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By: Marietta D.

Illustrated by:
  Rocco Negri
                               Genre: Realistic Fiction

A boy leaves the safety of his village to
help a baby elephant rejoin its herd.
Word Knowledge

      protect protected unprotected
  Example: The endangered wildlife is unprotected here.
  What is the base word?
 How does the meaning of the base word change
 when the suffix –ed is added?
 How does to the meaning of the word change
 when the prefix un- is added?

                 Give an example of another word that
                 can have the suffix –ed and the prefix
                 un- added. Write this in your journal.
Word Knowledge

                 patch watched hutch
   Example: Suku watched the lion inch closer.

  What do all of these words have in common?

  All of these words have the sound /ch/ spelled
  -tch in them.
  What other words can you think of that have -
  tch in them that make the sound /ch/?
Word Knowledge

             envious curious pious
  Example: Toto was a curious little elephant.

  What do these words have in common?

   All of these words have the ending -ious.

    Can you think of other words that end in
Prior Knowledge

  Has anyone ever heard this story? If so
    tell us a little about it, but do not tell
    the stories ending?

 What do you know about Africa?

 What sort of animals live in Africa?
Prior Knowledge

   How do you think this
      story will be similar to
      Mrs. Frisby and The Crow?
      Background Information
 Toto is a baby elephant who lives on
  the world’s largest game reserve.

 What do you think is a game reserve?

A game reserve are areas that are created
  to preserve endangered animals like
  elephants and blue antelopes from being
                Map of the world

We live near here.

                            Our story takes place here.
                            About 9,000 miles away.
Toto’s home: Selous Game Reserve
                    Map of Africa

                                    Our Story
  Tanzania                          takes place in
                                    the area of
                                    Kenya and

                                    The author
                                    wrote the
                                    story after
                                    visiting these
     Selous Game Reserve
     United Republic of Tanzania

 A large numbers of elephants, black
  rhinoceroses, cheetahs, giraffes,
  hippopotamuses and crocodiles live in
  this immense sanctuary, which
  measures 50,000 sq. km and is
  relatively undisturbed by human
  impact. The park has a variety of
  vegetation zones, ranging from dense
  thickets to open wooded grasslands.

 This reserve is 1/3 the size of Washington.
         About the Author
As soon as Marietta Moskin was old enough to
hold a pencil, she began to write, creating
fantasy worlds with her stories. During
World War II, Marietta's family spent
several years in concentration camps. Even
then, she collected scraps of paper whenever
she got the chance, writing poems and stories
whenever she could.

Her family trip to Kenya, Tanzania, and
Uganda gave her the idea for Toto, the story
of a small elephant and a small boy who help
each other find courage.
    Preview and Prepare

1. Read aloud the title and the names of
   the author and illustrator.
2. Browse the first page.
3. What do you think this story has to
   do with risks and consequences?
What clues did you find that tell us
 something about the selection?

What problems such as unfamiliar words or
concepts, have you noticed while browsing?
Let’s read the following words,
find them in our story and see
if we can use context clues to
determine the definition.

Let’s substitute the definitions
for the word to see if they
make sense.
timid: (page 32)        •shy; feeling or showing a
                        lack of courage

enviously: (page 36)    •with jealousy

mock: (page 36)         •pretend; fake

snare: (page 39)        •a trap
cunning:   (page 40)   •tricky
haughty: (page 43)     •full of pride

menacing: (page 44)    •threatening

mustering: (page 44)   •gathering
Purpose for Reading
The goal is to think while we read!! While
reading answer the following:

 What risks did Suku take?
 What risks did Toto take?
 Will Suku overcome his fears?
 How does this story relate to risks
 and consequences?
   Let’s Enjoy the Story!!


Mom…can I go play in the jungle???
Comprehension Strategies page 32

           1      Predicting
 Good readers predict what will happen

 The author mentions that Suku is timid.
 I predict that Suku’s timidness will
 somehow be important to the story. I
 predict he will overcome it. I’ll read on
 to find out.
Comprehension Strategies page 33

           2         Claryifying

 As we read, we should stop to
 clarify any unfamiliar or confusing
 words or passages. Good readers
 often stop and reread a paragraph
 or two to consider what is going on
 in the story or to clarify an
 unfamiliar word or phrase.
Comprehension Strategies page 33 cont.

           2        Claryifying

 The author shifts from talking about
 Suku to talking about Toto, an elephant.
 I wonder why she does this. Maybe as I
 read on, I’ll understand. Here’s the
 answer in the last paragraph of page 33.
 The author is going to go back and forth
 between Suku and Toto, the two main
Comprehension Strategies page 35

           3        Predicting

     Now that I know the author is going
     back and forth between the two main
     characters---Suku and Toto---I bet
     these two characters meet later in the
     story. That’s why I’m finding out about
     them now.
Comprehension Strategies page 36

           4        Clarifying

     What does Suku’s father mean by his
     comment, “Courage sometimes comes
     with need”?
     How can needing to do something make
     you brave?
Comprehension Strategies page 36 cont.

           4        Clarifying

     I’ll reread to see if I can figure it out. I
     see that Suku is still very young. Maybe
     he hasn’t had to be brave yet. One day
     he will need to be brave and then maybe
     he’ll find courage like his father said.
Comprehension Strategies page 36

           5        Asking Questions

     Asking questions is a good way to think
     about what you are reading and to keep
     you involved with what you are reading.

