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Web may refer to:


          Spider web, a mesh built by a spider, composed of spider silk and usually used for trapping prey

          Interdigital webbing, skin membranes between the digits of semiaquatic mammals


          World Wide Web or "the Web", a hypertext system that operates over the Internet

       Web 2.0, a perceived transition of the Web from a collection of Web sites to a full-fledged
computing platform serving Web applications

         World Wide Web Conference (WWW), a yearly international academic conference on the topic
of the future direction of the World Wide Web

        World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C and, the main international standards
organization for the World Wide Web

          WorldWideWeb, the first web browser and editor, a public company that offers websites and other services for small businesses and

          Webs (web hosting), a website which allows users to create free websites

       WEB, a computer programming system created by Donald Knuth to implement literate


          The Web (comics), a comic book character

          Web (novel) by John Wyndham, posthumously published novel set on an island populated by

          World English Bible (WEB), a public domain translation of the Bible

          The Web (series), a series of science fiction stories

          "The Web", a publication by Marillion.

[edit]Television, radio and film

          WEBS (AM), a radio station at 1030 kHz, licensed to Calhoun, Georgia, United States
        The Web (film), a film noir

        The Web (TV series), a mystery/suspense anthology series

        "Web" (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

        Webs (film), a 2003 sci-fi movie

        The Web, a dangerous region of space in the ReBoot universe

        West End Broadcast (WeB FM), a radio station in Newcastle, England, that was a forerunner of

        "The Web", an episode from the first season of the British science-fiction series Blake's 7


        In mathematics, a linear system of divisors of dimension 3

        Offset printing web, a roll of paper is used, rather than individual pages

        Steel I-beams or trusses are made with a web, centered between the top and bottom flange

        Web Entertainment, a record label

        "The Web", a song from the album "Script for a Jester's Tear" by Marillion.

        Web (manufacturing) continuous sheets of material passed over rollers

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