Running Sheet for 'Bike Smart' Workshop at North Sydney Council's by pptfiles


									   Running Sheet for ‘Bike Smart’ Workshop at North Sydney
                     Council’s Hutley Hall
                        21/2/09 2-5pm
                         Theme: “Bikes for Transport”

   2.05pm Welcome, Outline of workshop, Bike North Panel (CN)

   2.10pm Which bike is right for you? (CM) – planned use of bike, fit of bike to
   rider, Bike shop advice, web research
   2.20pm Q & A with Panel

   2.30pm General tips for riding (CN)–
       Skills (confidence) – bike rides (join a group like Bike North - ride calendar),
       Spring Cycle (Oct), ‘Sydney to the Gong’ ride (Nov), bike buses, bike
       buddies, Gear-up Girl, maintenance courses ( eg. run by bike shops), ‘Cycling
       tips’ & ‘Traffic Wisdom’, Practicalities ( clothes, bike storage, showers,
       insurance, hazard & incident reporting)
   2.50pm Q & A with Panel

   3.15 pm BREAK

   3.30pm Finding your way around (CM) – plan your route beforehand ( maps,
       web-sites, other cyclists), trial your route,leave plenty of time, bike buses,
       bike buddies
   3.40 Q & A with Panel

   3.50pm Bikes and public transport (CN) – legalities and practicalities for trains,
       buses, ferries, light rail, Q & A with Panel

   4.00pm Bike Shop products and cycle maintenance display ( Cranks cyclery, Bike
       Bug, King of the Mountain Cycles) including:
                              - what to check each time you ride
                              - what to carry when riding ( eg pump, repair kit,
                                  inner tube)
                              - how to get tyres on and off
                              - how to fix your tyre?

    5.00pm Close

CRM 1/2/09

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