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									      Things to avoid when you move into a rental in Dubai
Residential communities are a wonderful way for expats to assimilate into the customs
and ways of a foreign location. They usually welcome people from multiple nationalities
and are rather accommodating towards the diverse needs of the residents. Dubai
rentals for example, are home to a vibrant expat population that makes significant
contributions to the socio-economic fabric of the Emirate. However, recent reports have
been coming in that suggest that all is not well with the residents over in these

Rentals in Dubai come with their own set of do’s and don’ts and while some may vary
from community to community, there are still some rules that hold good irrespective of
the location in the Emirate. Dubai’s buildings are known to have some of the finest
aesthetics in the region. The exquisite designs mirror those found in some of the top
regions around the world. This is why; the facades of the buildings must be left
untouched by residents.

Acts such as hanging clothes to dry over the balcony railings detracts from the visual
element as had been originally designed by the developer. Similarly, usage of balconies
for furniture storage too must be avoided. Barbecues not only present a fire safety
hazard, the strong odors and the smoke/ash may lead to complaints from neighbors
who do not agree with such practices. Linen sheets, curtains, carpets, etc. all must be
properly laundered and dried in the shade. Hanging them out to dry in the hot sun is a
surefire way to shorten their chances of enhancing the beauty of your home.

Occupancy rules are also another key factor that one must pay attention to.
Overcrowding, leads to the creation of unhygienic living conditions that later exposes
residents to diseases and ill-health. Developers are moving into enforce such guidelines
and the penalties are steep for those that fail to adhere to them.

Thus, it is clear that one must follow all the rules and guidelines in-order to enjoy the
fabulous Dubai Experience.

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