Agriculture Careers Crossword Puzzle Instructions by dandanhuanghuang


									                                 Agriculture Careers Crossword Puzzle
                                           Worth 20 points

Creating a puzzle – Worth 10 points.
    1. Using the Agricultural Career booklet, the Internet, and Microsoft Word, select 20 agricultural
        careers and give a brief description/definition of the career.
            a. Ex. Watermonitoringtechnician Tests and evaluates stream and river quality.
    2. Print a list of your 20 careers and descriptions.
    3. Google “discovery criss cross”. Select the first result which should be Discovery Education’s
    4. In Step 1 enter your name. In Step 2 enter 30 for width and 30 for height. In Step 4 copy and
        paste all 20 careers and descriptions. Click “Create My Puzzle!”.
    5. On the puzzle page, double check to make sure all 20 words were used. If not, close the
        webpage and again click “Create My Puzzle!”. Repeat until all 20 words are used.
    6. Print your puzzle.
    7. On your original list, delete the descriptions to create a list of just the careers.
            a. Ex. Water Monitoring Technician
    8. Print the career list.
    9. After making sure your name is on every sheet, turn in your crossword puzzle, careers and
        description sheet, and careers list sheet to the teacher.

Solving a puzzle – Worth 10 points.
    1. Using the crossword puzzle and career list the teacher gives you, solve the puzzle.
    2. Make sure your name is on the puzzle and turn both the puzzle and career list into the teacher.

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