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									         Shriners International
                                                  East St. Louis, IL
Volume 87                          March 2011                        Number 02
                                                          Larry Carril, Potentate

                               So . . .
     What was Really in That Chili?
                   Chili/Circus Kick-off Highlights on page 5

Not Bill Underwood, Kevin Fernandez nor Denver Tolbert will ever see,
speak or hear what the secret ingredients that were used during the
judging of the chili. But had no problem serving their delicious chili to the
hungry Ainad guests that came to the Chili/Circus Kick-off.

                      Hot Deal!                        Potentate’s Ball
                     Ainad’s Pipe                     Hilton Garden Inn
                                                         O’Fallon, IL
                    Organ for Sale
                            pg 8                         March 25-26
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                       Potentate’s Message
                      Dear Shrine Family:

                           Maryann and I would like to thank everyone who helped at and
                            attended the 2011 Installation and Presentation. What a great
                             time we had ! I would like to thank the Ainad Brass Band for
                              providing a variety of music to open the event, making it
                              seem like old times when we had yearly Presentations at the
                              Temple. A special “thanks” to Mike Kimbrell for singing the
                              National Anthem – what a voice. The Drum Corps then took
                              us back in time with the music and vintage uniforms from
                            when I was Drum Major. The models looked like a couple of
                           guys that I had met a time or two. Thank you Drum Corps for
                          honoring me in that way, it was perfect. A moment I will always
                        remember was when Carla Lake came up on stage and
       Lar          ril
           ry J. Car fezzed me. Thank You , Carla. That means more to me than
you can ever know. I would also like to thank Everett and Pam Bohnenstiel for
introducing me to George, the donkey. I knew that I would have some paybacks this
year, but I never dreamed it would be anything like that. Only you, Everett could pull
that off.

The 2011 Potentate’s Ball Weekend is fast approaching and I encourage anyone who
does not have their reservations to make them quickly. The hotel is sold out, but the
nearby Drury Inn Suites has agreed to provide Ainad rooms at the same price. Friday
night’s theme is Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, so wear your Hawaiian shirts or what ever
you are comfortable in and get ready for a wild party. I am very happy and proud to
appoint Noble Ed Allan as your 2011 Outer Guard. I know he will make a wonderful
officer and leader for Ainad. Thank you, Ed and Annette for accepting the appointment.

This last month was a little trying with the all the snow and ice. Many clubs and
units had to cancel their meetings. The Shrine Center’s parking lot was especially
challenging for the Installation and Circus Kickoff. A big “thanks” goes to Justin
Carril, Larry and Alan Sinn and Twin Lake Trucking for the use of their equipment the
night before Circus Kickoff. The lot looked great, we were all set and then it snowed
again overnight. P.P. Charles Alves and his son Scott Alves answered the call, brought
down their equipment and spread eight tons of salt. By the time the party started, we
were in great shape again. Thank you Charley and Scott for the excellent job.

Speaking of the Circus Kickoff … what a fun day! We had a big crowd, despite the snow
and the kids sure enjoyed the party. New this year, were the pony rides. Thanks goes to
P.P. Kenny Snyder and P.P. Tom Schrag for making this a wonderful party every year
for our families. My thanks also to Tom Wade and the kitchen crew for lunch, Steve
Kraus for the margarita machines, Jim Joseph for the auction and Mike Goodman, Dave
Casson, Gerald Armstrong and Bill Hill for the refreshments. We had 13 entries for the
Chili Kickoff. Congratulations to all the chefs. The Chili Cook-off finalist where, Legion of
Honor 3rd, Color Guard 2nd and the Collinsville Shrine Club winning first place.

As this year progresses, I would like to remind you to keep supporting our hospitals and
looking for new members. At the end of the day, that is what is most important. Here’s
looking at you, Goombah! Keep Marching On!

Yours in the Faith,
Larry Carril

  1                                                                    Ainad Shriners . . .
          Why Did You Become a Shriner?
Hi Nobles,

Another month has come and gone. It really is time to think about membership as a
whole. Membership is key for all of our Masonic Bodies whether it’s the Masons,
Shriners, Scottish Rite or York Rite, it is a must that we build membership to keep
our four fraternal bodies alive and well.

We, at Ainad are working together with all of our fraternities to create membership. It is
important that we work together. We have started a team membership program which
includes having dinner in Masonic Lodges and Shrine clubs to recruit members for
all the Masonic Bodies. This is a place for you to bring a new candidate and his lady
to see what we have to offer in our Masonic Bodies. Or bring a brother that has not
joined the Shrine, Scottish Rite or York Rite so that he can learn more about whichever
organizations he might like to join. We will have a nice dinner and then there will be
short presentations on each body. Right now we have one scheduled on March 15th
at Fieldon Lodge in Fieldon, Illinois, one at the Elbon Shrine Club/Staunton Lodge in
Staunton, Illinois on April 7th, and one at the O’Fallon Lodge on April 9th. More are
being planned for this year. We will let you know as they are scheduled.

The Grand Master has set up three Grand Master Classes in our area. This is for any
Mason that has his first degree and would like to get his second and third degree. So
if your lodges have members that have completed the first degree, but still need to
complete the other two, here are the lodges that will be putting on the Grand Master
Classes. Fellowship Lodge #89, Marion, IL March 12th; Emeth Lodge #1030, Cahokia,
IL April 16th; and Fairfield Lodge #206, Fairfield, IL May 14th. I would like to give our
Grand Master a big thank you for setting up these classes and to the lodges that are
hosting them.

Our Spring Ceremonial is just around the corner on May 7th. Please get your
candidates signed up now and get the application in to the temple. If you have a
candidate that can’t come in to the ceremonial, he can come in during any
stated meeting which are held monthly. Nobles, it is time to start working together on
membership. This year we need everyone to “Keep Marching On” and make this
year the best year yet for membership.

Thanks again for your help. Call me at any time or call my membership team if you
have any questions or would like to get more involved. Here are their names and
contact information:

Your Membership Chairperson,
Jim Pulley
Home: (618) 345-1550
Cell: (618) 550-8273


Recruitment Chairman             Retention Chairman          Restoration Chairman
Jim Onstott                      Brad Spelbring              David Tollison
Phone: 618-842-5741              Phone: 618-946-3989         Phone: 618-435-4445 

Having Fun & Helping Kids
            Land Acquisition Committee
                                                                   By Bill Reidelberger

   The search continues. You may recall last year I wrote in the bulletin announcing
a committee to look into site locations for a possible new shrine building. After
extensive research, we have narrowed our search to the I-64 corridor from O’Fallon
to New Baden and Route 4 from Lebanon to Mascoutah. That area seems to
accommodate our members best and is much more convenient for our Southern
and Eastern members.

We had one possible gift last year that fell through due to tax issues. The
benefactor needed a deduction, but Ainad does not qualify as a charity; so,
unfortunately, the transaction could not be consummated. We appreciate the family’s
consideration. Additionally, we have talked with developers, real estate agents and
land owners; but as of now, we have nothing we feel is affordable to pursue. If
anyone knows of someone with six acres or more that they would like to donate or
sell at a reasonable price, I would love to talk with them. As always, I welcome
any other comments or suggestions anyone may have. My cell is 618 604-7371.

