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									Sri Lanka Travel Guide
Sri Lanka is an island that lies off the southern coast of India and is part of South Asia. It lies
close to the countries of Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. It is a country known well for its
white beaches, tropical forests and biodiversity. By following the great tips and advice in this
travel guide, you can have a wonderful holidays Sri Lanka.
If you are in the mood for visiting a civilization of past generations, than look no farther then
the ancient civilization of Lankan in Anuradhapura. This location was the capital of the island
from 4 BC to 11 AD. It is a city considered sacred to the Buddhist religion, thus it has many
monasteries to visit. It also used to be the center of urban life as well as political power on the
island. Be sure to take a visit to the sacred Bo tree.
The nature is pristine on Sri Lanka tours, so don't forget to make a visit to the Yala National
Park. The second largest and most frequented national park on the island, it is definitely
worth a stop during your holidays Sri Lanka. It holds a variety of ecosystems and is a great
place for bird watching.
Negombo is one of the most popular beaches on the island, due to its proximity to the
international airport. It is home to the typical fishing economy and is a great place on any
tourist stop. This place flourished due to cinnamon production.
By learning about some of the locations in Sri Lanka, you can ensure that your trip goes well.
There are a large variety of beaches, national parks and archeological to visit, making it a
great tourist experience. Having a vacation to the great tropical island of Sri Lanka is a great
holiday for anyone.

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