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					Transfer kindle ebooks to another kindle easily and freely

Transfer kindle ebooks to another kindle device?

Many kindle lovers may have a kindle, but they also have a questions: how to trasnfer
kindle ebooks to another kindle device? Because of the only user's Amazon account ,
people can't transfer kindle ebooks to another kindle device freely .

There author will summarize several ways help you transfer kindle ebooks to another
kindle device easily , enjoy !!

Transfer ebooks from old kindle to a new kindle fire. 1 account,1 device

Step 1 Connect your old Kindle to your
computer via USB.
You will find your kindle device as a drive
under "My Computer", Click it and open the

Step 2 There should be multiple
folders.Open the folders and drag selected
files from the Kindle and drop them onto the
computer's hard drive , transfer ebooks and
other documents from the old Kindle to your

Step 3 Connect another Kindle to your computer via USB.
Drag the files you need from computer to kindle fire, transfer the documents you
want onto your new Kindle.Just Place audio books in the Kindle's "Audible"directory
and place ebooks and other reading material into the "Documents" directory.

                   kindle        ----1
Share books on two kindle device ----1 amazon account, 2 devices

                                                    Step 1 Register the second kindle to
                                                    the same account as the first one.
                                                    You may get the second Kindle,or you
                                                    just want to share one ebooks with
                                                    your family,just do so.

                                                    Step 2 purchase a book, or download
                                                    a sample. Choose which Kindle you want
                                                    the book sent to when you get a
drop-down box .

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There’s no option to send it to both Kindles, but once you’ve bought it, then
it’s in your "Media Library”on Amazon, and from there you can send it again to
either Kindle.

Note of Caution:

Transfering Amazon Files directly from one Kindle to another will not work, due
to the imbeded security encriptions that deter file sharing. If both Kindles are
registered to the same account you can download the already purchased book v the
your Archived Folder or by going to the "Manage Kindle" page and downloading it
manually via a wireless or USB connection.

Transfer kindle ebooks to a new account---2 amazon account, 1 devices

Step 1: Landing page "Manage Your
Kindle" on the Amazon website.
Step 2: Deregiste your old kindle
found in the list.
Just click the "Deregister" link to
its right. Confirm your choice by
again clicking the "Deregister"
button in the popup window.
Step 3: "Register a new kindle" on
page"Manage Your Kindle" .
Link the Kindle to new account by
clicking the "Register a new Kindle" button, typing in the Kindle's serial number
and then confirming the registration by clicking the "Register a new Kindle" button
in the popup window.


with this method,you have deleted your old account and create a new one.

         no-                          --1
Transfer no-DRM ebooks to other reader--1 amazon account, several devices.

                                                    This method refer to two kinds of
                                                    kindle ebooks:unDRM Kindle eBooks and
                                                    DRM Kindle eBooks.
                                                    First: UNDRM Kindle eBooks:Just copy
                                                    or transfer them to other reader
                                                    freely via USB or email.
                                                    Second: DRM Kindle eBooks:Bypass
                                                    Kindle DRM first ,then transfer them

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to other reader like UNDRM books.
Kindle DRM Removal enables you remove DRM from Kindle azw/mobi easily.


Most kindle books are mobi formats that only supported on kindle and mobipocket
reader,so if you have ipad or kobo reader , you'd better convert mobi to epub format,
mobi to epub converter can easily convert mobi to epub fromats with no effect lost.


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