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									     Don’t leave your
lost patients hanging!

Bring them back with Brevium

                 In 2 years Brevium added:

                   446 cataract surgeries
                   7,426 patients reactivated
                   $2.78 million in receipts

                 In 12 months Brevium added:
                   200 cataract surgeries
                   2,104 patients reactivated
                   $380,000 in receipts

                    “   Thank goodness for Brevium!
                              Robert Cionni M.D.
 | 801-302-2299
      Fill schedules – Increase surgeries
               Improve compliance

Brevium makes it easy to bring lost patients back.
Our software will find the lost patients in your practice management
system data, and direct and measure the efforts to bring them in.
Just have your staff run the program and make calls. Expect revenue,
office visits, and surgery volumes to increase 10-15%*.

• Cash flow positive: We’ll generate more receipts than our first bill
  before it’s due.
• 500% return: We’ll generate at least 500% of our fees in receipts
  every month thereafter.
• 30-day guarantee: Pay nothing if you try it for 30 days and decide
  not to keep it.
• Month-to-month agreement: No need to hook you with terms -
  we succeed by delighting our customers.

• Free installation, training, and support
• $100 per doctor opting in per month
• $6 - $10 per patient reactivated (based on volume)

Technical Requirements
• Access to your practice management system data
• Two or more years of data to mine
• Appointment slots to fill

*with 5 - 10 hours of call time per week per doctor — expect 2 - 3 appointments per hour of call time.
 If you prefer to have someone else make the calls, ask us about our call service patnerships.

          | 801-302-2299
                 Patient Reactivation Software

      Serving 600+ eye doctors nationwide
                     In business since 2004

MN                                                 “Brevium is a no-brainer”
       Minnesota Eye Consultants                              Candy Simerson

FL     St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser               “Results are instantaneous”
                                                                  Brad Houser

TX     Key-Whitman           “We used to pull 100 charts to make 5 calls”
                                                                 Dan Chambers

OH     Cincinnati Eye                               “Brevium makes it easy”
                                                                   Don Holmes

 AZ    Barnet Dulaney Perkins           “Goes straight to the bottom line”
                                                              Mark Rosenberg

       Shepherd Eye                        “2900% ROI after three months”
                                                            Christina Kennelley

MO     Discover Vision Centers              “Exceptional customer service”
                                                                   Mike Wyrick

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