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					A Healthful
                                                         Proclaims the Light
                              Volume 8 Issue 1
                                                      Healthy, Happy, Holy                       Spring 2011

Bon Secours
                                               “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every
                                              purpose under the heaven…a time to plant, and a time
                                                        to pluck up that which is planted”
Inside this issue:                                                               ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2b

 A Mother’s Day         2
                                                There is only one parable unique to Mark's gospel--it is the
 15th Annual Retreat    4                     parable of the seed growing and is recorded in the fourth
                                              chapter. Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like a person
 Chronic Disease Self   5    who throws a seed on the ground and the seed sprouts and grows of its own
 Management                  accord without the gardener having a clue as to how it is happening. This
                             reminds me of our parish/faith community nurse and health minister
 In Memoriam            7
                             roles. Each of us has been called as a gardener in God’s vineyard to sow seeds
                             to our congregational members and others. Sometimes our efforts go just as
 Men’s Health           8    planned. And sometimes we feel discouraged. We ask, how will all of this
                             work? How can this seed grow? How do I convince the congregation that
 Power to End Stroke    9    the temple must be maintained in order to do God’s work? And for the
                             church to bear fruit? And Jesus says to us – the gardener does not under-
                             stand the growth of the seed – simply prepare to reap the good harvest.
 Resources              10
                             Let us pray: Faithful God, there is so much sowing to be done and sometimes
                             we become discouraged and don’t seem to understand. Give us grace to be
                             prepared to reap the harvest, which you provide, through Jesus the Christ.
Special points of            Amen.
interest:                    The spring season continues to be upon us. It is such a beautiful time of the
                             year. It is a time of growth and renewal; a time for play and travel; and a
 2011 Network Meeting      time to tend our spirits. We wish you and yours a blessed, safe and happy
   Dates                     spring and summer.

 Safety Tips                        Blessings,
                                            Yolonda and Kathleen
Volume 8, Issue 1   Page 2
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                          Page 3

      CHAR’S PAGE ☺                                                      ~ by Char Underwood
                                                          Jesus teaches us how to live. The resurrection of
                                                          our Lord teaches us to live with the assurance of
                                                          knowing how much we are loved. Because God
                                                          loves us this much, we can wake up each morning
                                                          looking forward to each day. We can live the day
                                                          God has given to us with the confidence that
                                                          whoever God puts in our path, He will be there to
                                                          help us be a blessing to them.

                                                          At some time in our lives, we each probably felt
                                                          the hurt of giving our love to someone who was
                           When we begin our day          not able to return to us the love we tried to give to
                             with the anticipation that   them. Perhaps we have hurt someone in the same
    this day will be special, we stand a much better      way. Jesus loves us whether we love Him or not.
    chance of this being the reality of our day. As I     But oh, the amazing wonder when this love is
    am writing this article, we are in the middle of      accepted and returned. We can allow ourselves to
    Holy Week. In reflecting on that last week of         be cared for and loved by the people He has sent
    Jesus’ life on earth, as he approached his final      to us to bless our day. We can choose to love and
    hours before crucifixion, He knew that God, his       care for each other as He has cared for us.
    Father, was watching over him. But just like us,
    he still experienced human feelings of anguish
    over what each day would bring to him. And            The blessings of Easter are a daily gift to us for
    though he knew that he would be lifted up by          our entire life. Life eternally with Christ as our
    God after he (Jesus) had fulfilled the scriptures     Savior, is always now…. today. It was there for us
    and was crucified for our sins, the Son of God        yesterday, will be there for us tomorrow, and most
    still had to go through the horrific suffering        importantly, is there now in this moment. “Let
    before he could attain the glorious resurrection.     each of you look not to your own interests, but to
                                                          the interests of others. Let the same mind be in
                                                          you that was in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:4-5)
    You and I each have times that we do not know
    how we will get through moments, days or even
    years, with tasks or situations that seem to          When you awaken each day, let it be your mantra
    surround or smother us with responsibility. In        to proclaim, “Jesus loves me, this I know.”
    our church family, we have awareness of how           Hallelujah! Christ reigns.
    vulnerable we all are to needing to be able to
    turn to someone, anyone to help get us through
    another time of trial. Just as Jesus continues to     HE LIVES!
    pray to his father and also ask his disciples to
    pray with him, I am reminded of how we reach
    out to and for each other. On Sunday mornings
    we pray as a congregation to give strength to
    many with personal needs. We pray as well in
    thanksgiving for blessings that God has be-           Editors Note: Char Underwood graduated from
    stowed upon us and our loved ones. I believe in       Bon Secours Faith Community Nurse Preparation
    the power of prayer.                                  Course in 2005. She serves as the Faith
                                                          Community Nurse with Trinity Presbyterian
                                                          Church in Richmond, Virginia. The article is an
    It is a gift of astonishing magnitude; knowing        excerpt from her church bulletin page.
    that no matter what befalls our lives; our God
    and his son Jesus are in control. We are so loved
    and so cared for by our heavenly Father.
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                      Page 4

