RIVERSIDE CITY COLLEGE
                     ACADEMIC SENATE MINUTES
                         Hall of Fame. 3:00 p.m.
                              April 18, 2011

CALL TO ORDER         President Richard Davin called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. in
                      the Hall of Fame.

ROLL CALL             Academic Senators:
                      Mike Barnes, Counseling, APC
                      Steve Brewster, Library
                      Mark Carpenter, Part-Time Faculty Representative
                      Debbie Cazares, Early Childhood Education (absent)
                      Jill Christiansen, Nursing (absent)
                      Richard Davin, President
                      Jim Elton, Riverside Assessment
                      Dorothy Gaylor, World Languages
                      Edgar Gutierrez, History/Humanities/Philosophy
                      Lewis Hall, Program Review Chair
                      Mark Lehr, Business Admin/IST
                      Mary Legner, Planning & Budget Chair
                      Marilyn Martinez-Flores, Student Success Co-Chair
                      Dayna (Peterson) Mason, Art
                      Richard Mahon, Curriculum Chair
                      Kevin Mayse, Performing Arts (absent)
                      Lee Nelson, Vice President
                      William Phelps, Physical Science
                      Marc Sanchez, Mathematics
                      Victor Sandoval, English
                      Ward Schinke, Secretary-Treasurer (absent)
                      John Smith, Physical Education (absent)
                      Yuri Ulloa, Applied Technology
                      Peter Westbrook, Cosmetology
                      Virginia (Ginger) White, Life Sciences
                      Jarrod Williamson, Chemistry (absent)

                      Administrative Representatives:
                      Cynthia Azari, City College President
                      Virginia McKee-Leone, Dean of Instruction (absent)
                      Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Vice President - Academic Affairs (absent)

                      Mark Sellick, Economics/Geography/Political Science

                      ASRCC Representative:
                      Rikki Hix

                      Recorder of the Minutes:
                      Fröke D. Blessum

                      Steve Fox, student
                      Janet Lehr, BUS/CIS chair

APPROVAL OF AGENDA    M/S/C Brewster/Sellick. Question (Mahon) regarding quorum
                      raised and addressed.
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                                Page 2
April 18, 2011

APPROVAL OF MINUTES                 M/S/C Sellick/Brewster. Richard Davin clarified “[no] overloads
April 4, 2011                       and [no] part-timers left,” #2 under President’s Report.
                                    Amendments: Under President’s Report, guiding “pedagogical”
                                    principles [for enrollment management]; under Administrative
                                    Representatives, “Cynthia Azari”, City College President. M/S/C
                                    Sellick/Mahon to approve with amendments.

PRESIDENT                           Richard Davin discussed the primary concern being the budget, and
                                    the $18.4 million for 2011-12 is being handled (but possibly not to
                                    everyone’s liking). No additional information/knowledge, at present,
                                    where we go from here.

VICE PRESIDENT                      Lee Nelson discussed his spring 2011 plenary attendance, which
                                    covered repeatability amendments and legislative analysts office
                                    recommendations. Richard Mahon, who also attended, added
                                    information and clarification of three recommendations of which one
                                    was for the system to address question of repeatability, legislature
                                    deciding to fix things. Proposal and Consultation Council next week
                                    to address reducing repetition. Chancellor’s recommendations of
                                    changes that are effective next January. He noted that voting on
                                    resolutions was most divided at this session. Further discussion
                                    included elimination of all repeatability where appropriate; strain in
                                    collegiality among faculty; resolutions 9.03 (eliminate repeatability
                                    for activity courses) passed; 9.04 & 9.05 (defining repeatability for
                                    PE and Performing Arts courses) failed; 9.06 considered mute
                                    because of passage of 9.03; 9.07 (course repeatability and Title 5
                                    changes) failed. Lee Nelson stated he has document copies available
                                    for viewing and stated that the RCC Academic Senate election is on
                                    target as scheduled with online voting to be handled by Michael

SECRETARY-TREASURER                 Ward Schinke was not present.

