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					Modeling Ethical Behavior
EY Seminar in Professional Leadership
Cal State University, Northridge
Spring 2009
Overview – Ethics in Professional Services

  ►   Importance of ethics in professional services
  ►   Key regulatory bodies maintaining professional
      ►       American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
      ►       Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
      ►       Government Accountability Office (GAO)
      ►       Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)

22 May,
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Overview – Ethics On Campus

  ►   Examples of ethical challenges in the classroom
  ►   Key organizations in maintaining ethical standards
      ►       Faculty
      ►       Campus Administration
      ►       Peer Judicial Groups

22 May,
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Ethics and You – Exercise

►   Break up into teams
►   Explore an ethical scenario that you could face as a
    professional on an engagement team
►   Share your conclusions with the class

22 May,
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Gray Area

  ►   What did you take away from the exercise?
  ►   Are ethical situations black and white? Is there one
      “right answer”?
  ►   What do you do when the answer isn’t clear?

22 May,
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Campus Application

  ►   How can you apply what you learned to…
      ►       The Classroom
      ►       Personal conduct
      ►       Work (internship or full time job)
      ►       The Recruiting Process

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