The Disadvantages of a Solar Energy Car (PDF)

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The Disadvantages of a Solar Energy Car

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       The Disadvantages of a Solar Energy Car

The popularity of solar cars is gaining significant ground
lately, though gasoline-fueled cars still prevail in the
automotive market. Solar cars are cars that are powered
by solar energy. The cars feature solar panels on their
upper surface. Photovoltaic cells power up the vehicle
when connected to a 48-volt battery charger. Their role is
to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar cars are great when you want to protect the
environment because they do not generate gas emissions.
The invention of the solar car is what makes possible the
renewable power in the car industry. It reduces pollution
and it is a transportation method that many people would

Nevertheless, owning such a car will bring you both
benefits and disadvantages. One such disadvantage
would be the inferior speed. A solar car cannot benefit
from the same power as a vehicle that runs on fossil fuels.
This is because its electrical backup battery is powered by
solar energy, which varies from one day to another.

Therefore, solar cars can only be driven at a slower pace.
Another issue would be safety. Solar cars are usually very
light, unlike big cars, whose frames consist of a lot of
steel. In case of collisions, a car with a heavy steel body
will absorb the impact, protecting the victims. This is
something that cannot be said about solar cars, as they
are limited in power and could not support a heavy steel
frame, plus they depend on the solar cells placed all over
their body. Due to their small size, they are considered to
be dangerous in case an accident happens.

Just like solar panels made for houses, the panels that
cover the upper surface of a solar car are designed to
absorb the sunlight in order to generate heat. But this is
not possible when the night falls or when the sky is
covered with clouds. So, you might encounter problems
when you want to drive in unfriendly weather conditions,
as the car’s performance will be affected.
If you are planning to buy a solar car, then you have to
think carefully about the way you will maintain it. The
surface of such cars is covered in solar energy collectors;
any sharp blow could damage them. Replacing these
collectors could cost you a lot of money. Further expenses
will appear if you need to change the rechargeable battery
system of the car.

The decision of buying a solar car is not an easy one. One
should weigh both advantages and disadvantages.
However, solar cars make a great investment if you think
at the long-term benefits. There will be no need to spend
money with gasoline or other types of fuels.

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