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					My 7 top picks
Best Wordpress                                 Best Plugins                             Wordpress is
Plugins                                                                                 Awesome
                                      Here are the other picks:
I selected for you some of the                                                              Best Wordpress Plugins
                                      3. SEOPressor (awesome SEO plugin, it op
best Wordpress plugins in their                                                                in their Category
                                           timizes your post and pages based on
categories; SEO Wordpress
                                           specific keyword—SEO Wordpress
plugins, Wordpress popup
                                           plugin);                                         Wordpress SEO Plugins
plugins, Amazon Wordpress
Plugin, and affiliate wordpress       4. Covert Action Bar (increase your conver-           Wordpress Popup Plugins
plugins. All of these in my opin-          sion rate by a customized bar that pops
                                                                                            Wordpress Ecommerce
ion are at the top in their cate-          out and contains your affiliate link—             Plugins
gories. That’s why some of them            Wordpress popup plugin category);
                                                                                            Wordpress Product Crea-
are not quite cheap.                  5. InstaProduct (is a new Wordpress plugin             tion Plugin
                                           that ebooks and info products in pdf,
Here are my first 7 picks—
                                           .doc, ePub and .Mobi formats– Word-
Awesome Wordpress Plugins:
                                           press product creation plugin);
1. Smart Links - Premium
                                      6. Eazy Azon WP plugin that create your
   Edition (build internal
                                           Amazon     affiliate links faster and eas-
   links in your blog based on
                                           ier— Word press ecommerce plugin);
   specific keywords— SEO
   Wordpress plugin);                 7.   CouponPress (WP plugin that turns
                                           Wordpress into a powerful coupon web-
2. Popupdomination 3.0
                                           site helping you earn affiliate commis-
   (very flexible and easy to
                                           sion through coupon codes, vouchers,
   configure the popup for
                                           printable coupons and deals )
   your blog—Wordpress
   popup plugin);

                                    I will submit another report with the best video
                                    Wordpress plugins available in the market...
                                                            SEO Smart Links Premium Edi-                              SEOPressor
                                                            tion                                                      SEOPressor is a best selling SEO Wordpress
                                                            SEO Smart Links - Premium Edition enhances                plugin. SEOPressor is a tool for on-page SEO
                                                            the search engine rankings by automatically inter-        Wordpress optimization. What does SEOPressor
                                                            linking the posts of the Wordpress site.                  do?

                                                            The wordpress plugin can be used only to the self-        1.   Analyze title, h1, h2, h3 tags
                                                            hosted Wordpress blog.                                    2.   Analyze keyword density and content length
                                                                                                                      3.   Analyze the exact placement of your keyword
                                                            The SEO Smat Links—Premium edition comes in
                                                            three editions; personal edition - one single site        4.   Analyze images and links
                                                            - $79; professional edition - unlimited number            5.   Intelligently bold, italize and underline key-
                                                            of sites (owned) - $149 and business edition -                 words
                                                            unlimited number of sites owned + client’s - $299.        6.   And many other things...
                                                            For more details check now the vendor’s site SEO          The SEO Wordpress Plugin cost $97USD for multi-
                                                            Smart Links - Premium Edition!                            site license. Check now SEOPressor!

