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Overview June 2010
Insteo Display is a Digital Signage Software Suite which combines front end Apps with display
management, content management and advertising content control. In addition, Insteo Display
offers streaming User Generated Content from popular Social Networking sites like Twitter,
Facebook, and Flickr. For showing User Generated Content in public places, Insteo Display
includes message quality and filtering capabilities, to only show messages that meet public
standards for quality and decency.

Insteo Display’s Apps offer a mix of News, Weather, Sports, User Generated Content (Twitter,
Flickr) and general interest content such as historical facts, trivia and horoscopes. Through the
Insteo website, Insteo Display subscribers can customize the mix of content they receive and
create their own content streams unique to their location. Retail/Service businesses use this
function to create and show daily specials, virtual coupons and other promotional information.
Subscribers to the Insteo Display system have access to their entire range of screens, or can
individually select a single screen and control content selectively.

In other environments, these same Content and Display Management tools drive Restaurant
Menu Boards, Directional signage and other applications.

In the midst of ever increasing marketing expenses, digital signage is a powerful, efficient,
and cost effective tool that increases customer awareness and creates new opportunities for
revenue. Restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, race tracks, auto dealers, mom and pop venues,
all are seeing the benefit of using some kind of digital signage system, including as a quick
Return on Investment over traditionally printed Point of Sale material. Some Insteo customers
have evolved from throwing away thousands of dollars every year on point of sale printing
which quickly becomes stale, moving towards constantly up to date digital signage. With Insteo
Display’s Content Management system, subscribers can quickly upload and edit information on
their own, without specialized software or expensive training.

In addition to providing a more cost effective solution, Insteo Display signs deliver an experience
to the client and their customers not found in over advertising mediums. Whatever the industry,
digital signage delivers state of the art and creative message which engages customers in ways
other methods simply don’t. Customers have become numb to static advertising messaging – a
well-designed user interface effortlessly attracts attention, provides content the consumer is
interested in and delivers messaging retention.

Insteo Display stands apart from other systems with ease of use, ease of installation, mobile
phone remote control, ease of customization, and a content package designed to captivate your
customers. By leveraging social media content, Insteo Display allows a level of user interaction

simply not found on other systems, providing incremental revenue, repeat business, and an
increased branding.

Insteo Display quickly installs on any Windows computer (XP, Vista or Windows 7). The computer
is simply connected to any monitor or screen, and a live internet connection. Insteo Display
takes control of the PC and runs full screen, either landscape or portrait, displaying a default
mix of information. Out of the Box, typical setup takes less than 30 minutes to bring a screen
up and running.

Insteo Display gives subscribers access to each screen on their signage network, controlled
centrally from the Insteo website. There, subscribers can manage the mix of content on their
screens, edit their unique content streams, revise “daily specials” content, and upload custom
ads. Insteo Display allows custom scheduling so subscribers can display different content
throughout the day – for example to show lunchtime specials during the day and automatically
switch to dinner specials in the evening.

Subscribers can change one screen or all of them at once, quickly and easily. Subscribers
can group screens to allow Regional and District level control, to allow for district level sales
comparisons. In addition, Insteo Display reports activities back from each screen itself, such as
what the screen is currently showing and any network situations that may occur.

In addition to managing screens via a web browser, Insteo Display allows subscribers to quickly
post content and change schedules directly from most Smartphones. Subscribers can quickly
change what’s showing on the screen, using their mobile phone almost as a remote control, or
update a quick message or content within a “daily special” message.

Insteo Display comes with a range of standard content such as news, weather and sports.
Subscribers also can easily create their own content feeds, which are most typically used by
restaurants and other service businesses posting daily specials or virtual coupons. Subscribers
can upload photos, videos, or text to their own content feeds, and there’s no limit to the amount
of content they could post or create.

With the Display and Mobile Management feature, employees on location can post instant
messages to the screen from their PC or Smartphone, taking note of live in-store conditions and

activities. An instant message such as “Happy Hour starts an hour early today!”, “Free chocolate
chip cookie samples in the bakery”, etc. can quickly drive customers to buy.