Virginia Faith Community Health Ministry Retreat at Cacapon
                                            the present tense and the power of
     “Bloom Where You Are Planted”          God is in the present.
was the theme for this year’s 15th
annual faith community health min-            Bon Secours Faith Community
istry retreat. Participants were            Services Network was represented
invited to discussions on biblical          with the attendance of Sandra
horticulture reflecting on ways that        Reed, Madelyn Kidd and Jannie
soil, seeds, light, water, pruning and      Washington and Kathleen Fogerty.
harvest can be an analogy for one’s           At the concluding ceremony,
practice in health ministry.                Reverend Anne Weatherholt en-
    Dr. Ken Patrick challenged us to        couraged us to “plant new blooms
live in the present moment for that         in God’s creation”. The worship
is truly all we have and where we           service reminded all that God as
can find the greatest grace, noting         creator of all things has woven an
that the 23rd Psalm is written in           intricate tapestry of life which we
                                            are responsible to tend.

15 Years of Parish/Faith Community Retreats
     At the Virginia Annual Retreat,        •Parish Nurses Light the Way to            •Parish Nursing: The Natural
participants were challenged to             Health and Wholeness                       Bridge
name the retreat title and location
                                            •Grace and Gratitude                       •We Are Precious in His Sight
beginning in 1997 to the present. It
was quite a challenge for all and a         •Come to the Water                         •Pictures of Parish Nursing
walk down memory lane with a
picture slide show from past years.         •A Work of HEART                           •Rounding Up Wholeness
Listed here are the titles to the re-       •Forgiveness                               •Transforming Lives, Transforming
treat. See if you can identify the                                                     Ministries
year and location.                          •Gifts We Bring
                                                                                       •Hear the Call

Words of Encouragement
   Peter heard the call of Jesus in the     Every day God places people in our life    Let's look for the specific needs of those
middle of a storm and "got down             who need encouragement and                 who cross our path and be prepared to
out of the boat, walked on the water and    desperately need to be directed onto a     encourage with the truth of God's
came toward Jesus" (Matt.14:29). Peter      path which will lead them closer to        Word. But as we speak the truth,
knew the voice of his Lord and knew         God. None of us know all the answers,      whether on the water, in the boat or
that if He called, He would also provide    and we certainly don't need to force       even back on the shore, let's minister as
a way to follow. But Peter soon "saw the    everything we know into a single con-      we meet them where they are.
wind...and, beginning to sink, cried out,   versation, but we each are given an                              ~ Steve Troxel
'Lord, save me!'" (Matt.14:30).             opportunity to minister - an opportunity
                                            which may only last a moment and may       Used with permission of Janet Barton
"Immediately Jesus reached out His          never truly return.                        KPMN April 2011
hand and caught him.” (Matt. 14:31-33)
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                     Page 5