Best Wordpress Plugins
                                                                PopUp Domination 3.0                                  Covert Action Bar
                                                                Popup Domination 3.0 is a Wordpress Popup
The Wordpress is awesome...It is a great Internet                                                                     Covert Action Bar is a kind of a Popup Word-
                                                                Plugin. It is a a so called “classic” Wordpress
                                                                                                                      press Plugin… but more special and subtle.
tool; it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or begin-        plugin. It is a must for anybody who is considering
                                                                                                                      With this plugin you can increase spectacular
ner in Internet, if you are a blogger or an Internet            building an email list. They claim the Wordpress
                                                                Popup Plugin is increasing the subscription rate by   the CTR by grabbing the visitors the eyeballs
marketer, Wordpress can help you either way…                    more than 4 folds.                                    and persuading them to click on any link you
There are many plugins available for Wordpress fans,            It comes with many features: 11 useful Wordpress
many of them are free and they do a very good job.              themes included, it is highly customizable (you can   The Covert Action Bar price is now 9.95USD for
                                                                change the colors, message, fonts, upload images      the regular version. It has an OTO which is
However if you are aspiring to became o professional            etc), you can put different popups on different       awesome and cost 19.95USD. This OTO en-
                                                                pages. The price is now $77USD.
in Internet marketing or blogging you need the right                                                                  ables you to use Covert Action Bar Pro which
                                                                There are also some very appealing bonuses of-        has many options and features. For instance
tools to make your Wordpress experience more pleas-
                                                                fered 3 High Converting Themes, Op-in Domination      the you could customize the Action Bar for each
ant, to be more efficient and more profitable.                  side bar plugin and a training course SiteProfit      post or page in your Wordpress site.
I selected for you some of the best Wordpress plugins
                                                                Check now PopUp Domination 3.0 Wordpress              Check now : Covert Action Bar
that I find during of my searches.                              Popup Plugin.

I needed to find a good Wordpress SEO plugin (in
my list are two), a Wordpress Popup plugin that
can increase your conversion rate (in my list are two),
                                                           If I have to make a choice and select only two of these 4 amazing Word-
a Wordpress ecommerce plugin (for Amazon affili-           press plugins I will go without doubt for:
ates) and you can find also a Wordpress Coupon             1.     PopUp Domination 3.0 Wordpress Popup Plugin.
plugin in my selection...
                                                           2.     Covert Action Bar
                                                                                                   Wordpress best

                                                          InstaProduct - Ebooks Maker                            CouponPress - Coupon Maker
    Wordpress Platform                                    InstaProduct is a awesome Wordpress plugin that        CouponPress is a Wordpress theme that can create
                                                          is capable of generating professional looking          SEO Friendly Coupon Sites in minutes.
                                                          ebooks and info products in pdf, .doc, ePub
                                                                                                                 With CouponPress you can create as many deals,
                                                          and .Mobi formats.
                                                                                                                 coupons, printable coupons etc.
WordPress is unquestionably one of the largest
                                                          If you want you could easily edit the report / docu-
blogging platforms nowadays.                              ment or ebook in .doc format and then convert into
                                                                                                                 CouponPress can be installed on an unlimited num-
                                                                                                                 ber of sites.
                                                          a pdf, ePub or .Mobi format for publishing.
Regardless of the fact that it's not a free of
                                                                                                                 The price of the CouponPress is only 79USD
charge website platform, the way this system is           Check now InstaProduct site for more info.
                                                                                                                 (reduced price for a limited time).
designed is really what makes it widely used.
                                                                                                                 Check now CouponPress for more information
And that is exactly precisely why lots of online                                                                 and details.
small business owners are choosing WordPress.
                                                          Eazy Azon - Amazon Links Maker
Because of that, numerous tools have been                 Easy Azon is a Wordpress plugin that can add
unveiled to the market these days through                 high affiliate Amazon links to your blog in sec-
which users could boost the reliability and flexi-        onds.
bility of their WordPress sites.
                                                          Eazy Azon can be installed quickly on your
There are many free and premium Wordpress                 Wordpress blog and transform it into a Amazon
themes, plugins, scripts and so on. Every devel-          affiliate cash machine.

opment is responding to a need that was has               Now the price of the Eazy Azon is reduced to
been recognized by the developer.                         47USD, one time payment, for unlimited num-
                                                          ber of sites.
The SERP’s algoritms has imposed certain rules
                                                          Check now Easy Azon page!
regarding the content of a page / post, the key-
word density, the tags and meta-tags. Several
SEO Wordpress plugins have been developed to
address these issues.
                                                     “The question of whether a computer can think is
For the IM it is important to increase the CTR       no more interesting than the question of whether a
and hence many plugins has been tackle this          submarine can swim.”
                                                     E. W. Dijkstra
Wordpress remain a interesting battle ground
for developers, bloggers and IM’s.                                           

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