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									      CLASS of 2011

Senior Parent Night
August 12, 2010
   Welcome-Angie Dunnam
   Principal-Marty McRae
   Senior Activities-Joni Ojard
   Athletics/NCAA-Angie Dunnam
   Senior Info-Angie Dunnam
 Student Yearbook Ads
 Portraits-Jim Owen (August 19th)
 Business Ads
 Yearbook Advisor-David Overstreet
 Yearbook Consultant-Wendy Knight
Senior Early Release
 General Requirements
     Passed all parts of AHSGE
     Be on track for graduation
     Works with the master schedule
   Faulkner Community College
   Community/Workforce Development
   Applications available tonight
   All application procedures should be
    completed prior to the start of school
 “Roadmap to Initial Eligibility”
  handout available tonight or on Mrs.
  Dunnam’s website under “Forms”
 Contact Bryant Vincent at
Diploma Options
   Standard
   Advanced
   College Prep
   College Prep + Distinction
   Alabama Occupational Diploma
   Certificate of Attendance
Graduation Requirements
 24 credits for standard, advanced and
  occupational diplomas
 28 credits for college prep diploma
 30 credits for college prep +
  distinction diploma
 Must pass all core subjects (4 X 4)
  and required electives
 AHSGE-pass all 5 parts*
 Must take Calculus
 Meet requirements of the CP +
 Will be determined by the highest
  GPA in the 18 designated courses
 Weighted grades will NOT be used to
  determine Val/Sal
 Seniors are ranked based on
  weighted GPA
Senior Schedule
 Make sure you have all required
 See Mrs. Dunnam for any errors in
  your schedule
College Applications/Admissions
 “The Big 3”
   GPA
   Rigorous Coursework
   ACT/SAT Scores
 Other Factors
   Recommendation Letters (“Poor planning on
    your part does not constitute an emergency on
    my part!”)
 Transcript Requests
   $1.00/request – in writing
 Packets available tonight for seniors
  who do NOT have internet access
 63% of seniors have taken ACT at
  least once
 Forms also online
  www.spanishforttor under forms
 Notification of Scholarship
   School Website- “Guidance”
   Monthly email newsletter
   Morning announcements
   Guidance Bulletin Board
                Private and
                Class of 2010
                 $3.5K (3.2K
                Class 2011 Goal =
College Applications
 Begin Summer ’10
 December 1st deadline for scholarship
 Check with the college of choice
  regarding specific admission
  requirements (foreign languages, etc)
 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!
Financial Aide
 Financial aide workshop held in
 FAFSA-Free Application for Student
 Complete the FAFSA in Jan 2011
 Requires 2010 Income Tax Return in
  order to complete FAFSA
College Visits/Interviews
 2 days administrative approval for
  college visits (MUST request 2 weeks
  prior to visit date) - Form in Guidance
  Office and online
 Tips for Campus Visits/College
  Interviews on website under
  Angela Dunnam “Forms”
Career Cruising
  (each student has a wallet card with
  username/password—new students to
  receive cards)
 College search capabilities
 Career interest surveys
Resume Information
   Name
   Diploma Type/GPA
   Work Experience
   Volunteer Experience
   Awards/Certificates
   Extracurricular Activities
   Hobbies/Skills Abilities
General Information
 Visit the website often/sign up for
  notify me
 Night School no longer offered
 Seniors who do not pass all five parts
  of the AHSGE and pass all required
  courses will NOT participate in the
  graduation ceremony
Independence-so much to do, so
little time to do it!
 Encourage your child to become independent and self-
 There are times in life when you gotta crawl,
  Lose your grip, trip and fall
  When you can't lean on no one else,
  That's when you find yourself
  I've been around and I've noticed that
  Walk-in's easy when the road is flat
  Them danged 'ole hills will get you every time.
  Yeah, the good Lord gave us mountains so we could
  learn how to climb
  -- Lyrics from “Mountains” by Lonestar
Closing Remarks
 Schedule changes
 General Comments

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