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									By: Lin™
Okay so by purchasing this e-book you must
abide to follow this disclaimer with your life!
Anyway, don't hand this book out or leech it or
I'll find your ass. . . How you ask? I've added
something special in to each e-book
specifically. This means when I received a
leaked version of my e-book I'll know who it
was. . . Anyway, I don't fucking care if you sell
this again or anything as long as it's not on
HACKFORUMS.NET! Okay lets begin.
        Method 1 - Selling This e-Book

    Now this sounds like you just bought this
e-book for no reason what so ever if I'm going
to point out the obvious but it's true. Selling
this e-book could definitely get you some extra
cash. Simply just sell it how you would
anything else. The only thing that is not
allowed and is stated in the disclaimer is the
fact that it can not be sold on .

         Method 2 – Free Online Survey
   This is also an obvious way of a small
amount of cash. Simply fill out ads on free
survey sites for cash here and there. This may
seem like a scam at most points because it
never works and you must always get a certain
amount of money to cash out. But it's not. I
have found many websites that don't require a
minimum cashout and will provide a few of
them for you bellow:

And much more.
It's also important that you always sign up for
more then one and spend an hour on each daily
to increase income as much as possible from
these sites.

                       Method 3 – Open a service
    It's not hard to find out how to something
for free. So why not do that and make money in
the process? With method 3 you can easily
make a okay lump sum of cash and learn
something while doing it. There is a lot of
things you can do including teaching how to
make money, encrypting services, website
hosting, and much more! Just simply do some
research and you'll have the best money
making technique in HackForums.

      Method 4 – RuneScape Bot Auths
   Selling these can make you some extra cash
as well without ever having to spend a dime!
All you must do is obtain a couple of these
authentication codes by downloading the ones
members provide on sharecash for free and
then resell them for a dollar! The good part
about this is you can sell the same RS Auth to
more then one member and if it is banned then
they only lost a dollar and you gained from it to
buy one auth to resell a couple times.

          Method 5 – AutoDesk Keys
    Selling AutoDesk keys is a simple way to
make A LOT of money. And I'm not just saying
that... I've made over 1,500 dollars selling
AutoDesk keys and I'll tell you how. Ebay....
Simply sell the keys on eBay for a fraction of
the price they sell for retail price... That can be
nearly 400 dollars a key! To obtain the
AutoDesk invites it's really simple. Just look
around for them being gaven out for free or
even ask me!(Lin™).

   I hope you enjoyed and learned a
lot from this e-book. Some of the
things could of obviously been
discovered by many but it could of as
well helped you too!

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