  3                                                                Ainad Shriners . . .
       Director Staff
                                                                            Dave Casson Jr.
Taking time off during the Valentine Day festivities, thirty five plus members began
the meeting with the usual opening formalities. President Owens continued with the
meeting by stating that Scott Miller was coming off probation. Gary Bruner, George
Bruner and Kevin Williamson are eligible to be reinstated and that Rodney Bruner
and Danny McGee has petitioned for membership. The members voted in favor of
the recommendations.

Committee chairman gave their reports, including the scheduling of a meat shoot at the
Farview Elks on April 11th starting around 12:00 pm, the possibility of a family picnic,
Lee committed the Director Staffs’ involvement in the Halloween party this fall and
reminded the members that the clothing chairman’s position is open. A brief job
description for the position was discussed and we were informed that most of the
selling of clothing occurred at our building during the Ceremonials and Belleville/
Waterloo circus. Temple committee reports included Chris Feix’s report on the Auction
to be held on August the 6th. He relayed insights from past auctions to make positive
adjustments to the program as suggested and reminded us that interested and
committed volunteers meet the last Wednesday of the month.

Good of the order; O’Fallon Lodge Membership dinner on April the 9th, starting at
6:00pm. This event is open to all prospective new Masons and their families. Contact
the Lodge for more information. Lee thanked the Chef for the meal.

Don’t forget, the Scottish Rite Fish Fry the third Friday of the month and all Fridays
during Lent.

Sunshine Report include, reports on Mel Stephens, John McGee, and Bob Seiben.
Let’s keep these and all needing Nobles and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

Prior to closing High Priest and Prophet Rick Seiben, introduced the Divan members
present, thank all the Nobility for making a snowy winter day bright with their help at the
Circus Kick-Off, reminded us of future events, read the bulletin and utilize the Temples’

       Oriental Band
                                                                                   Art Smith
                   Hello from the Oriental Band!
                   Our newly installed 2011 Officers are as follows: Art Smith President,
                   Gary Fisher Vice President, John McGee Treasurer and Jim Darr
                   Secretary. The Circus Kick-off was just completed and our band had
                   new Chili makers - Gary Fisher and his wife Sheila made some great
                   Chili. We did not win, but maybe next year. Our annual Potentate Ball
ticket giveaway fund raiser drawing was held at Circus Kick-off with Dave Langford
being the winner! We have made an attempt in February to have our normal stated
meeting and band practice but the weather has been uncooperative. Hopefully, March
and April things will improve. Two of our band members have had some health issues
recently Joe Hill and John McGee. We are wishing them a speedy recovery and keep
them in your thoughts. As with many units, we need some new members. A musical
background is not necessary. If you have an interest, show up at our stated meeting at
Ainad at 7:00pm the first Tuesday of every month or call Jim Darr at 618.779.6288.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
    Get Your Chili!
      At the Circus Kick-off

                  Chili Cook-off

                  1st Rich Colona
                   Collinsville SC
                 2nd Vicki Fritzpatric
                    Color Guard
                  3rd Mike Grafe
                  Legion of Honor

5                                        Ainad Shriners . . .
       Brass Band
                                                                               Dale Kurrus

Denver Bound! The Brass Band will be heading to the mile high city for Imperial July
3-6. It looks like we will have a good number making the trip. All members currently
active or just thinking about getting back on the streets are strongly encouraged to
check you calendars and come join us. Prez Carl is checking on details with the
marching and concert competitions. This is a great opportunity for us to show all of
Shrinedom what a great band Ainad has.
Also, mark down on your calendars the Moolah Circus Parade at noon on March 5th in
St. Charles , MO. We have not been there for several years. Let’s strut our stuff over
in the Show Me State.
Isaac Kinney entered a fantastic chili at the Circus Kickoff/Chili contest. Apparently
the judges tasted an entry right before his that burned out their tastebuds. Next year
maybe they will taste his while their senses are still fresh!
Fez cleaning is available for any members who need to freshen up the great symbol
of Shriners. Contact VP Art to get this done. Sergeant at Arms Keith has started a
comprehensive inventory. Thanks for tackling this task! We found a wonderful photo
of the band and probably most of Ainad attending the 1919 Imperial Session in
Indianapolis. What makes this picture special is that the Brass Band received its
charter that same year.
Baritone extraordinaire Harry is down getting a defibrillator placed in his chest. He was
very close to hitting the bricks once again and now he is sidelined again. Keep him in
your thoughts and prayers.
Did you know that the Brass Band is always looking for new members who have any
playing ability on any instrument? Did you also know that we will pay for the first six
months rental on an instrument if you need one and would like to come join us?
Well, the answer to both questions is YES! Contact Prez Carl at 210-0370 for more
information. We play roughly early high school difficulty music and our abilities range
from barely able to read music and using fingering charts to former music teachers. In
other words, everyone is welcome!
If I am there and you are there, then we are all there.

       Arab Patrol
                                                                            Michael Hayes
Our Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Dance will be held on Saturday, April 2 at the
Venice Social Club, 4168 Highway 162, Pontoon Beach, IL. The cost will once again
be $30.00 per couple. Doors will open at 6:00, dinner will be served at 7:00 and the
band will begin at 8:00. Tickets can be purchased now from any Patrol member. I think
all of you are in for quite a treat this year. We have booked a new band called
American Originals and we have a few other surprises up our sleeves. Who knows
what you might see, hear or be able to win at this year’s Spaghetti Dinner and Dance?
YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE! You can check the band out for yourself
online at

We will be posting a sign-up list in the Patrol room for work assignments for this year’s
dinner. Please sign-up next time you are in the room or give one of us a call and we
will put your name on the list. We need a set-up crew, a cooking crew, a serving crew
and a kitchen clean-up crew. We will once again be paying for the Social Club to clean
up the hall, but we need members to help clean in the kitchen when we are
finished cooking.

Remember: we meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. We need more
attendance at both meetings, especially the meeting on the third Tuesday of the month
when we practice. If for some reason you can’t march, come on down and play some
cards or just socialize with the rest of us.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Drum and Bugle Corps
                                                                                 Bruce Haas
            We’re about six weeks away from setting our parade schedule for the
            summer months and Doc Fever is hard at work gathering the invites so
            that the vote can be taken on them at the April Stated Meeting.

             There is one parade that we cannot turn down and it just happens to fall
             even before the vote. The Moolah Circus parade I am told is on March 5th
in St. Charles, MO. I have no firm word yet, but I believe that as always there will be
bus transportation from Ainad at about 10:00 that morning to the parade and then back
again immediately following. Also, like last year, there figures to be no afterglow or
ballyhoo at this one.

Later in the month is the Potentate’s Ball on March 25 and 26 and we are to take part in
both the Friday evening before festivities and the Ball itself the next night. Uniform for
Friday evening will at the very least include our Hawaiian parade shirts and most likely
jeans or dress slacks. There will be no cost for “playing” corps members but, as in the
past, if you bring your wife, girlfriend of significant other the $15 charge will apply for
them to cover food and drinks. The next evening at this point looks like our dress
uniform will be the dress of the entire evening. Cost for that event is $65 per person.
There will, however, be a table or two or three in the back of the room for Corps
members who wish to participate in the Corps event but not partake of the meal.
Please let Kurt Grosse know in what manner you are going to participate and if you
have a seating preference as far as who you would like to be seated with that night.
Kurt will arrange to have the tables reserved for us all.