ADMINISTRATIVE &                    City College President Cynthia Azari discussed implementing a
LIAISON REPORTS                     reorganization of the instructional units beginning July, would like
(First monthly meeting only.)       to send the chart out to deans and faculty, various departments for
                                    which the deans are responsible. Issue will be brought back to the
                                    next senate meeting, if necessary. Mark Sellick, Mike Barnes and
                                    Dorothy Gaylor raised concerns and questions involving, but not
                                    limited to, administrative issue, languages and educational arts.

DISTRICT AND LOCAL                  A.     Curriculum – Richard Mahon reported there was no meeting
STANDING COMMITTEE                         during spring break. At the previous meeting the committee
REPORTS                                    approved the revised new program process with new
(Second monthly meeting only.)             resources; discussed revision of curriculum handbook. He
                                           stated that Norco successfully contracted grant funding for
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                             Page 3
April 18, 2011

                                         their CTE initiatives. Hopes to have a guide by the end of the
                                         semester for doing curriculum work and understanding the
                                    B.   Academic Standards – Mike Barnes stated there was no
                                         meeting before the spring break vacation; approved change
                                         in residency.
                                    C.   PG and SL – Discussion involved approval and denial of
                                         faculty requests/applications for full professor which went
                                         through the process. Richard Davin provided background
                                         regarding the approval/disapproval process. Issue is to be
                                         sorted out. Send reminder to Cyndi Gobatie & Tami
                                         DiBenedetto that they are PGSL representatives. Noted that
                                         committee representatives attendance should be mandatory at
                                         the beginning of fall semester. Sellick, Davin, Mahon and
                                         Carpenter added further commentary regarding the
                                         following: department and committee chairs as senators
                                         count against quorum; suggestion made that someone be
                                         commissioned to check the constitution regarding absences.
                                         Mark Sellick read information noted in the constitution.
                                         Committee representatives are to be contacted directly by
                                         Richard Davin regarding under-representation/attendance by
                                         PG&SL, Faculty Development, Planning & Budget, and
                                         Student Success.
                                    D.   Program Review – Lewis Hall stated there has been no
                                         meeting since his last report at the District meeting.
                                    E.   Assessment (Riverside) – Jim Elton reported on the
                                         following: meeting on April 8, before the spring break; unit
                                         plan document due May 16th, Assessment was moved to the
                                         front of the document; spreadsheet due, available through
                                         Denise in Dr. Pat’s office; Assessment spreadsheet basically
                                         lists courses in the catalog by discipline; CurricuNet
                                         assessment module is up and going but with some problems;
                                         SurveyMonkey link is still available for assessment
                                         reporting, or paper copies to assessment reps may be used;
                                         GenEd workgroup to see if SLO needs redefining, realigning,
                                         etc. May 13th meeting with CTE reps, workgroup in Heritage
                                         Room 204 follows meeting; Richard Mahon added
                                         commentary regarding degree patterns being out of
                                         compliance with Title 5; slow migration toward inclusion in
                                         GenEd. Richard Mahon and Richard Davin commented
                                         regarding course criteria having been in place for three years,
                                         six criteria for courses applying for GenEd status. Extensive
                                         discussion followed.
                                    F.   Faculty Development – Mark Carpenter stated there will be a
                                         meeting on May 5 to finish up the budget issues; the Glenn
                                         Hunt building now has the faculty lounge on the 4th floor and
                                         a meeting room with books on tape, as well as a patio. On
                                         Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Connie Hagar from Open
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                               Page 4
April 18, 2011