Chronic Disease Self Management ~ Diabetes Self Management

   Twenty members of St. Paul’s           Department of Aging and Senior
                                                                                       If you would like to offer these classes
Catholic Church have begun a six          Connections to offer both the
                                                                                       at your church, please contact
week Diabetes CDSMP (Chronic              Chronic Disease Self Management
                                                                                       Kathleen Fogerty regarding sched-
Disease Self-management Program).         and the Diabetes Self Management
On the second week, one member ex-        classes to the community. Classes just
claimed that his glucose readings had     recently ended at the CAPUP Center
dropped twenty points just by making      on Oliver Hill Way where seniors who
one little change in his eating habits!   come for a day of social activities and
                                          a hot lunch also participated with en-         “This program has given me back
The program was developed over
                                          thusiasm. The evidenced based pro-               ten years!” ~ CAPUP attendee
twenty years ago by Dr. Kate Lorig at
                                          gram allows individuals to identify
Stanford University. Recently Bon
                                          through action plans what areas they
Secours Faith Community Services
                                          can work on and succeed in to achieve
was able to partner with the Virginia
                                          a healthy outcome.
Department of Health, the Virginia

Cleaning for a Reason
                                              If you know any woman currently          partners to help these women. Be a
                                           undergoing chemotherapy, please pass        blessing to someone and pass this infor-
                                           the word to her that there is a cleaning    mation along.
                                           service that provides FREE houseclean-
                                           ing - once per month for 4 months while     Source: IPNRC E-News and http://
                                           she is in treatment. All she has to do is   www.cleaningforareason.org/
                                           sign up and have her doctor fax a note
                                           confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a
                                           Reason will have a participating maid
                                           service in her zip code area arrange for
                                           the service. This organization serves the
                                           entire USA and currently has 547

          First Aid Kits
                                                            ~.~                        Calling All Graduates
Check out http://www.mayoclinic.com/
 health/first-aid-kits/ for information       Gardening Health and
 on how to assemble first-aid kits for            Safety Tips                            Send us your stories about your
          your home and car.                                                           experiences in faith community
                                                  Find Gardening Tips at               nursing and health ministry. We
                    ~.~                                                                would love to publish and share
                                                                                       your program experiences with oth-
            Prom Season                                  index.htm
                                                                                       ers. Deadline for the next issue is
  For safety tips on Prom go to http://
       www.cdc.gov/family/prom                              ~.~                        June 15.
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                              Page 6

Save The Date
2011 Network Meetings                  2011 Faith Community Health           Graduation Ceremony:
                                       Ministry Course Dates                 Sunday, November 6 in
May 2 Windsor Dinner Meeting
                                                                             the chapel at St. Mary’s
June 6 Church of the Redeemer          Faith Community Nurse
                                       September 8 & 9                       Hospital
       Resource Fair at
         8275 Meadowbridge Rd.         September 29 & 30
         Mechanicsville, VA 23116
                                       November 3 & 4
         5 PM to 7:30 PM
                                       Health Ministers
September 12 Windsor                   September 9 & 30                            WESTBURG SYMPOSIUM
October TBA                                                                   Celebrating our Past, Present & Future
                                       October 14
November—no meeting                                                                    September 16-18, 2011
                                       November 4
                                                                                           St. Louis, MO
December 5 Windsor
                                       Retreat Weekend for both
                                       classes is October 14-15

Take Action: Prepare for Storms
                                       Make a plan – Do you have a plan       be your life line after an emergency.
                                          with your family, how to make       It should sustain yourself and your
                                          contact, where to meet in a safe    family for up to three days. For flood
                                                                              prone areas, keeping your important
                                          place, what to do in case of an
                                                                              documents in a sealed, airtight con-
                                          emergency? Not sure where to
                                                                              tainer will keep them safe from wa-
                                          start? Ready.gov has a great
                                                                              ter damage. See other tips on get-
  It was not raining when Noah built      checklist for making your fam-
                                                                              ting your emergency kit in tip-top
                the Ark                   ily emergency plan.
                                                                              shape at http://www.ready.gov/
                                       Get a kit – An emergency kit can

  Happy Birthday!!                            Happy Birthday!!                              June
             April                                                              Cindy Barbas 5

Michelle King-                                         May                      Mary Burton 6

Sheppard 2                             Therese Gibson 1                         Debbie Blunt 7

Connie Lovelace 11                     Loretta Speicher 4                       Miriam Snedden 7

