadbridge (2003)
Broadbridge et al (2007) study:
Experiences, Expectations and
Perceptions of Retail Employment
Current students = Generation Y

•Dislikes slowness
•Open minded
•Technically literate
•Civic minded
Broadbridge et al (2007):
Implications for the retail sector
•Students need to be
 provided with positive
 experiences in their part time
 retail employment
•Retailers need to
 empower graduate entrants
 earlier in their careers
•Inform students of the
 multi-directional career
 opportunity paths in retailing
Employability content
•Speakers from careers
 Advice/Student Services          Self                     Opportunity
•Past graduates as guest          awareness                awareness
•Problem solving activities e.g
 situational judgement tests
• Awareness of various retail                 Decision
 recruitment processes e.g. use               learning

 of assessment centres
•Opportunities for psychometric
 testing                                      Transition
Situational judgement tests:
An example

In the space of a fortnight
since taking over as
Tottenham manager, Harry
Redknapp seems to have
transformed the
Premiership club’s

In your own experience
within a employment
context, has a change of
management ever produced
similar results with regard
to your own work?
Main sources of material for
employability content

•Student services

•The Saturday Guardian:
 Graduate in Work
Employability Assessment

 (20% weighting)

 (20% weighting)
Previous Assessment

Examine the roles, skills
required, career
progression opportunities &
salaries for specific
graduate jobs within the
retail sector:
•Visual merchandiser
•Store manager
•Retail anthropologist
Current Assessment

•Produce a database of Graduate
 recruitment schemes in retail.
•Offer constructive guidance on
 how graduates can best prepare
 themselves for various graduate
 jobs within the retail industry
 e.g.. skills/knowledge base.
•Undertake a survey of
 undergraduate perceptions of
 working within the retail sector.
•Produce a database of various
 reward and recognition systems
 offered by the UK retailers.
 Compare and evaluate these
What have I learnt?
•Students engage
  with employability
•Each cohort is
 different therefore
 there is a need to
 be flexible
•Delivery of employability
  modules should be unique
  to meet the needs of the
  relevant industry sectors.

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