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GUEST FACULTY Andranik Ovassapian


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									Anesthesia Machine Workshop      Anesthesia Machine Workshop
                                 NORTHWESTERN FACULTY
                                 M. Sherif Afifi, MD, FCCP, FCCM
                                 Georges Cehovic, MD
                                 Kenyon Duncan, MD
                                 David Engblade, CRNA
                                 Ling Qun Hu, MD
                                 Mark Kendall, MD                     Anesthesia Machine
                                 Geeta Nagpal, MD
                                 Ljuba Stojiljkovic, MD, PhD             Workshop:
                                 Luminita Tureanu, MD                 Understanding Our
                                 Leonard Wade, MS
                                 Meltem Yilmaz, MD                       Work Spouse
                                 OTHER INSTRUCTORS                  Saturday, February 4th, 2012
                                 Shana Green
                                 Casey Harper, BA                       251 East Huron Street
                                 Dave Heale                               Feinberg Pavilion
                                 Andy Orloff, BA                         Conference Center
                                 Doug Poole
                                                                         Chicago, IL 60611
                                 Roger Johnson
                                 Phyllis Wilson, MBA RN RRT-NPS
                                 CONTRIBUTORS/SPONSORS             Ling Qun Hu, MD
                                 Northwestern Memorial Hospital    Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

                                 Northwestern University’s         CO-DIRECTOR:
                                 Feinberg School of Medicine       Sherif Afifi, MD, FCCP, FCCM
Northwestern Memorial Hospital                                     Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
                                 Dräger Medical, Inc. USA
Department of Anesthesiology
251 East Huron Street            Covidien, USA
Feinberg, Suite 5-704                                              VISITING PROFESSOR
                                 Baxter International, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois 60611-2908                                       Samsun Lampotang, PhD
Phone - 312-926-8105             Abbott Laboratories, Inc          Professor of Anesthesiology,
Fax - 312-926-9206                                                 University of Florida
                                 Masimo Americas, Inc.
                                 Doctors O2
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION & FOCUS                             WORKSHOP AGENDA                                 REGISTRATION FORM
The workshop is the most comprehensive, well
designed anesthesia machine workshop n the United      7:30 – 8:00    Registration & Breakfast
States. Also this is an intensive hand-on anesthesia                  Ms. Carolyn S. Betts
machine educational event including:                   8:00 – 8:05    Welcome
1. Hands-on demonstration and practice of                             Ling Qun Hu, MD
     FDA/ASA recommended pre-use machine               8:05 – 8:30    Knowledge Assessment Exam
     inspection.                                       8:30- 3:30pm   Hands-On Workstations
2. Hands–on problem solving station with the
                                                       11:30 -12:30   Lunch
     simulator along with ten other anesthesia
     equipment stations.                               3:30-4:00pm    Post Knowledge Exam               Saturday, February 4th, 2012
3. Breakfast and Lunch are provided.
                                                         HANDS-ON WORKSTATIONS                          Anesthesia Machine Workshop:
The anesthesia machine workshop was developed                                                           Understanding Our Work Spouse
primarily for housestaff, CRNAs, respiratory           Do or Die      Pre-Use Machine Inspection        Northwestern Memorial Hospital
therapists, and anesthesia technicians although                       Geeta Nagpal, MD                  Pritzker Auditorium
interested faculty are encouraged to attend. The                      Roger Johnson                     Feinberg Pavilion, 3rd Floor
focus of this hands-on workshop is for participants    Parts &        Hypoxemia Protection
to gain experience in anesthesia equipment usage,      Services       Kenyon Duncan, MD
including opportunities to trouble shoot common                                                         Registration Deadline: January 27, 2012
problems with an emphasis on patient safety. In
                                                                      Doug Poole                        (for non-Northwestern Anesthesiology Residents)
addition, residents will gain knowledge to correctly   Gas Station    Vaporizers
answer the anesthesia equipment questions on the                      Ling Qun Hu, MD
anesthesiology board examinations.                                    Mark Kendall, MD                  Name ________________________________
                                                       Waste          CO2 Absorbents & Scavenging       Position ___________________________
The workshop also provides a great opportunity for     Management     Meltem Yilmaz, MD
participants to speak with experts from a users’ and                  Shana Green                       Department ___________________________
developers’ perspective, the anesthesiologists and
                                                       Breathing      Circuit Systems                   Program___________________________
anesthesia machine/biomedical engineers. We are
pleased to have visiting professor, Samsun             Better         Luminita Tureanu, MD
Lampotang, PhD, from the Department of                                Dave Heale                        E-mail _______________________________
Anesthesiology at the University of Florida to         Go with the    ICU/OR Ventilators
participate once again in the workshop. Dr.            Flow           Sherif Afifi, MD                  Phone _______________________________
Lampotang is the inventor of Virtual Anesthesia                       Phyllis Wilson, MBA, RN RRT-NPS
Machine (VAM) web simulator and Augmented              Naked          Augmented Virtual Anesthesia
Virtual Anesthesia Machine. The workshop is a                                                           Call, fax, e-mail or return this form to:
                                                       Machines       Machine
collaboration of experienced and well-established                     Sem Lampotang, PhD
anesthesia machine workshop faculty from several                                                        Ms. Carolyn S. Betts
                                                                      Casey Harper, BA
different backgrounds.                                                                                  Department of Anesthesiology
                                                       Trouble        Trouble Shooting
                                                                                                        251 East Huron Street
                                                       Maker          Ljuba Stojiljkovic, MD, PhD
WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES                                                                                     Feinberg Pavilion, Suite 5-704
                                                                      Leonard Wade, MS
1. Expose participants to various aspects of
                                                                                                        Chicago, IL 60611
                                                       Shocking       Electrical Safety                 Phone 312-926-8105
   anesthesia machine basics and safety features                      Georges Cehovic, MD
   through hands-on simulations                                                                         Fax 312-926-9206
                                                                      Andy Orloff, BA
2. Provide participants hands-on practice with                                                          E-mail cbetts@nmff.org
   equipment identifying problems, locating the        Fashion        Advanced Anesthesia Equipment
   cause and determining workable solutions            Shows          David Engblade, CRNA
3. Pre and post examinations are attempted to                         Equipment Experts
   evaluate the workshop efficacy and facilitate       Dessert        Post Examination
   gaining knowledge.

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