                                       Carol Woychak 4                          Toni Pauley 9
Karen Laing 11
                                       Judith Thompson 9                        Barbara Horn 11
Bonnie Livick 13
                                                                                Madelyn Kidd 16
Kathleen Fogerty 15                    Carol Dean 10
                                                                                Karen Brown 20
Dorothy Fuller 20                      Doreen Edwards 11
                                                                                Sandra Reed 28
Jana Bell 26                           Linda Frye 11
                                                                                Diana Reeves 28
Diana Crudup 27                        Elizabeth Ford 15
                                                                                Charlotte Timberlake Torseth 29
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                 Page 7

Prayers for the Soul
                                           Hope & Healing, it is the perfect
  The International Parish Nurse           source of encouragement for either
Resource Center has recently pub-          parish nurses and their work, or
lished a new resource for health           strength for individuals and families
ministers. “This pocketbook is a           dealing with challenges. If you are
compilation of prayers and words of        looking for a gift for yourself, other
inspiration from Parish Nurses             individuals, or members of your
around the globe and notable               staff, this booklet carries a strong
persons of faith from the past.            message of comfort, support and
Selections in this booklet have            inspiration.”
been message of comfort, support,               Courtesy of www.ipnrc.org
and inspiration. Divided into cate-
gories that address Guidance &
Wisdom, Praise & Blessings,
Strength, Care & Support, and

Nurse’s Week Prayer

                                             To be a nurse requires dedication,         Help me see things from their
                                            with years of study and preparation.       point of view and always know
                                             I pray for guidance and humbly ask              what is best to do.
                                            that I will do well at this chosen task.   May I have a part in some small
                                                When illness strikes or pain           way, in restoring good health to
                                             demands, and a life is placed within      someone today. Let my work be
                                               my hands, give me compassion,            all that I want it to be ~ I ask
                                             knowledge and skill to do the things        the Great Healer to work
                                                   that comfort and heal.                        through me.
                                            Suffering makes patients' fears grow
                                             worse and they seek reassurance                     ~Helen Bush
                                                       from their nurse.

In Memoriam
  On April 2, 2011 the Network lost a wonderful Faith Community Nurse,
Phyllis Payne Ashford. Phyllis was a graduate of the Fall 2002 Faith Commu-
nity Nurse class. Through out her tenure as parish nurse at St. Luke’s Episcopal
church in Powhatan, she worked tirelessly to promote healthy living. In one of
her church bulletins, she compared the need for health assessment to tuning up
a car. Just as we check our car for fluid needs and tune up, we should check our
bodies for adequate norms in areas such as blood pressure, cholesterol and
screening tests for diabetes and cancer. Phyllis had retired to Naples, Florida
where she and her husband became active in a local church and where she again
began to minister to the needs of others. Services are scheduled May 21 at
11 AM at the church. Please keep her family in prayer.
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                                     Page 8

                                              Resource Library
                             Faith Community Services Lending Resource Library
                                                   Windsor Business Park
                                                   Mission Services Suite
                               Come visit and borrow resources to help enhance your ministry
                                Call Stacey Pritchard at 627-5010 prior to visiting the library

                                “The imagination needs time to browse.”           ~Thomas Merton

                                                  SOUL BOOSTERS

      It is eternal peace that allows us to live with God, therefore, Pray! Persevere in Prayer!!
                                                                               ~ Dr. Anne Borik

                                                                                                   ~ PROVERBS 16:24

                    Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
                                                                                                           ~ James Barrie