As we have been for months, we continue to prepare for the Imperial Competition and
Parade in July in the great city of Denver, CO. Director Bill tells me he continues to be
impressed with our progress in learning the new numbers we’ll be using in the show. Of
particular importance at this point is memorization. At least, Raiders and Shenandoah
are at the point of needing only to memorize our parts. Need Me will take a lot more,
but it is not at all undoable at this point. Please remember to attend each Monday night
rehearsal you possibly can. It’s the key to making this thing a success.

Speaking of Imperial in Denver, make sure you get your room reserved by getting the
sign up form to Ainad along with the $1oo deposit before the rooms run out.

Last on the list for this time around is a request to keep our own Larry Sinn and Jeff
Thomas in your thoughts and prayers. Larry recently underwent heart surgery and is
recovering nicely. Jeff is not doing very well and likely to be hosbitalized for a leg and
foot ailment. These guys surely would appreciate your making them a part of your quiet
moments each day.

As always, take care, be safe and GOD BLESS AMERICA AND US ALL EACH AND

  7                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
 Check out the Winners of the Ainad Calendars on page 27!

             New 2011 Calendars
               On Sale Now!
                                  365 $25.00 Daily Prizes
        br w i t
      Fe Dra ex
          ua ng

                                  52 $50.00 Weekly Prizes

                                  12 $100.00 Monthly Prizes
                                  4 $1250 Quarterly Prizes
      Get yours now!               Drawings is held the last Friday of each month.

 Job Opening in June: Fundraising Events Coordinator. Part-time position based
 on three days a week in the Ainad office from 8:30 to 4:15. Experience with various
 computer software packages including but not limited to: Word, Excel, Power Point,
 graphic skills and learn Shrine proprietary office package. Answer phones; operate
 equipment, mailings and our walk-in customers.
 Responsibilities include: coordinate the circus program book
 and ticket sales, bass tournament book, auction book, cash
 calendar, ball games and other social events as needed and
 assisting others as needed. Would start training in April or May
 before June departure.

 If interested or know somebody that might be looking for a
 part-time position as a Fundraising Events Coorinator,
 contact the Administrator of Ainad, Mark Maxwell at
 618-874-1870 for an application or to ask any questions
 you may have about the position.

                     LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME

                                  Wanted: A new home for a large organ currently
                                  accumulating dust.

                                  The Ainad Shriners Auditorium Kilgen Pipe Organ is
                                  looking for someone that is wanting our complete set
                                  up and is willing to remove it with tender loving care.

                                  We have the original 1922 organ not being used
                                  and it is beyond our means and we are interested
                                  in finding a worthy home for it. If interested contact
                                  the Ainad Administrator at 888-567-1870 or email at

Having Fun & Helping Kids
           James C. Groom Scholarship
The James C. Groom - Ainad Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 under
Potentate Charles Alves. Each year since then we have awarded a $1000.00
scholarship to a deserving student.

The Groom Scholarship was established by Mrs. Audrey Groom in memory of her
late husband, James C. Groom who was a Ainad Noble. The original grant was
$25,000. It was hoped that with solid investments and generous contributions the
fund would grow and more scolarships could be awarded annually. However,
with the current state of the economy, that has not happened. In spite of that, the
Scholarship Committee has granted a scholarship each year; in doing so, the
committee members feel that we are showing faith and confidentce in our nation,
the economy and the generosity of the Ainad Nobility.

When considering your charitable budget this year, please take the time to reflect on
how much these young college students rely on the support of scholarships and that
an investment in education is truly a down payment on the future.

To donate, make the check payable to: “Ainad James C. Groom Scholarship Fund”
and mail to Ainad Temple in Attention to: Bob Cook, Scholarship Chairman.
Download application from the Ainad Website.
Applications are due April 1 for the Fall semister. Please send to Ainad Office.

 9                                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
       Uniform Units
                                                                             Dave Casson Jr.
The weather was in our favor on February10th as we had our first meeting of the year.
The usual business formalities took place before a crowd of 27 plus members.
President Terry Conard presented Past Potentate Ray Rohr with his lifetime
membership card to the Uniform Units before giving his final comments as President. In
his remarks he reminded us that the fraternity is “not about I, but we..all of us
combined. We collectively can raise the bar. We can make a difference”. In closing he
reminded us the need for not only more Shrine/Masons as members but involve the
younger members. Get them active. Show them the positive highlights of our fraternity.
High Priest and Prophet, Rick Sieban and Oriental Guide, Bill Reidelberger officially
installed the new Uniform Officers for 2011.

Newly installed President John Lowe began his term with the presenting the gavel,
plaque and life membership card to Past President Terry Conard. During new business
we were informed that one of the board members would like to step down due to other
commitments and Jay Warren was appointed to fill out the remaining term. We
had a new representative from the Drum and Bugle Corps, Jerry Massey in
attendance and we encourage all Clubs/Units to appoint a representative to
attend our meetings. The 2011 budget was passed.

Sunshine report included updates on Mel Stephens, John McGee, and LOH
Commander Mike Kimbrell. Please keep these and all Nobles and their families that are
a little distressed in our thought and prayers.

In closing read your bulletin, join the Nobility and use the website ainadshriners,org., to
keep informed and use the new on-line payment program for future dues and events.

                     St. Patrick’s Day
                                 All YOU CAN EAT

                            East Lodge #504
                  9950 St. Clair Ave Fairview Heights, IL
                       by Queen City Chapter #697
                            11:00 am - 4:00 pm
                              $8.00 for Adults
                            $4.00 for kids 4-12
                           Under 4 eat for FREE
                            Sunday, March 13
               Corn Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots, Bread,
            Coffee, Tea, Dessert and Orange Drink (w/ Vitamin C)

Having Fun & Helping Kids
        Hey, It’s Time to pay up!

            2011 Dues                                           ES

       Hard Hat Crew
                                                                               Rich Colona, Sr.

                   Snow, snow and more snow but the Hardhats keep on showing up
                   down at the Shrine Center to do their thing. We helped clean and
                   set up for the hall rental to the Motorcycle Club and then helped
                   clean up after their meeting.

                     We also helped to get ready for the Circus/Chili cook off.
                     Congratulations to the Collinsville Shrine Club for first place, Color
Guard second place and Legion of Honor third place for there chili. It was a great day
for chili and dogs with all the trimmings with at least 350 in attendance. The children
had fun with carnival rides, games, pony and donkey rides and there was a lot of cute
little faces painted. This was topped off with our own Potentate Larry Carril giving a
class on the Mexican Hat Dance while being seriated by our own Drum and Bugle
Corp. If you weren’t there, you sure missed one of the best times we have had in a
long time.

After that the Hardhats helped to clean the building. There is one of our Hardhats that
cleans all the bathrooms and runs all water to keep rust out of the lines and you will
have to admit they sure smell better. He does a great job of this and appreciates that
no one smokes or throws butts in the urinals. We appreciate that our people keep
within the rules and do not smoke in the building.

