Amos Fortune Free Man by yurtgc548


									Hannah Moreno
    Amos Fortune Free Man takes place
between 1725 and 1801. This is the time that
blacks were used as slaves just because of
their physical appearance. Amos Fortune was
sold as a slave twice in this book. (To the
Richardson family and the Copeland family)
He also bought three slaves as his wives.
(Lily, Lydia, and Violet)
   Amos is being sold as a slave multiple times.
    This reminds me of the movie, “Hotel for
    Dogs” because in this movie Amy and Bruce
    are constantly moving to different families.
   Amos knows the At-mun-shi language and is
    learning English at a point in this book. This
    reminds me of how I know English and I am
    learning Romanian.
     My favorite part of the book was when
Amos, Violet, and Celyndia managed to build
their own home and make a living in the city
of Jaffrey. I liked this part because I know I
probably could never make my own living like
that. I also probably could never open my
own successful business like Amos did. I
think it’s really cool that Amos and his family
is able to do such a thing.

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