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Level: BTEC Level 3
Exam Board: EDEXCEL

Assessment: Coursework based

Topics covered during course:
The course can be divided into 3 sections, each worth up to 140 UCAS points. Pupils can opt for the
following programmes of study and course content:

Subsidiary Diploma
Physiology of Fitness, Anatomy and Physiology, Health and Safety in Sport, Fitness Testing and Training,
Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise, Sports Coaching, Practical Individual Sport

Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise, Rules Regulations and Officiating in Sport, Sports Nutrition,
Exercise, Health and Lifestyle, Psychology for Sports Performance, Sports Development

Extended Diploma
Exercise for Specific Groups, Physical Education and the Care of Children, Sports Injuries, Current Issues in
Sport, Talent Identification and Development in Sport, Analysis of Sports Performance

Skills Developed:
This course provides learning through scenarios that link to the Academy and its local sporting
surroundings. This prepares learners to develop the knowledge and understanding that can apply the
theoretical aspects of Sport and Coaching to the workplace when seeking employment.
Pupils seeking higher education will be well versed in preparing assignments, reports and presentations
that are delivered in a similar way to what is expected at university.

Further Education pathways:
Other Level 3 Courses

Higher Education pathways:
     BSc Sports Science
     BSc Sports Rehabilitation
     BA Physical Education
     BA Sports Development

Linked Careers:
     PE teacher
     Personal trainer
     Sports physiotherapist
     Fitness instructor
     Sports coach
     Sports development officer
     PTI in the armed forces

Minimum Requirements:
Merit or better in BTEC First in Sport,
or grade C or better in GCSE PE.
If such courses have not been
completed, grade C or better in
GCSE English Language.

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