Remember, we do need help on Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to dinner so, come on
down and you will see there is nothing we do that is strenuous or takes any special
skills because we are here to help in keeping the building up and having a great time
doing this.

Remember, experience is what makes an older man do what a younger man says
is impossible.

                              Congrats Bob!
                  Our own Bob “Peaches” Bassett was recently elected 3rd Vice
                  President of the International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA),
                  at the mid-winter convention in Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Bassett
                  has been a member of ISCA for 19 years, and for the past five
                  years has served as the ISCA secretary to approximately
                  2,800 members.
                  Congratulations Bob we know you’ll do a great job.

 11                                                                    Ainad Shriners . . .
    Shriners Represented in the Rose Parade

    Shriners Hospitals for Children® was proud to participate in the 122nd Annual
    Tournament of Roses Parade, Saturday, January 1 in Pasadena,
    California. The Shriners Hospitals for Children® float entitled, “Changing
    the World through Caring for Kids” was among the many floats, bands,
    and equestrian shows that was seen by millions of spectators around the world.

      David Ragan Autographed Diecast
             Car Still Available

 NASCAR driver David Ragan is offering a special edition scale model, or diecast
car, modeled after his car featuring the special Shriners Hospitals for Children®
paint scheme. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the nonprofit health care
system.The Shriners Hospitals-themed race car was created for Ragan’s
participation in the 2008 season finale for the ARCA RE/MAX Series at the
Toledo Speedway. The special edition diecast car, created in its likeness, is
available for pre-order for $29.95 plus shipping and handling at Only 2,500 of these unique collector’s items,
which are signed by Ragan, are available.

 Ragan named Shriners Hospitals for Children his official charity of choice at the
annual convention of Shriners International on July 1 in St. Louis. In addition to
these unique opportunities to raise funds for Shriners Hospitals, Ragan will visit
as many of the 22 hospitals as his busy NASCAR schedule permits. He has also
brought national attention to the health care system and the Shriners fraternity
through public service announcements.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Shrine Rider’s Unit
                                                                              Brad Koehler
               The Ainad Shrine Riders would like to congratulate our new Potentate
               Larry Carril and Outer Guard Ed Allen on their recent Installation. The
               new Potentate has already rolled up his sleeves and went to work by
               authorizing all seven of our Event Permission Request forms for 2011.

               The remaining four Charity Motorcycle Runs have been finalized; June
               18th starting at Dale’s Harley-Davidson in Mt. Vernon, August 20th
               starting at the American Legion in Edgewood, September 17th starting
               at the Eagles Club in Newton and October 15th starting at the
Moonshine Store in Moonshine. The ground may still be white, but spring is just around
the corner. You Nobles that don’t belong to our Unit, we sure hope you plan to come
and ride with us, and to help us, help the children. Be sure to bring your riding buddies
along with you, you never know, you may decide to join our Unit and your buddies may
decide to become Masons and Shriners.

Prior to our February 13th meeting, we held a Valentine’s Dinner at Joe’s Italian
Restaurant in Newton, and 28 members, ladies and guests attended. The meeting was
then opened with the pledge of allegiance and prayer at the Newton Lodge 216. Past
Potentate Steve Kibler and Aide Joe Hunt Jr., both Unit members, Installed the first
Officers of our newly formed Unit for 2011. We would like to welcome four of our
newest members to the Ainad Shrine Riders Unit; Jim Creech from Lawrenceville, Stan
Miller from Ridgway, Ed Willenborg (Zorah Shrine) from Montrose, and Bruce Yates
from Newton. As of this writing our membership is now at 21 and growing. We had
two Nobles visiting our meeting that took membership applications with them, with the
intent to join at our next meeting, and another confirmed via email that he was
going to join.

Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Newton Lodge 216 on Sunday March 13th.
Brad Spelbring of the Ainad Membership Committee has requested to attend this
meeting to talk about Shrine recruitment, and we are looking forward to him visiting.

Don’t hesitate to check out our webpage. It is packed with information concerning who
we are, our officers, 2011 schedule of events and all of our 2011 Charity Motorcycle
Run flyers:
If our new unit interests you, then don’t be shy. Contact me, Brad “Tattoo” Koehler at:

   NEW! - Ainad Web Site Payment Page –Now Available!
Check out the “ NEW ” Ainad website Payments page at

      $              Go to this new page and pay for your Ainad dues, Potentate Ball

          $          tickets, baseball game and circus tickets to name a few of the
                     many items listed. Just put in the amount and click send. It’s that
      $              easy. It is a secure page offering the convenience of postage free
                     payments and quick notice of receipts.

                     Just go to:
                     On the opening page, click on the left top side target: Payments- to
                     get there or you can also find it under the top tab- Members, click
                     on that tab and go to Payments page. Check it out now.

 13                                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
   Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
       We have several Ainad Partner Program levels to choose from starting at
      $1,000. The donations help to support our programs at Ainad Shrine Temple.
            If interested, please contact the temple office at 888-567-1870.

     A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors
                          AAA Janitorial
                      Bank of Edwardsville
                       Bank of Springfield
                     Beelman Trucking Co.
                    Belleville Recycling, Inc.
                          Casino Queen
                  Davis & Sons Oil Company
                  Dignity Memorial Providers
                     Fairfield National Bank
                          Gateway Volvo
                     Gilster Mary-Lee Corp
                       Jim’s Formal Wear
                     Joe Hunt & Associates
                   Johnston City Sportswear
                      Kurrus Funeral Home
                    N & W Horizontal Boring
                       Patchett Law Office
                     Peoples National Bank
                       Pepsi Mid-America
                    Salem - Tourism Bureau
                Schneidewind Insurance Agency
                          Shay Roofing
                        Troy Grain & Feed
                            “In beloved memory of Kenny Lake”

                             Twin Lake Trucking

Having Fun & Helping Kids
          Help Our Membership Grow
     Learn what Shriners do.
     A private Web Community for Shriners.
     For more info go to:

                               Calling All Cars . . .
                               or at Least Drivers

This is the annual meeting and election of Coordinators.
Current and interested hospital transportation drivers
are invited.

An informational meeting will be held at Ainad on Wednesday
March 30th at 7:00 in the small dining room.
A meal will be served at 6:30

Please RSVP the office if planning to attend. 888-567-1870.

              Benefit Fish Fry & Raffle
       Proceeds go to Shriners Hospitals for Children®
           Spnsored by: V.F.W. Post 3523 Auxiliaries

                               April 9
                           1:00a.m. to ??
                        1250 Franklin Street
                             Carlyle, IL
                 Fish Plate $7.00 - Sandwich $3.00
                Chicken Plate $6.00 - Sandwich $2.50

15                                                              Ainad Shriners . . .
       Williamson County Shrine Club
                                                                               Ray Dickens

W.C.S.C meets the first Thursday of every Month all Shriners and their
wives are welcome.

