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									                            King Saud University
                College of Computer and Information Sciences
                      Information Technology Department

                           First Semester 1432/1433
                                     IT 421
                                 Assignment #9
Homework policy:
1) Copying any part of other people's code, solution sets, or from any other sources is
strictly prohibited.
2) If your source is the web, write your references in details.
3) Solutions quality (understandable and organized document, not handwriting).
4) Always start doing your assignment EARLY. Waiting until the last few hours is
definitely not a wise move.

Q1) In a paging system, what is the effective access time (EAT) assuming that a memory
access takes 200 ns, the TLB search takes 30 ns, and the hit ratio is 90% ?

Q2) Consider that the Physical memory is 128K, logical memory (per process): 32K and
page size: 2K. Calculate the following values:
   a)             Pages per process?
   b)             Frames in physical memory?
   c)             Bits indicating page number?
   d)             Bits indicating offset?

Q3) Consider a logical address space of eight pages mapped onto a physical memory of
32 frames. Given that the frame size is 1024 bytes, calculate the following:
    a) How many bits for page number?
    b) How many bits offset?
    c) How many bits are there in the logical address?
    d) The logical address space?
    e) The physical address space?
Q4) Consider a simple segmentation system that has the following segment table:

                                        Process X
                                           Base        Limit
                                0          3000            450

                                1          2000            350

                                2          2650            350

                                3          1050            350

For each of the following logical addresses, determine the physical address or indicate if
a segment fault occurs:

a) (0, 240)           b) (2, 350)            c) (1, 000)

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