The Disadvantages of Solar Energy for Business (PDF)

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The Disadvantages of Solar Energy for

  The Advantages and Disadvantages of solar energy © 2012
   The Disadvantages of Solar Energy for Business

Solar energy has recently become one of the most
promising alternative energy sources.       People have
started to capitalize on the power of sun as soon as they
realized its multiple advantages. Solar energy is friendly
with the environment since it does not release dangerous
exhausts and leaves no carbon footprint.

Solar energy can be used to replace traditional electricity
in households. However, an increasing number of
business owners have recently begun to use solar
systems in order to cut more of their annual energy costs
and increase their profits. But no matter how
advantageous this renewable energy source is, one must
have in mind the downsides that come with it as well,
especially in the case of a business.

- The costs generated by the installation of a solar energy
system are rather high. Therefore, it is advisable to consult
all the partners involved in your business and calculate the
shortest period possible when the investment costs are
likely to be recovered.

- Solar energy is not consistent. The devices powered with
the help of the sun will not work unless there is a constant
delivery of photons. Photons are the particles that keep
the electricity process going. Therefore, if the working
hours in your office extend until the sun sets, you could
encounter some problems, as the photons will stop
reaching the solar panels. This could cause computer
crashes, for example, or the malfunctioning of other
electric appliances. Thus, it would be wise to have a back-
up energy source as well.

- Business owners that aim to power their headquarters
with the help of solar panels should also take into account
the technical issues. Though most of the components
used to fabricate a solar panel are resistant, one should
not forget that solar panels are constantly exposed to
extreme weather conditions. The powerful UV rays and
other weather conditions are likely to create serious
deterioration to the panels themselves. Replacing them
will require additional expenses from your business’

In spite of the overall disadvantages presented, solar
panels remain, according to most specialists, an inspired
investment. The technology used to create them changes
really fast and it will eliminate all the inconveniences they
have nowadays. The continual progress in solar power
technology will also make the solar panels more
accessible from a financial viewpoint. Their price is likely
to drop in the next few years. This will encourage more
and more business managers to go green in order to save
money and protect the environment.

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