Jim Lare’s installation was a great party with a good turnout. Past President Roger Ellis
presented Marvin Stanton the Shriner of the Year award for his efforts in the fire truck
repair plus Marvin always seem to be there with his wife Joy when we need them. Gold
pages were awarded to the Stanton’s, Mike Daily, Kevin Tondini, Tom Reese, Bill
Nicholson, Dave & Susan McGee, Deon Bundren, Shandie Deaton, Earl & Nancy
Whitson, the National Shoot to Retrieve Association and The Divine Ladies of the
Williamson County Shrine Club.

The February meeting went well in spite of some ugly weather. A Valentines Party was
announced for the 11th ( It was well attended & a good time was had by all)

Our Divine Ladies are on the go. They have brought in three new members. Purchased
new table cloths for the club. They will be helping Johanna Tolbert with Ainad Easter
Party. Plus, they are making two baskets to be raffled off for the benefit of the temple.

The W.C.S.C welcomes our newest member Don Asbury.

There will be a rib cook March 4th. Call your orders into Randy Patchett 618-997-1984.
We always sell out. So, get your orders in early.

Paul LaGrand is planning a family oriented May Fest.

Ray Dickens will organize the Masonic Home for Children in Murphysboro fishing event
& picnic.

The W.C.S.C. Harkins Bass Tournament will be April 16 & 17. The ad sales and event
are the biggest fund raiser for the club. Jim Lare has passed out assignments. To be a
success, this has to have total club participation.

The more you put into a club, the more you get out of it. Let’s all get involved! You do
not have to be a club member to participate in the events or to attend a meeting. First
Thursday of the month social hour 6:00, dinner 6:30 and a brief meeting at 7:00 pm.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       MaCliBo Circus Unit
                                                                             Keith Korte
MA-CLI-BO Circus Unit had its installation banquet Jan. 22nd. It was well attended by
the Potentate and five members of the Divan and their ladies. Our officers are Steven
Frey treasurer Chris Straub President Larry Carril our Potentate Keith Korte secretary
and George Ellis our Vice
President. At the banquet the
High Priest and Prophet Michael
Grafe presented the unit with a
plaque for the most calendar sales
for 2011. Currently the unit has
sold 201 calendars. Denny Zobrist
and Wayne Deibert were credited
with 60 plus sales each. Augie
Barth was awarded this year’s
MA-CLI-BO’S Shriner Of The Year.

       Salem Shrine Club
                                                                                 Buck Oulrey
Our January meeting was held at the Sharon’s Restaurant on January 15.
We were privileged to have Carl Hall at our meeting.

Secretary Oulrey read letters from the Kiwanis Club and the Scottish-Rite thanking us
for our donations. Dan Robertson checked on the price of the large flag, that the City
flies out by the I-57. We decided not to give a donation to the Flag Fund this year.

The date is set for the Mini-Clinic to be held on May 14 8:00AM to 11:00AM at the
Salem Township Hospital. We gave a $500 donation to the Shriners Hospital for
Children® for testing equipment to replace worn out equipment. Buddy Thornburg will
represent Salem Shrine Club at the Chili Cookoff this year.

       Centralia Shrine Club
                                                                              Kenneth Meador
With 23 members present at the Centralia Elk’s Club on February 14, we talked about
the Vadilia Onions coming about the fifth of May.

Carl Hall is helping us to have a Mini Clinic on April 9th from 8:30 to 11:00 at the
Health Department.

We had visitors who were: Potentate Larry Carril and Maryann, 1st Ceremonial Master
Kevin T. Fernandez, Outer Guard Edward D. Allen and Annette and Chaplin Carl Hall.

Carl spoke about insurance porcessing at the Shriners Hospital for Children®.

Potentate Larry Carril thanked the club for sending $400.00 to the hospital.

We are also sending a get well card to Bert Stover.

 17                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
    of Ainad
                            By Maryann Carril

I would like to introduce the first of many of Ainad’s husband and wife teams who make
our temple one of the best in Shrinedom. These couples work diligently behind the
scenes and have found a great way to spend time together. Some work at the temple
and some work at their shrine clubs, but they all have one thing in common and that is,
they make things better for the rest of us.

                             Joe was raised a Master Mason on March 28, 1967 at
                             Emeth Lodge 1030 in E. St. Louis He is a life member of
                             that Lodge. Both Joe and Darlene was born in E.St. Louis
                             and married there on March 12, 1949. They have two
                             sons; Dwain and Joe and two daughters ; Linda and
                             Lynn (twins). They also have five grandchildren and one

                             Joe was employed as a coal miner, at National Auto
                             Supply and was the Service Manager for Refriderator
                             Trucks. Darlene worked for First National Bank of
   Joe and Darlene Hill      St. Louis until they decided to raise a family.

Joe became a member of Scottish Rite on Oct 28,1967 and a member of Ainad on
November 4, 1967. He belongs to Oriental Band (past president); Uniformed Units
(past president); Belleville Shrine Club (past president) ; and Legion of Honor. He
belongs to the Krazy Klowns and both he and Darlene belong to the Hillbilly Clan.

Darlene is very active with the Daughters of the Nile . She is a member of AD Manners
DeMolay. She is a member of the Eastern Star and True Kindred White Shrine.

Joe and Darlene have found a way to work together and play together and we at
Ainad are the winners for that. They can be found at the cake booth at Circus Kickoff,
the Easter Party, the Halloween Party and Christmas Party plus wherever else we
need them.

Darlene says, “ It sure has been a joy to us both , working together for Shriner’s
Hospital. Anything we could do, we did it”.

Bless You, Joe and Darlene ! If you have a desire to learn something new, stop and
talk to Joe and Darlene.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Nile Notes
                                                                                PQ Tonya Young
Daughters of the Nile is an international organization for women who are related by
birth or marriage to a Shriner, Master Mason or Daughter of the Nile. Founded in 1913,
by 22 progressive women with strength of purpose and vision, it boasts the 149
Temples throughout the United States and Canada. The top official of the Supreme
Temple holds the title of Supreme Queen. The Daughters of the Nile contribute over
$1 million annually to the Shriners Hospitals for Children®. Members also contribute
their time and creative efforts to the hospitals through volunteer work and the sewing
garments, quilts and other necessary items for the children. Al Sihah Temple No. 29,
Daughters of the Nile, meets at Ainad Shrine Center.

Al Sihah Temple No. 29 had the honor of hosting the official visit of Supreme Queen
Sue Layman February 17th. Ladies of the Household also accompanied SQ Sue on a
visit to the Shriners Hospital for Children®- St. Louis. It really put a smile on the faces
of those in attendance to see all the miracles happening everyday for the children
at the hospital. Queen Shirley did a great job presiding over our official visit and the
banquet at The Lady of the Snows, for SQ Sue. Thank you SQ Sue for helping to put
smiles on faces and song in the hearts of so many children and Ladies of the
Household alike. We hope you come back to visit us anytime.

March is our month for election, and installation of new officers. Elections are at our
regular session on March 8th, at 1:00 p.m. Installation practice will be on Friday, March
11th at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, March 13th will be installation of officers, beginning at 2 p.m.
Please be at the Temple at 12:00 noon for installation photos.
Keep all members who are in sickness and distress in your thoughts and prayers.

