Tut Wk9 by 0044W52


									Tutorial 8

       1. “Planning is a useless endeavor because developments in e-business and e-
          commerce and in the political, economic, and societal environments are moving too
          quickly nowadays.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
       2. “Planning and budgeting processes are notorious for their rigidity and irrelevance to
          management action.” How can planning be made relevant to the challenges facing a
       3. Refer to the Real World Case on IT/Business Alignment in the chapter. Companies
          where IT is an important part of their product offerings presumably also have a sales
          force that is well versed in technology. Why is it then necessary to take the CIO
          along on customer visits? Discuss.
       4. What planning methods would you use to develop business/ IT strategies and
          applications for your own business? Explain your choices.
       5. What are several e-business and e-commerce strategies and applications that should
          be developed and implemented by many companies today? Explain your reasoning.
       6. Refer to the Real World Case on Centene, Flowserve, and Shaw Industries in the
          chapter. Where is the value in the approach taken by Flowserve to reaching
          consensus on their massive project? Discuss.
       7. How can a company use change management to minimize the resistance and
          maximize the acceptance of changes in business and technology? Give several
       8. “Many companies plan really well, yet few translate strategy into action.” Do you
          think this statement is true? Why or why not?
       9. Review the real-world examples on user resistance and involvement in the chapter.
          What else would you recommend to encourage user acceptance in both cases?
          Explain your recommendations.

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