                                           Campus is present to help with computer online use and
                                    G.     Planning & Budget – Mary Legner stated there isn’t much to
                                           report, budget or otherwise, except the district is talking
                                           about a plan B; meeting June 30, Thursday at 2:30 p.m.; Dr.
                                           Buysse still out due to knee surgery so there has been no
                                           meeting. Questions raised and addressed regarding
                                           additional $5-million and/or $12-million funds. Press-
                                           Enterprise article stated $5 million. Students will be having a
                                           meeting with Aaron Brown, Dr. Pat, and Norm Godin.
                                    H.     Student Success – Marilyn Martinez-Flores was present, but
                                           had to leave early.
                                    I.     Associate (PT) Faculty – Mark Carpenter discussed a bill in
                                           Sacramento putting part-time faculty on appropriate salary
                                           schedule, backing away from the “dual labor market” that
                                           exists and recognizing it is “borderline legal”; various
                                           scenarios including raising student fees, ($36/unit already
                                           approved). Powerpoint budget report by Budget Analyst
                                           Allen Fry is available online on the CCA4.org website.
                                    J.     Academic Planning Council – Mike Barnes stated the
                                           meeting was canceled due to lack of quorum. He discussed
                                           budget and decisions regarding longer term cuts that have
                                           been made, reiterated cuts in administration are needed as

OPEN HEARING                        Ginger White gave a reminder of the continuation of Women in
                                    Academia series, Wednesday 1-2 in PS 202.

                                    Richard Mahon stated that he ran for vice president in the state
                                    academic senate on Saturday, came in second out of the three
                                    candidates, chose not to “trickle.” His formal involvement will end
                                    in June, giving him more time in the classroom and more time to stir
                                    the post locally. He also discussed the fall 2010 staffing report,
                                    created spreadsheet in faculty forum, PT and course cutting, 50%
                                    law, six 3-college districts in the state, educational administrators
                                    hired, FTES numbers.

                                    Mark Lehr commented on cutting sections, distributed a handout
                                    “The Case for Substantially Increasing Sections” and discussed its
                                    contents regarding reducing the number of class units and thereby
                                    increasing the number of classes taught. Richard Mahon commented
                                    regarding unit changes; Ginger White questioned how the number of
                                    units for a class is determined.

                                    Steve Fox and Rikki Hix added commentary regarding Mark Lehr’s
                                    presentation, Title 5, educational codes, transfers; extra units and
                                    decisions made by curriculum, senate or district; community and
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                               Page 5
April 18, 2011

                                    student concerns regarding California students not getting classes,
                                    assembly bills; RCC allocated too much measure C monies, MVC
                                    and Norco did not get appropriate allocations, but did get new
                                    buildings; at information booth students complimented Dorothy
                                    Gaylor’s and Mark Sellick’s classes.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS                 A.     If not covered in previous reports: updates on budget,
                                           accreditation, assessment and reorganization.
                                    B.     Revised Program Approval Process (2nd reading) – Richard
                                           Mahon stated that language was drafted by a task force
                                           consisting of faculty members from the three colleges,
                                           including himself. Requesting acceptance and approval of
                                           improvements and clarification in language. M/S/C
                                           Mahon/Hall, 1 abstention.

NEW BUSINESS                        A.     Proposed motion to rescind decision made on March 13,
                                           2011 to accept retreat rights policy [and item B following].
                                           Mark Sellick distributed a handout and discussed its contents
                                    B.     Consideration of new retreat rights policy. Mark Sellick
                                           stated Norco and MVC have passed it. Contents discussed.
                                           Noted language that was taken out has been put back in.
                                           M/S/C Sellick/Mahon.
                                    C.     Student Registration Priority Policy (update and discussion)
                                           M/S/ Sellick/Brewster to postpone until next Academic
                                           Senate meeting. Richard Mahon provided background
                                           information and discussed issue extensively. Rikki Hix and
                                           Ginger White added commentary. Richard Davin was asked
                                           to convey to Sylvia Thomas that Senate has an interest in
                                           reconsidering the Student Registration Priority Policy.
                                           Additional commentary regarding a more stringent repetition
                                           policy for Anatomy & Physiology. Richard Davin responded
                                           and commented on the issue being a faculty-wide input
                                           problem that should be brought to the faculty’s attention. .

ADJOURNMENT                         Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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