Are you or do you know a woman, of 18 years of age or older, who meets our
membership requirements, who would like to join us to help create miracles at Shriners
Hospital for Children®. Al Sihah Temple No. 29, Daughters of the Nile, would like to
have you join our Ladies of the Household. For more information on joining our
outstanding organization contact our Princess Recorder Myra Morrison at:

It is all right to take life seriously as long as you don’t take yourself the same way. It is
healthly to laugh often. When you are able to laugh at yourself, no one else can laugh
at you. They can only laugh with you.. Keep a smile on your face and a song in your
heart. Our Temple is capable of helping make miracles and smiles happen every day
for the children at Shriners Hospitals.

Supreme Queen Sue Layman visited the St. Louis Hospital on Tuesday, February 15
as part of her 3-day visit to our area with Official Visits to Sydyk Temple No. 107 and
Al Siah as well. Pictured are (Front Row) PQ Carol Brann, PQ Betty Miller, Supreme
Queen Sue Layman, Princess Marcella Wilson, Queen Shirley McCain, Pr Myra
Morrison. (Back Row) Pr. Angela Langford, PQ Tonya Young, Princess Susan Bland
and Princess Mary Fleming

 19                                                                      Ainad Shriners . . .
        El Kazam Shrine Club
                                                                                        Ron Thomason
Greetings from El Kazam. Spring is finally on the horizon, and we are all looking forward to milder
weather, saying goodbye to all the snow and ice of this past winter, and the beginning of the
blooming season.

Our February meeting was at Johnson’s Corner in Alton, IL. We had a very good attendance and
enjoyed an evening of good food and fellowship. We also were honored to have as our guests,
Potentate Larry Carril and his lady Maryann, Assistant Rabban Mike Grafe, his lady Ginny and
friend Bill Dieu and Past Potentate Ed Scott and his lady Betty. I guess Ed and Betty wouldn’t be
considered guests as they have been members of El Kazam for many years, but we are always
glad to see them.

Our March 11th meeting will be at Eagle’s Point in Grafton, IL (formerly Lilly’s).
We are looking forward to the Potentate’s Ball Weekend on March 25th and 26th. El Kazam has
three full tables reserved for the Ball. This fun-filled weekend kicks off another great year of hard
work and lots of fun as we support our Shriners Hospital for Children® and Ainad Shriners.

On Saturday, April 2nd, Full Moon Lodge #341 is hosting the 143rd Annual Meeting - Order of
Grandmother at the United Methodist Church at 100 East Main Street in Grafton, IL. Master
Masons only. There will be a fish dinner at noon and the initiation will begin at 1:00 p.m. The cost
is a donation of $7.00 for meal ticket and $5.00 for the initiation. There are no yearly dues. This is
the only place you can receive this fun degree. Come out and have a good time and support one
of the Blue Lodges in our area. Contact Mike Hillman at 618-946-2250 or Ron Thomason at 314-
378-5544 for tickets or more information.

Ainad Circus time is not that far away, it is time to think about getting your ads for the Ainad Circus
Book. If every Shriner got at least one ad, just think about how much that would bring in to support
our Shrine Center. El Kazam Shrine Club voted to place a full page ad this year.

Please read your entire Bulletin, find out what’s taking place at Ainad, other Shrine Clubs and
Units, there is a lot of good information and important dates to remember.

Please keep our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers, along with Bernice
Skinner, as she continues her recovery from surgery, Julius Gilbert, Bert and Alma Schaaf, Alberta
Gallay and the family of Robert “Bob” Mowen. Bob passed away on February 14, 2011.

A thought to leave you with, “Always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
Mark Twain. We hope to see everyone at Eagles Point on Friday, March 11th. God’s blessings to
one and all.

                                                  It’s the Rite
                                                  Thing to Do
                                                              Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
                                                                 Valley of Southern Illinois

Having Fun & Helping Kids
21   Ainad Shriners . . .
                                         Hillbilly Clan 39
                                         To inform all Nobles that the Hillbilly
                                         Clan #39 is on the move. This is NEW
                                         INFORMATION for new members who want
                                         to join with the Hillbillies in raising money
                                         for the transportation fund and the Shriners
                                         Hospitals for Children® through Ainad.

                                         One Time Dues:
                                         Men $50.00, Women $45.00

Money to be paid 30 days in advance of degree work. Each Shrine Club must HAVE at
least ten candidates before degree work can take place.

Included in your dues is one year news subscription for the Hillbilly magazine.
Any questions? Please contact:
Chief Raban: James Staffey 618-599-1096
Keeper of the Cob: Dean Vegher 618-410-5974
Guardian of the Still: Gary Bowen 618-549-3835

       Elbon Shrine Club
                                                                              Brian Rigsby
The Elbon Shrine Club is gearing up for another busy year. This will be our 3rd
year back in action after a break for a few years. Our club is located behind the
Staunton Masonic Lodge and our meetings take place the 1st Thursday of every
month at 7:00pm. All Shriners are welcome at our meetings and as we would love
to have you join our Shrine Club.

The Elbon Shrine Club will be participating in three parades this year and would like to
invite any Shrine Club to join us for the Staunton Homecoming Parade on June 26th at
5:00p.m. We have plenty of parking and refreshments if anyone would like to join us.
We held a Punt Pass and Kick sponsored by the NFL at the Staunton High
School with one of our participants, Addison Fletcher, taking 2nd place in the 8 and
9 year old boys division in the Team Championship at the Edward Jones Dome in St.
Louis. We will be holding the Punt Pass and Kick again this year. We recently
sponsored a member of the Staunton High School Bulldog football team, Adam Bos-
ton, who was selected as All State Class 2A Running Back, will be participating in the
Illinois Coaches Association Shrine All-Star Football game in Peoria, IL. We would like
to whish Adam and his team good luck in this game.

Our next event will be a Shriners and Masonic Recruitment Fish Fry. This will be held
at the Staunton Masonic Lodge with refreshments to follow at our Shrine Club on
Thursday April 7th at 7:00p.m. We ask that any Shriner or Mason that has a friend or
Brother that would be interested is invited to come and may bring their Wife or
significant other. If you would like to attend we would ask that you RSVP via e-mail
or phone call.
President: Robbie Bailey 618-339-0059
Vice President: Brian Rigsby 618-550-5485

Having Fun & Helping Kids
23   Ainad Shriners . . .
       Tri-City Shrine Club
                                                                         Nathan C. Branding
             Greetings! As we enter the month of March, we are looking forward to the
             season of spring. I hope that everyone survived through all of the extreme
             cold and snowy/icy weather that we had in the month of February. We are
             gearing up for the many activities scheduled ahead under the leadership
of TCSC-President Dave Morris. I also hope that this newsletter finds you and your
family doing well.

It’s time to be Irish! Don’t forget that we will have our annual corned beef and cabbage
dinner at the Granite City Masonic Temple on March 10th (starting at 6:30 PM).
Remember to have your appetite ready for this delicious dinner and wear your green
attire! We are looking forward to the many events scheduled ahead, so be sure to
check out your bulletins and mark your calendar.

For those members who have not been down to your club facility in a while, have been
missing out. The meeting hall keeps getting better and has always been a place to be
proud of thanks to the Hammer & Nails Committee. Anyone that is interested in
assisting with “sprucing up” our club facility and grounds is always welcome to come
down on Tuesdays. Please come on down and see all the progress!

