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									How to read Kindle books on Nook

Amazon and Barner&Nook are strong competitors of the field of e-book , both Amazon
and Barner&Nook have their own ebooks library and e-readers , for example Amazon
and Barner&Nook, Kindle Fire and Nook Color .

One hand: people who choose Amazon and kindle fire may because Amazon has more
cheaper ebooks in different categories , also many are free. second , kindle fire
is wonderful enough to read ebooks . The other hand: people prefer to Barner&Nook
and Nook Color must like Barner&Nook's rich library resources , more important Nook
Color supports epub that is one of the most popular ebook format in the world but
Kindle does can't . Also Nook Color has the same wonderful effects as Kindle Fire
in ebooks reading .

So what if you want to read amazon's cheaper ebooks on Nook Color ? How to share
Kindle books on Nook?

Remove kindle DRM is the key step . There is a full guide on how to read Kindle
books on Nook ? So you can get the cheaper ebooks on Amazon and the wonderful Nook
ereader the same time .

Step by step on how to read Kindle books on Nook (Nook Color for example)

First: Remove DRM from kindle ebooks

Step1, download Kindle DRM Removal then run it

Step2, add your kindle ebooks then " unDRM Directory "

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Tips: kindle azw ebooks will be saved as mobi format when it is undrmed .

Second: Convert mobi to ePub format

Step1, download mobi to ePub converter and run it

Step2, add your mobi ebooks then click the button to convert mobi to ePub directly .

Tips: This converter will keep all the original effects of your ebooks.

Now you can read kindle ebooks on Nook Color easily and freely. Also your Nook
Color can read kindle books easily.

Tips: Nook Color can read epub with wonderful effects and experiences.


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