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									                              NIFT|NID Entrance 2011/2012/2013

       AFS -Academy of Fashion Studies provides training for entrance exams of NIFT|NID,NIFT
Entrance 2011/2012/2013,NID Entrance Coaching 2012,Classes By NIFT/NID Alumni,NIFT
Entrance Coaching,NID Entrance Coaching. Coaching classes are provided for Written Exams,
Studio Tests, Situation Tests, Portfolio Guidance and Interview. We are always innovating and
developing new methods of developing the latent talent and intellect of our students.

        AFS has been successfully conducting Guidance Classes for the Entrance Exams of NIFT &
NID etc. since 1993 that is 18 years. Course content and tutorial structure are Designed and Classes
By NIFT/NID Alumni & is constantly updated to include the changes in the admission test. Our
training programme is Time Tested and has consistently produced Winners every year !
       We always welcome to those students who are showing his/her interest towards AFS -
Academy of Fashion Studies. We provide you the unique teaching method with FREE Xtra classes
for weak students,FREE Subject Orientation Classes,FREE Communication Skills Classes,Exciting
Questionnaires & Design Contests,AFS MOCK-TEST SERIES for NIFT /NID Entrance Exams.
For more details about NIFT and NID visit our websites: or You can
Cotact Us:
AFS Academy of Fashion Studies
# 6, Nuchna Building, Alaknanda Shopping
Complex, Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019.
Email AFS at -
Tel - 26030352, 26025875, 9313633486

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