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                      Catching Fire

Catching fire is the second book of the series the Hunger
Game written by Suzanne Collins. It is ranked as the
second highest selling book at Amazon with over 1500
reviews, and the vast majority of these are rave reviews. At
the time of this writing this new book in the trilogy series
has received over 35,000 reviews, and again most or all
have been exceedingly positive in nature.

For those who are not familiar, the series begins with the
book the Hunger Games which was published in 2008, and
is a continuation of the tale about Katniss Everdeen, who is
also the main character in the trilogy. The basic concept for
this story is based on the myth of Theseus and Minotaur.

Katniss is a young heroine who has developed the skills of
a survivalist and is versed in the arts of hunting and
foraging, as well as other essential survival skills. In the
story, Katniss and others are required to compete to win the
hearts and minds of those who have the means to donate
money which can be used to buy essential supplies for them
to use when they are in the arena where a male and female
are paired and must fight to the death.

Using her skills to full advantage, Katniss becomes a
symbol of leadership in the rebellion for the freedom of the
twelve districts who are vying for independence from the
capitol’s oppressive regime. She becomes the influencing
force which determines the final balance of power, and in
so doing kills the president of District 13.

The setting for the story is in what was once North
America. As the country has changed, so have the
locations for the capitol, chief city, and what has now
become the seat of the government, which is now located in
the Rocky Mountains.

The plot of this new novel is based on a premise which is
somewhat involved as is always the case with a well woven
tale. It creates tension and resolves it in the most exciting
of ways. As would be the case with a review of any well
written book, giving away the story itself would defeat the
purpose of buying this book and its sister books. Suffice it
to say, that the story is riveting, and will keep you turning
pages until you reach it’s interesting and sad, yet happy
conclusion. Just as important, this book will achieve it’s
writers purpose which is to make you want more of the
same, and fortunately this want is addressed by the next
book in the series.

Although Catching fire is written for young people, the fact
is that this trilogy series is an entertaining reading
experience for both young and old.
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