     I have a questions…I wonder why Toto
     left his mother and the rest of the
     elephants? Wasn’t he happy living in the
Comprehension Strategies page 36 cont.

           5        Asking Questions

     I remember that he was envious of the
     birds who flew off beyond the hills. He
     left the herd to see where the moon
     goes when it dips below the hills. Toto
     probably left his mother and the other
     elephants because he was curious about
     what was on the other side of the hills.
Comprehension Strategies page 39

           6        Confirming Predictions

     I had predicted earlier that Suku and
     Toto would meet. I was right. Suku
     found Toto caught in a poacher’s trap. I
     predict Suku will help Toto. What do
     you think?
Comprehension Strategies page 40

           7        Asking Questions

     Why is Suku so angry?

     Since he seems so caring and sensitive, I
     bet he does not like to see animals
     suffer in pain.
Comprehension Strategies page 40

           8        Confirming Predictions
    Suku did help Toto as I predicted.
    Earlier, I had also predicted Suku would
    overcome his fear. Now I am sure what
    his father meant when he said, “Courage
    comes with need.”
   Suku overcame his fear of going into the
   bush when he helped Toto. Now I
   predict that Suku and Toto will face
   some serious danger in the bush.
Comprehension Strategies page 42

           9        Confirming Predictions

    I predicted that Suku and Toto would
    face some serious danger in the bush.
    Here, I see that I was correct. The lion
    seems really dangerous---”haughty and
    strong and very big.” I predict that
    Suku will get hurt because he has only a
    knife to protect him.
Comprehension Strategies page 43

          10        Confirming Predictions

    I’m glad that Toto’s family is here to
    rescue him, but are they in time?

     I think I’ll revise my earlier prediction:
     I think the rest of the elephants will
     realize how Suku helped Toto and so will
     protect the child as well as the elephant.
Comprehension Strategies page 44

          11        Confirming Predictions

    I was partially correct. Toto and Suku
    are safe. The elephants and the men in
    the car scared the lion away and
    protected Suku and Toto from harm.
Comprehension Strategies page 45

          12        Clarifying

    At first, I didn’t understand why the
    game warden stepped in. After reading
    on, I understand that it’s his job to
    protect the animals within the game
    reserve. The poachers would have killed
    Toto for his hide.
Discussing the Selection

     Using your yellow
    bookmarks, let’s try
 ‘handing off’ questions to
        one another.
  Rules of Engagement
Listen without interrupting
Address by name the person you’d
like to answer your question
Always call on someone who has not
had a turn.
If you have something to
contribute, raise your hand.
     Question Starters

Why didn’t Suku want to go into the
bush with the other boys?
Why does Suku finally venture into
the bush?
Why is Suku so angry at the
    Question Starters 2

What risks did Suku take?
What were the consequences of
taking them?
What might be the consequences of
not taking them?
Were Suku’s risks worthwhile?
   Question Starters 3

What risks did Toto take?
What were the consequences of
taking them?
What might be the consequences of
not taking them?
Were Toto’s risks worthwhile?
 Let’s read the story
and this time we’ll key
in on comprehensions
              Compare and Contrast

When we compare two or more characters, events or
things, we examine them to find similarities?

When we contrast two or more characters, events
or things, we examine them to find differences?
Comprehension Skills page 33

              Compare and Contrast

   What are similarities between Toto and Suku?

   What are difference between Toto and Suku?
Comprehension Skills page 34 and 35

                   Compare and Contrast

   On pages 34 and 35, the author is
    comparing and contrasting Suku and
   What are some things about these two
    characters that were similar?
   What are some things about these two
    characters that are different?
Comprehension Skills page 36

                Compare and Contrast

   On page 36, Suku is afraid to
    walk in the bush. How is he
    different from Toto?
Comprehension Skills page 38 and 39

                Compare and Contrast

  On page 38 and 39, Toto is curious and
   brave, but this leads him into trouble. How
   is Toto similar to the crow in “Mrs. Frisby
   and the Crow”?
Comprehension Skills page 40 and 41

                 Compare and Contrast

   On pages 40 and 41, how does Suku’s
    behavior change from earlier parts
    of this selection?
Comprehension Skills page 42 and 43

                Compare and Contrast

 Let’s read pages 42 and 43. How is
 Suku similar to Mrs. Frisby from
 our earlier selection?

  How is Suku different from Mrs.

                                    Run for you lives

 Would he be safer with a helmet?
   Narrative                  Title_______________                 Name_________
Paragraph 1

   Introduce the setting: Characters, Place, Time. Tell what the problem is.
                                                            Paragraph 4
           Paragraph 2                Paragraph 3
                                                         Event Three: Climax
    Event One: Beginning          Event Two: Middle      (How the problem is solved)

Information                Information                Information
About Event 1              About Event 2              About Event 3

Information                                           Information
                           About Event 2
About Event 1                                         About Event 3

Information                                            Information
                            About Event 2
About Event 1                                          About Event 3
Paragraph 5

 1. What happened after the problem was resolved?

 2. What is the moral (message) of the story?

 3. Clincher

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