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					                              Prom Dress Guidelines

Short or Long prom dress, somethimes it make some dificult choice, when it comes to choosing a
dress or gown, you need to decide on a length to start. This is important as not all gowns come in
all lengths, so you need to make this decision almost right away. The first way to help you decide
is to know your body shape and whether or not you want to show off your legs in your gown. A
shorter length gown will expose your legs, and this look works well when you have well toned
legs to pull off the look.

If you have qualms about exposing your legs, you may find that a floor length or longer length
dress works better for you as it conceals legs, if you think of those as a trouble spot for you.
However, both lengths can work well on all body shapes, when the rest of the dress is just right.

Short Length

If you have decided that you want to go with a short length gown or dress, perhaps because the
look is more fun and flirty, you need to determine how short you want to go. Knee length is
appropriate for just about everyone, and sends a a trendy message as the length is stylish and
reminiscent of cocktail dresses and less formal gowns. You can also always go shorter, though
you may want to consider the message you will be sending to others if you opt for a dress that is
too short. Prom gowns that are shorter than a mini skirt may not project the right image, as a
prom is to be a more formal affair and thus your gown needs to reflect that.
Short black prom dress with beautiful black/silver one side flower, elegance look simple touch
and sexy that you can wear at any moment, at night very recomended to wear

Long Length

The longer length gown option, if you have determined works best for you, can also be one that
falls in a range of options. One choice is to go truly formal, and have your prom gown one that
goes completely to the floor or even has a train in the back for the most formal of looks. This
option will give you a regal and classic look, and can give you a look that really takes the
formality of a prom to heart. The other choices for longer length gowns include those that hit at
the ankles or right above your shoes or a dress that falls to the middle of your calf. You can
choose the longer length version that works best with your comfort level, as not everyone finds
walking, sitting and dancing in floor length gowns easy or appealing.

In the end, choosing the right length prom dress is a personal choice that really only you alone
can make. You need to know what looks best on you, where your comfort level lies in terms of
exposing your legs and what styles are available in the length you prefer. You may need to look
at various styles and lengths to find the ideal gown for you, however, once you find the gown of
your dreams you will be well on your way to creating prom memories that will last a lifetime.
long prom dress with abstrac printed elegance style,you can combine with accesories like mini
bag, high heels, this is the best way to choose prom dress.

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