How to Make a Solar Oven at Home

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How to Make a Solar Oven at Home

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          How to Make a Solar Oven at Home

Building a solar oven at home is quite easy. All you need
to do is make sure to follow a few simple steps. But first,
let's see what tools and "ingredients" you will need:

        two cardboard boxes (one large and one
        black construction paper
        a pair of scissors
        aluminum foil
        glue and invisible tape
        staplers
        old newspapers
        a pencil (or a marker)
        and plastic wrap.

So, now that you've gathered everything you need, let's
get to work.

   First, line the bottom of the large box with well
    crumbled newspaper. Then, insert the smaller box
    into the larger one, and fill in the empty side spaces
    between the boxes with newspaper crumbles.

   Make sure to cover the inside walls of the small box
    with aluminum foil. You can use invisible tape to glue
    the edges of the aluminum foil to the edges of the
    cardboard box.

   Glue the black construction paper onto the bottom of
    the small box. This will help absorb the heat much
    better, and your homemade solar oven will be more
    efficient (it takes on average 30 minutes for such
    homemade ovens to preheat!)

   Next, on top of the large box, you need to lay a large
    piece of cardboard. Now trace the shape of the box
    on the board nicely, using a marker. Allow around 2-3
    inches on each side around the trace line, and cut
    the cardboard.
      Now use aluminum foil in order to cover the
       cardboard. The aluminum foil that is placed over the
       cardboard must be extremely smooth and without
       any wrinkles so that it will reflect the light properly.
       Use invisible tape or glue in order to secure the
       aluminum foil onto the cardboard. The reflector that
       you obtained this way should be stapled or glued to
       the back of the large box.

Now your homemade solar oven is ready, and you need to
make sure to place it so that the reflective part is facing
the sun directly, for maximum efficiency. You can place
just about any type of pot with a glass top that fits into your
oven, and start preparing delicious food using solar
energy. You need to be patient however, because it might
take even up to 3 or 4 hours until your meal is ready, so
make sure to start cooking earlier than usual. If you want
to make your cooker even more efficient, place a plastic
wrap on top of your oven (heat will be preserved much
better this way).

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