4% Paraformaldehyde-DEPC PBS by 9lHPpr7


									                 4% Paraformaldehyde-DEPC PBS

To Make 1 Liter:

1.) Add Reagents to 800 ml DEPC H2O
      NaCl                   8 grams        (SIGMA S-9625)
      Na2HPO4                1.44 g         (SIGMA S-3264)
      KCl                    0.2 g          (SIGMA P-3911)
      KH2PO4                 0.24 g         (SIGMA P-0662)

      Paraformaldehyde          40 g        (Fisher MK-2621500)

2.) While constantly stirring, add NaOH to raise the pH to a range of 11.25-
12. The pH will begin to drop as the PFA dissolves. When the pH stabilizes,
add more NaOH to bring the pH back up into the desired range.
3.) Once the PFA is in solution, lower the pH down to 7.4 with HCl.
4.) QS to1L with DEPC H2O.
5.) Vacuum filter solution using a sterile filter and store at 4 C

*Note: Solution is good for a maximum of 10 days at 4°C.

8/9/2005 EBB

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