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					                 ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0-2000 Revision Effort Initiated

The Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) and the Nuclear
Industry Configuration Management Benchmark Group (CMBG) have initiated a joint
effort to issue revision 1 to the industry standard on configuration management of nuclear
facilities. A team of volunteers from both organizations will work on developing the draft
revision and canvassing the nuclear industry for input. The team will be lead by Mike
Stout, Business Development Director of Spescom Software, Inc. Mike is the chair of the
NIRMA Configuration Management Committee, a member of the CMBG Steering
Committee, and led the effort to develop the initial issue of this ANSI standard. The
revised standard is expected to be issued by October 2006.

Revision 0 of this standard provides a description of the objectives to be achieved in the
subject area of facility configuration management. It also contains definitions and
functional criteria for the cost-effective implementation of configuration management at a
nuclear facility, using a graded approach in defining configuration management
requirements. It was prepared by members of the NIRMA Configuration Management
Committee and received broad input from the electrical power generation and Department
of Energy segments of the nuclear industry.

The purpose of this standard is to enable the implementation of effective configuration
management so that consistency between design requirements, physical configuration and
facility configuration information can be achieved.

ANSI procedures require that standards issuing organizations review their standards at
least every five years and either reaffirm them ‘as-is’, revise them or cancel them.
Discussions with users of this standard and other potentially affected parties at the CMBG
conference in Cleveland, the American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference in
Amelia Island and the NIRMA Symposium in Orlando led to the conclusion that a revision
was needed. Although no errors in the standard have been pointed out, five years of use
have revealed the need for some enhancements:

      Include the CM Restoration Model now shown in ANPO AP-929, revision 1

      Add a discussion on management of design and operating margin

      Add a discussion on the need for key performance indicators

      Minor editorial corrections
The NIRMA/CMBG team will canvass the nuclear industry to develop a consensus group
for participation in reviewing and commenting on proposed changes to the standard. This
will include Nuclear Utilities, DOE facility operators and services integrators, architect
engineer/constructors, nuclear steam system suppliers, regulatory agencies, professional
societies, nuclear insurers and other interested industry groups.

Interested parties may contact Mike Stout ( or NIRMA
Administration (

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