                                                         Man Maintenance

                                                                                                  Raise Awareness
                                                                                          Go to CDC website for Men’s Health
       MEN’S HEALTH WEEK                                                                  information on theses topics:
  Celebrate National Men's Health                   Wisdom for the Strong Man             Men's Health-e-Cards
  Week, which ends on Father's Day
                                              You may know your favorite team's or        Learn your Family Health History
  each year in June! Wear blue this
  week in support of men's health!           player's stats, but what about your own?     Know and Understand your Num-
                                             Keep track of your numbers for blood         bers
  Men can take daily steps to live a
                                             pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, body
  safer and healthier life, and protect                                                   Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age
                                             mass index (BMI), and more. These num-
  themselves from disease and disabil-                                                    (AHRQ)
                                             bers can provide a glimpse of your health
  ity. Men can be safer, stronger, and
  healthier by getting care when             status and risk for certain diseases and     Where to Go for Care You Can Afford
  needed. Improving men's health is not      conditions such as heart disease, diabe-     (HRSA)
  limited to the doctor's office or hospi-   tes, and obesity. Be sure to ask your doc-
  tal; it starts at home with individuals    tor or nurse what tests you need and how
  and families taking steps to live safer    often you need them. If your numbers are
  and healthier lives.                       high or low, he or she can explain what
                                             they mean and make recommendations.
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                                        Page 9

 Did You Know?
  Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause
           of disability?
  795,000 people experience a stroke every year which equals one person every 40
  The word “FAST” can help you remember the signs and symptoms of a stroke, and
           is exactly how you should react if you suspect a stroke or transient ischemic
           attack (TIA) is happening?
    Bon Secours hospital facilities (St. Mary’s, St Francis Medical Center, Memorial Regional and Richmond
      Community are certified Primary Stroke Centers which means they have comprehensive services to treat
      stroke patients?
 These facts are a few examples of the type of information the Neuroscience team of Bon Secours will be spreading
 throughout the Richmond community during May for stroke awareness month.
 As Parish/Faith Community nurses and Health Ministers, you are vital to informing your congregations on
 stroke prevention. There are many valuable resources to assist in teaching your church community about stroke
 awareness, including some activities through the Bon Secours Neuroscience Program which will have stroke
 screenings and stroke awareness activities throughout the month. For more information please contact Patricia
 Lane at (804)285-6827 or Kimberly Pinna at (804)764-6711. In addition visit the website, www.bonsecours.com
 for the May calendar.
 Another resource specific to congregations is The Power to End Stroke Campaign which has a special toolkit
 for churches. The Power Sunday Downloadable Toolkit is free at www.powertoendstroke.org.

 According to the American Heart Association, “Yolanda King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Cor-
 etta Scott King, conducted the first National Power Sunday church service in remembrance of her mother,
 Coretta Scott King, and others who have survived or died of stroke. The church service was held on Sunday,
 May 6, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the 'Igniting the Power' weekend and 1st Annual Power Awards.”
 Churches and other organizations across the nation are being asked to participate in their own Power Sunday -
 any Sunday of the year, by discussing stroke awareness with their congregations.

 Created by the American Heart Association, the toolkit includes:

    Letter to churches
    Power Sunday Overview
    Clergy speech
    The Power Litany
    Bulletin/Pulpit announcements
    Power Sunday posters
    Take the Pledge posters
    Registration Card
    Family History Tree poster
    Recipes
    Power Sunday Frequently Asked Questions
    Bon Secours Faith
    Community Services

      8580 Magellan Parkway
       Richmond, VA 23227                            “Faith Community Health Min
                                                                                   istry -
      Phone: 804-627-5565                       providing intentional care
       Fax: 804-627-5012                                                   of the spirit through
                                                  prayer, health promotion
            E-mail:                                                          and practice.”
                                                 Yolonda Thompson, Adminis
                                                                           trative Director,
Health Ministry News You Can Use                 yolonda_thompson@bshsi.o
                                                                          rg 804-627-5565
                                                       Kathleen Fogerty, Coordinato
      We are on the web!
                                                           Rev. Louis Collins, III
                                                     Ministerial Advisor, 804-42

National Donate Life Month
www.organdonor.gov                 Courage is not the towering oak
                                    that sees storms come and go;         Men's Health Month
National Autism Awareness
                                     it is the fragile blossom that
Month                                                                     www.menshealthmonth.org
                                           opens in the snow.
www.autism-society.org                        - Alice M. Swaim
                                                                          5 National Cancer Survivors
Arthritis Awareness Month                                                 www.ncsd.org
National High Blood Pressure
Education Month

National Senior Health &
Fitness May 25

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