Insteo has the capabilities and resources to partner with clients to customize their content and
digital signage to their target audience. Insteo is backed by a staff with decades of Marketing
and Advertising experience to ensure both message and brand get delivered effectively with the
latest and cost effective tools. Insteo’s designers create dynamic and engaging user interfaces
which instantly attract your customer’s attention.

One of the key benefits to the Insteo Display suite is the ability to generate revenue via the
Advertising Wizard. For certain types of displays, Insteo Display has the capability to run
advertisements from partnering businesses that can display in increments throughout a day,
weekend. For example, the sunglass store across the street would like to advertise on your
restaurants digital display, the may say ‘Spend $75 or more at ABC restaurant and bring your
receipt to The Sunglass Store for a 10% discount’. Imagine if you owned the sunglass store and
a restaurant through the evening may have had 100 customers. Those 100 customers, whether
they spent $75 dollars or not to get the discount, are now completely aware that there’s a
sunglasses store across the street. Increased revenue for the restaurant via their digital display
ad, multiply that add by 5-10 other partnering businesses, and that equates to an additional
incremental revenue stream. And for the sunglass store, multiply those 100 sets of eyes that
saw your add by a monthly ad purchase, that equates to roughly 3000 more sets of eyes to read
the ad and become aware of your store.

During a Sporting or other Live Event, Twitter and other Social Networking sites offer an incredibly
unique “stream of consciousness” style of commentary. These live observations from around the
world provide a kind of “color commentary” during a game or event. Trouble is, sometimes these
messages are “off-color” and would easily be found rude, offensive or obscene to patrons in a
bar or restaurant watching the game.

Insteo Display uses proprietary filtering and message quality scoring technology to ensure that
only clean messages make it to the screen. Insteo Display subscribers can safely display Twitter
and other Social Media sites, providing added entertainment value during a live event.

Insteo Display combines content and keyword searches from multiple popular Social Networking
sites, then analyzes each message against a large and growing database of both “dirty” and
“clean” words. During popular live events, people post hundreds of messages every minute on
social networking sites. There are typically so many messages coming so quickly that no one

could keep up. During these times, Insteo Display finds the best messages out of the hundreds
streaming through, looking for more than just clean language. Insteo Display matches using
fuzzy logic, looking for deliberate misspellings, “txt” and hacker abbreviations, foreign languages,
repeated messages, nonsensical messages, and any poorly written content. Through all of these
tests, Insteo Display gives each message a score. From all of the messages available at a given
moment, Insteo Display chooses the best scoring one to deliver to the screens.

The result is a User Generated Content stream that is both interesting and relevant to the Live
Event and safe for public viewing.

Insteo Display also allows subscribers to add their own words to the filter. For example,
a retail store might never want their competitor’s name to appear on their screen. Simply
adding their name to the filter ensures messages praising (or panning) their competitor’s
never appear in their location.

Should power be lost for any reason to the computer, the system, once power is restored,
automatically continues operating as if no interruption had taken place. If an internet connection
drops, Insteo Display waits for new content, until service is restored, and then continues normally
displaying new content.

Insteo Display is a revolutionary new digital signage platform that goes beyond standard News,
Weather and Sports content. Insteo Display is the only digital signage software truly capable of
safely showing User Generated Content from sites such as Twitter™ and Facebook™ in public
settings. Content from these sites often contains words and phrases a public audience may find
offensive. Insteo Display includes proprietary filtering technology that goes far beyond removing
the “seven dirty words” – like other simple filters. Insteo Display looks for phonetic matches,
deliberate misspellings, “txt” and hacker abbreviations, foreign languages, repeated words,
nonsensical messages, and any poorly written content. Each message is compared against a
massive database, to provide a unique MessageQuality™ Score which ranks each message not
just for dirty words, but also for a quality posting that makes sense on a Digital Sign.


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