Sickness and Distress: Jimmy Stuart, Anita Dean, Tom “Bud” Kathy, Hilda Cottrell,
Marion Favier, Dan Evans, Jr. Day, Jack DeCourcy, Van Stuart, James Graham, Ed
Werner, Gene Ross, Richard and June Branding, James Buford, Roy Wilimzig, (and
others we may have inadvertently omitted or were not aware of). We want to remember
our ailing members and families in our thoughts and prayers and wish them a speedy
recovery. Please contact: Nathan C. Branding (618-931-6768 or e-mail addresses of & concerning information
for the sickness & distress column.

Reminder: Dues for the year 2011 are being accepted by the treasurer. Please
complete your payment, thank you.

Let us continue to remember the members of our armed forces who are serving our
country in various points across the world. We want to remember them in our thoughts
and prayers and wish them a safe return home.

Everyone is welcome to visit our website through the following link: http://ainadshriners.
org/tcsc and keep up to date on our activities.

Guests are always welcome to visit the TCSC on the 3rd Thursday of each month at
7:00 PM (except in the months of November and December). The board meetings are
at 7:00 P.M. on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday business meetings. In closing, your
membership is important, so be sure to come down and see us. BE ACTIVE,

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Collinsville Shrine Club
                                                                             Richard Colona
The night started off with a delicious meal catered by Rich and Angela Colona. Several
choices were offered, these included: Swedish meatballs covered in a creamy sauce,
beefy mostaccioli, fettuccini, Caesars salad, bread, and for dessert a chocolate fountain.
The meal was very delicious. We want to thank Rich & Angela for their hard work.

We joined the Chamber of Commerce once again, the price was $66.00. We get free ads
from them. Both reports were accepted.

We received letters from the kids at the grade school thanking us for the $400.00 that we
had given them for coats for the Christmas season.

A motion was made to take out another Gold Page Ad for $300.00 for the Trailer. Also,
Chip informed all the Nobles of what the board had recommended to help our Brothers at
the Masonic Temple #712. They were in dire need of replacing their furnace, and lacked
the funds for a down payment. So, Chip and the board members decided to lend the Blue
Lodge the down payment of $5,000.00 until their CD came into use. This saved the Blue
Lodge from having to take out a loan. Worshipful Master, Bob Stevens thanked our club
in person for the swift timing and for the loan.

We had a good turnout, and we followed the meeting with games of Bingo. Prizes were
handed out and fun was had by all.

We want to congratulate Rich Colona, Jr, and his wife Angela in winning the Chili Cook
off on Saturday’s Temple events. We want to thank Worshipful Master Bob Stevens from
our Blue Lodge for visiting with us.

       Dania Shrine Club
                                                                           Ron Williams, PP

The snow and cold weather was too bad for the Dania folks in February. The meeting
was cancelled.

This is a reminder to everyone, the future meetings will be at the K of C hall on route 50
in O’Fallon. The meeting on March 1, will be a regular meeting and the meeting on April
5, will be ladies night. There will be a mailing with all the details.

Please keep the above dates open and read the entire bulletin to become aware of
everything that is happening at Ainad Shriners. The Dania meetings will start at 7:00 pm
with a light snack. Hope to see everyone at the meetings.

Shriners Hospitals for Children® is a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to
improving the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research
and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age 18 with
orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate are eligible
for care and receive all services in a family-centered environment, regardless of the
patient’s ability to pay.

 25                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
Having Fun & Helping Kids
               Ainad 2011 Calendar Fundraiser
                   January Cash Winners
 $25.00 Winners                                1003     Olen Eubanks
 Cal # Name                                    518      Earl Whitson
 1038 R.K. Wiess                               504      Megan Worth
 1011 Jim Cameron                              417       William Underwood
 897    George Mccabe                          110      Henry Carl Jr
 1376 Paul Buskirk                             477       Glenn Kane
 541    Junior Heins                           1538      Randal Young
 519    Earl Whitson                           210      Ryan Rawn
 119    Donald Crees                           474      Jack Taylor Jr
 1099 Connie Wood                              986      Floyd Alexander
 1448 Willie Weis                              526       Roger Ellis
 119    Donald Crees                           1042      Joe Reneth
 858    Tim Mcgrath
 866    Brad Koehler                           $50.00 Winners
 1378    Myrna Michels                         1131 Jenn Bellegante
 1580 Ma Cli Bo                                181    Ted Mezo
 1055 Todd Hemann                              698    Jerry Kimberline
 1015 Ken Oakley                               189    Richard Mcelroy
 175    A.J. Kemper                            $100.00 Winner
 704    Toni Rozanski                          770    Wes Donley
 779    Joe Keck

                          SAVE YOUR TABS
                             Proceeds Benefit the Shriners
                     Hospital for Children® Burn Unit in Cincinnati
                            Be sure that only the silver tabs
                                 are put into the sacks
                                      Thank You!
                                    No colored tabs
       The money realized from the sale of these aluminum tabs is used
        to purchase computer software for the school room, barrettes for
      little girls, coats, dresses, and other clothes for the Clothes Closet,
                       educational toys and many other things.

              Are you interested in meeting other Shriner widows?
                    Are you interested in having a good time?
                         Are you interested in good food?
               Join the Ainad Belles by getting on our mailing list.
             You will be informed of the meeting place each month.
            Meetings are always held on the 4th Monday of each month.
                          11:00 a.m. to approx. 1:30 p.m.
                               Dues are only $5.00
             Call Pat Frieman at 466-3792 or Mary Vogt at 624-5299

27                                                                Ainad Shriners . . .
                              Screening Clinics

         March 5 - Troy-Edwardsville S C - Anderson Hospital
         April 5 - Old National Trails S C - Vandalia Hospital
         April 16 - Jasper County S C - Jasper County Medical Center
         April 30 - Dania S C - O’Fallion Family Physicians
         May 14 - Salem S C - Salem Hospital
         Sept 17 - Franklin County S C - Franklin County Hospital
         Oct 1 - Belleville S C - Memorial Hospital

         As of now, please use only the new Application for Treatment Form
         1036 Rev 5/11/10.

         After selection a date for a clinic: Authorization must be requested from
         the potentate. Please contact Carl Hall.

