The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy Fields

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of
        Solar Energy Fields

  The Advantages and Disadvantages of solar energy © 2012
 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

By now, you are probably familiar with the concept of solar
panels, and how you can benefit from them and what they
do exactly. But imagine increasing the power you get from
solar panels… 10 times, 50, maybe even 100 times. This
is why solar energy fields were born, to provide more
power for more people.

A few years ago, solar energy fields were no longer a
dream, but they were still a luxury that no one could afford.
Try to envision them as a long term investment, especially
if you are a company owner.

Solar energy fields - positive and negative aspects

The benefits of installing solar energy panels on fields are
numerous, especially when you think of all the power that
could be generated while you are actually saving the
environment. Not to mention that you are using a natural
resource that is constantly regenerating: the energy of the

More and more companies are becoming acquainted with
the power and benefits that solar energy can give them
and they are looking to exploit it by installing solar panels
in fields. If you are a homeowner, try to picture the
following: instead of installing your own solar panel to
benefit of solar energy, you could only have a few cables
running through your house and deliver electricity to the
main appliances.

But are these solar energy fields really any good? Or is it
better for every individual to use solar panels for himself?
Obviously, it is much better for a large-scale system to
exist, a system that could connect numerous households
and companies. This way, their overall costs and bills will
be much lower.

Solar panels can be placed on large territories and create
the needed electricity for entire villages or cities.
A disadvantage would be that, instead of raising cattle or
growing plants, the land will be used for planting solar
panels. But raising cattle can be done in several other
environments, whereas solar energy fields require very
specific climate, and proper locations are not easily found.
Even so, it is worth taking into consideration that solar
energy fields are not only capable of saving you some
money and helping the environment: lots of people can
benefit from them since they can provide massive
amounts of energy.

Even though it is expensive and quite difficult to start a
business like this, an energy provider that uses the sun’s
energy will have a high profit in the years to come,
immediately after the investment will be recovered. And
last but not least, solar fields can also be good for the
society, as they can create numerous jobs in the green
energy industry.

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