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									      Nga Hoa o Te Taiao Marae
                                       RD1 Putiputi Rd, Te Ao
                                       (09) 678 5947

                                       ”For dramatic

      ht Now
                            VENUE HIRE AGREEMENT
This agreement for the hirage of Nga Hoa o Te Taiao Marae buildings and facilities

is made between ______________________________                (Hiree Group)

                 and ______________________________ (Marae Representative)

For use of the marae facilities and spaces for the specified dates;
from ______________________ through till ______________________

Nga Hoa o Te Taiao Marae is committed to sustainability and reducing the
environment impact of our operations. We encourage all users of the marae to
actively support our efforts to minimise waste, use energy and water efficiently and
purchase environmentally preferable products for use at the marae.

Your care and cooperation will help contribute to the conservation of natural
resources, to the health of the environment and to a bright future for our

1. Waste Minimisation Facilities
   Our policy is to send as little waste as possible to landfill due to the negative
   environmental effects. We aim to recycle and compost as much as we can as this
   recovers valuable resources for re-use.

As a user of the marae, you can help us minimise waste to landfill by:
    reducing the amount of waste and non-recyclable packaging you bring with you
    ensuring products are either recyclable or compostable
    encouraging your group to follow our Para Kore systems (outlined in the marae
      facilities manual). This includes information about what is recyclable and
      compostable and how to use the bins.
2. Energy and Water Conservation
As a venue for large events we recognise that our marae can use significant amounts of
electricity and water. We strive to reduce the environmental impacts associated with these
services through efficient products and promoting conservation. Your group can support us
     switching off lights and heaters when not in use
     encouraging short showers and conservative hot water usage
     using water carefully in the bathrooms and kitchens
     using our dual flush options in the wharepaku

3. Natural and Non-toxic Products
We recognise that some products contain chemicals and toxins that are harmful to human
health and our waterways. Please use the natural and biodegradable cleaning products
provided to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

4. Clean Up
The venue hire client shall be responsible for returning the marae facilities and grounds
venue to the state that it was provided to them. We expect that the client respects the waste,
recycling and composting areas and leaves materials appropriately sorted, clean and ready
to be collected.

The Client is responsible for any and all damages to the marae buildings, facilities and
grounds etc.

5. Payment and Terms
Venue hire client will pay to Nga Hoa o Te Taiao Marae the sum of $___________ per day
for the hire of the marae and facilities. A bond of $__________ is required which will be
returned if the marae is left clean, without damages and the waste and recycling
appropriately sorted.

6. Signatures

You should read and understand this agreement. It is a legal and binding contract.

Venue Hiree                                                          Marae Representative

Printed Names: _________________________                ____________________________

Signatures:     _________________________                ____________________________

Dates:          _________________________               ____________________________

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