                                  St. Louis Hospital number for applications only:
                                                  800-850-2960 or 314-692-6402

                       We urge each Club & Unit to support
                       or sponsor a clinic each year.
                       Children, It’s What We’re All About

                   Ainad Applications to Shriners Hospitals
                                                                            Submitted by
                                                                             Carl E. Hall

    County     January          YTD           County        January        YTD
    Alexander                    0            Lawrence                       0
    Bond                         0            Macoupin                       0
    Calhoun                      0            Madison              7         7
    Clark                        0            Marion               4         4
    Clay          1              1            Massac                         0
    Clinton       1              1            Monroe                         0
    Coles                        0            Montgomery                     0
    Crawford      1              1            Perry                          0
    Cumberland                   0            Pope                           0
    Edwards                      0            Pulaski                        0
    Effingham                    0            Randolph            1          1
    Fayette       2              2            Richland                       0
    Franklin      2              2            Saline              3          3
    Gallatin                     0            St. Clair           4          4
    Greene                       0            Union               1          1
    Hamilton                     0            Wabash                         0
    Hardin                       0            Washington          1          1
    Jackson       2              2            Wayne               1          1
    Jasper                       0            White                          0
    Jefferson                    0            Williamson          5          5
    Jersey        2              2            Out of Jurisdiction 1          1
    Johnson                      0            Totals             39         39
Having Fun & Helping Kids
  Ernest G. Allen       Kenneth D. Forbis       Herschel C. Parrish
  Belleville , IL       Vandalia, IL            Freeburg, IL
  February 2, 2011      July 22, 2010           December 13, 2010

  Carson R. Baker       William Fox             James Payne
  Fairfield , IL        Centralia , IL          Marion , IL
  November 7, 2010      June 5, 2010            January 15, 2011

  Bobby J. Barnhill     Albert Gallay           Roy Schmerbauch
  Evansville , IN       Jerseyville, IL         Collinsville , IL
  December 29, 2010     December 2010           January 26, 2011

  Rainy A. Bell         Dennis E. Gerkin, Sr.   Clarence Voigt
  Belleville , IL       Vandalia , IL           Belleville , IL
  December 11, 2010     January 11, 2010        February 2, 2011

  George E. Bradley     Vernon Keller           Donald Weidner
  Fairfield , IL        Aurora , IL             Edwardsville, IL
  January 30, 2011      November 28, 2010       January 22, 2011

  William A. Dreyer     Harold M. McCarty       Robert Weidner
  Port Orange , FL      Granite City , IL       Greenville , IL
  November 19, 2010     January 29, 2011        December 28, 2010

  Frederick A. Fesser   Loren Mitchell          Kenneth Willis
  Fillmore , IL         Robinson , IL           Olive Branch, IL
  December 19, 2010     December 11, 2010       February 7, 2011

  Charles R. Field      Robert P. Mowen
  Carrier Mills, IL     Jerseyville, IL
  December 13, 2010     February 14, 2011

January                   February
Membership              Membership
4,682                        4,672
Creation                         0
Affiliation                      3
Restorations                    12
Reversals                        0
Associate                        0
Demit                           -1
Suspensions                     -1
Deaths                         -23
Associates Dropped               0
Resigned                         0
Net                            -10

29                                                             Ainad Shriners . . .
                                      Ainad Office
609 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis, IL 62201
Phone: 618 874-1870 Toll Free: (888) 567-1870 Fax: (618) 874-6920
Imperial Web Site:
Ainad Web Site:
Ainad E-Mail:
Ainad Editor:
EMERGENCY BURNS (618) 616-6843
Potentate - Larry J. Carril (Maryann), 625 W. Division St., Marine, IL 62061
Chief Rabban - Bill Hill (Jeanie), 1407 Benton Ave., Johnston City, IL 62951
Assistant Rabban - Michael H. Grafe (Ginny), 16 Grandvue Dr., Belleville, IL 62223
High Priest & Prophet - Richard “Rick” Sieben (Dianne), 3201 Sugar Lake Drive., Freeburg, IL 62234
Oriental Guide - Bill Reidelberger (Beth), 1042 Shadow Ridge Crossing, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Treasurer - Ray Rohr, P.P. (Teri), 121 Longmeade, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Recorder - Steven F. Kibler, P.P. (Diane), 310 Prairie Drive, P.O. Box 12, Dieterich, IL 62424
First Ceremonial Master - Kevin T. Fernandez (Kimberly), 711 Abend, Belleville, IL 62220
Captain of the Guard - Denver L. Tolbert (Johanna), 5268 Park St. Mulkeytown, IL 62865
Outer Guard - Edward D. Allan, 125 Aaron Dr. Belleville, IL 62220

Second Ceremonial Master - William Underwood, Jr. (Nettie), 108 Alex Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Director - James P. Herndon (Karen), 104 LouRosa Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234
Assistant Director - Mike Koeneman (Karen), 212 Adam Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Marshal - Steve Kraus (Joan), 3925 Upper Saxtown Rd. Millstadt, IL 62223
Chaplain - Richard Colona (Sandra), 2 Price Drive, Troy, IL 62294
Chaplain - Carl Hall, 1449 Schwarz Meadow Drive, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Chaplain - C. Russell Helton (Delene), 1104 Organ St., Eldorado, IL 62930
Administrator - Mark Maxwell (Lisa Brandon), 609 St. Louis, Ave. E. St. Louis, IL 62201

                 Imperial Council Representatives
                          Larry Carril • Bill Hill • Mike Grafe • Rick Sieben
          H. E. Gene Tracy, P. P., Colorado Emeritus • Ron Williams, P. P., Colorado Emeritus

     Ainad Members of the St. Louis Hospital Board of Governors
                Ray Rohr, PP • Steve Kibler, PP • Henry Siekmann • Harvey L. Mirly MD
      Carl E. Hall, Associate • C. A. Jack Dempsey, PP, Emeritus Chairman • Adrian Croissant III
             E. Gene Ross, Emeritus Chairman • Irvin C. Slate, Jr., PP, Emeritus Chairman
                    L. Ray Radliff, PP, Emeritus Chairman • Ron Williams, PP, Emeritus

                                  Temple Unit Schedule
  Following are the scheduled meeting nights of the various AINAD Uniformed Units who hold their
                             meetings at the AINAD SHRINE CENTER:
        DRUM & BUGLE CORPS - Each Monday Night • ARAB PATROL - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
                 HIGHLANDERS-Monday Night • COLOR GUARD - 4th Monday Night
      BRASS BAND - 2nd Friday and 4th Friday Night • DIRECTOR’S STAFF - 2nd Monday Night
          UNIFORMED UNITS - 2nd Thursday Night • AINAD HOSPITAL UNIT - 3rd Tuesday
                 LEGION OF HONOR - 3rd Tuesday • KRAZY KLOWNS - 4th Monday
              ORIENTAL BAND - 1st Tuesday Night • PROVOST GUARD - 4th Thursday

The Ainad Bulletin is published 11 months a year except for July by the Ainad Shriners,
located at 609 St Louis Ave, East St Louis, IL 62201-2927.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
   PERMIT NO. 1371



                                  Address Service Requested
Volume 87 March 2011 • No. 02
    East St. Louis, IL 62201
     609 St. Louis Avenue
        Ainad Shriners

                                                              Calendar of Events
              March                                                     May
              5                 Moolah Parade-St. Charles, MO 7      Spring Ceremonial
              13                DON Installation               15-22 Pote Trip Punta-Can
              24                *Board of Dir./Stated Meeting  26    *Stated Meeting
              25-26             Potentate’s Ball-Hilton Garden
                                Inn / O’Fallon, IL

              16                Temple Easter Party
              22                Temple Closed
              28                *Board of Dir./Stated Meeting/
                                Ladies Night
             * Indicates Temple Function
             Do not schedule Club or Unit Activities on these dates. Encourage your
             members to attend Ainad Activities.
             Next Stated Meeting March 24 Stated Meeting
             Dinner Starting at 6:00 P.M. Meeting at 7:30 P.M.

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