Oxygen-Acetylene Welding Quiz by 0044W52


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Questions #1-15 are worth 3 points each
  1) By definition, Oxy-Acetylene welding is a process of
        a. Fusion
        b. Adhesion
        c. Carbonation
        d. Oxidation

   2) Filler rod can be used for Oxy-Acetylene welding.
          a. True
          b. False

   3) If you are welding aluminum metal, it is ok to use mild steel filler rod.
          a. True
          b. False

   4) When attaching the welding nozzle to the torch handle you use
        a. A universal wrench
        b. A crescent wrench
        c. Your hand (hand tighten only)
        d. A pair of pliers

   5) The small triangle that is formed at the tip of the torch when you add
      oxygen is called
         a. The middle cone
         b. The smaller cone
         c. The outer cone
         d. The inner cone

   6) The best flame to use for Oxy-Acetylene welding is a
         a. Carburizing Flame
         b. Neutral Flame
         c. Oxidizing Flame
         d. Reducing Flame

   7) The inner cone should be about 1/8th to ¼ of an inch away from the your
         a. True
         b. False

   8) The molten pool is a shiny, small dot that appears in the middle of the heat
         a. True
         b. False
9) When we shut down our welding torch, the first thing we do is…
     a. Turn off the acetylene torch valve
     b. Back the Tee Screw off from the regulator
     c. Twist the Tee Screw all the way in on the regulator
     d. Close the valve on the Oxygen Bottle

10) The desired size of molten puddle that we want is about the same size as
       a. A dime
       b. The tip of our welding torch
       c. The tip of a pencil
       d. It doesn’t matter what size puddle we have, as long as it goes
          across the metal

11) Some important pieces of equipment to use while working with a welding
    torch are
        a. Welding goggles
        b. Safety Glasses
        c. Welding Gloves
        d. All of the above

12) To light the torch, we crack the oxygen valve a 1/16th to an 1/8th of a turn
    and light it with the striker.
       a. True
       b. False

13) We have a primary and secondary set of regulators on our OAW
       a. True
       b. False

14) The emergency shut-off valve inside the shop, turns off which gas?
      a. Oxygen
      b. Acetylene

15) The torch body we use for welding is a standard torch body. We could
    also use it for Oxy-Fuel Cutting.
       a. True
       b. False

Question #16 is worth 5 points
16) Use the diagram provided to compare and contrast (what is similar, and
    what is different) the Oxy-Acetylene Welding, and Oxy-Fuel Cutting

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