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Most suitable for well formed Magento Store


									In the present day, the rise and development in the field of web services and technology, has simply revolutionized the way
businesses are carried out. More and more business owners are opting for ecommerce website development, in order to sell
their products easily.

In the present wake of ecommerce website development and owning online stores, Magento has gained a reputation of its
own. It is an ecommerce publishing platform, which provides the online merchants with a lot of features and attributes
required to power their online store.

Features of Magento which supply essential functionalities to the online store are:

–        Flexible coupon rates and other marketing tools.
–        Payment and shipment options.
–        Multiple images per product with an additional zoom in feature.
–        Google analytics integration and easy customer management.
–        Global language and currency support, etc.

PSD to Magento Conversion: Best Solution for owning a Magento Store

If you are convinced that owning the Magento store certainly has its perks and benefits over other options, then the best way
to acquire a fully functional Magento store is via PSD to Magento Conversion.

PSD file is the photoshop design file, which helps you to give your website a unique and uniform look. The design of the
online store matters a lot in attracting the online users towards it. The users are looking out for a complete deal – a complete
package. Thus it is not enough to offer just the right services and offers, but you must also present them in the best possible
way to your users. PSD to XHTML/Magento conversion allows you to achieve exactly that.

In addition to the above listed benefit of owning a unique looking and impressive online store, there are 5 other benefits
associated with professional PSD to HTML/Magento conversion, which you must make note of.

A professional PSD to Magento conversion ensures the following:

1. Pixel perfect Magento Store – To begin with, your desired Magento store gets the attribute of Pixel perfection. The same
is ensured with the help of precise slicing of the PSD file and efficient and error free coding. The attribute of pixel
perfection ensures that the website has a consistent and uniform look all through it.

2. SEO semantic coding of the website – SEO semantic coding means that the website is coded in such a way that the search
engines find it to be easily readable and usable. The codes are systematically arranged and organized, in order to allow the
search engines to easily crawl the same. Hence the website is displayed early on the search engine result pages and you gain
a lot of organic traffic.

3. Quick loading – With the help of PSD to CSS coding, the codes are reduced up to a greater extent and hence the website
gets loaded quickly on the search engines.

4. Cross browser compatible online store – The online store is tested across various popular web browsers and it is made
certain that the online store enjoys cross browser compatibility,

5. W3C valid website – W3C validation is important to guarantee the long term efficient functioning of the website. The
error free and cross browser compatible website enjoy W3C validation.

Hence, in order to leverage your business with an online shop / store, opt for professional PSD to Magento conversion.

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