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The Advantages and Disadvantages of
     Solar Energy in the Home

  The Advantages and Disadvantages of solar energy © 2012
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy in
                    the Home

Since every responsible citizen is looking to “go green”
these days, more and more people are thinking about
means to protect the environment and lead a better life,
protecting to the natural resources that nature has to offer.
One of these wonders is the sun, which is not only useful
at lighting and heating up the environment; its energy can
also be converted into electricity thanks to the existence of
solar panels. A couple of years ago, not everyone was
sure what solar panels were all about, and the ones that
did know would never of owning them for their personal
use. Things have changed quite a lot in the past years,
and solar panels are the new trend. But what are the ups
and downs of having such panels installed in your home?

The main downsides

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when
planning to install solar panels in your home is that the
initial cost of such a project is very high. In fact, the high
cost of solar panels is the main thing that is keeping
people from taking this step toward a greener life.
Another important thing to consider is your location. As
you may know by now, the effectiveness of solar energy
systems differs a lot from one environment, location and
climate to another. If your home is located in a tricky area,
with sun blockage, heavy shades, or constant cloudy
weather, it will be quite difficult to charge your solar
panels. However, if you know where and how to install the
panels, they can be very useful in such situations as well.


First of all, remember that, even if solar panels may cost a
lot to install, you will never have to pay for electricity again.
And when you have a big home and all sorts of appliances
plugged in and running the whole time, this is the biggest
advantage of all.
Also, some of you may have already heard about “net
metering”. Well, this is basically a special agreement
which you, as a homeowner, can have with a utility
provider. The solar electric system that you have installed
in your home can be connected to a power grid belonging
to the utility company, and, if your system produces more
energy than you use, your electrical meter will run
backwards, thus generating credits. However, this is not
something available everywhere, so you have to check
with your local utility provider to see if you can benefit from
net metering.

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