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                      Horoscopes and Birthdays
       .              Leos born August 1 to 22 are
                      outgoing and creative. It’s hard to
                                                            Myrna Loy – Aug. 2, 1905
                                                            Esther Williams – Aug. 8, 1921        Date / Issue
                                                                                                                                Newsletter Title
                      resist a Lion’s natural charm.        Dustin Hoffman – Aug. 8, 1937
                      And their fiery magnetism is likely   Eddie Fisher – Aug. 10, 1928
                                                                                                                                                                 Name of your community,
                      to attract attention, which is just   Magic Johnson – Aug. 14, 1959
                                                                                                                                                                 address, phone number, fax
                      how they like it. Those born          Kathie Lee Gifford – Aug. 16, 1953
                                                                                                                                                                 number, other information
                      August 23 to 31 are hardworking,      Maureen O’Hara – Aug.17, 1920
                      practical Virgos. Virgos are often    Bill Clinton – Aug. 19, 1946
                      kind and dedicated caregivers.        Don King – Aug. 20, 1931
                      They are at home in the company       Kenny Rogers – Aug. 21, 1938
                      of animals. Often reserved,           Gene Kelly – Aug. 23, 1912              Happiness
                      Virgos shy away from attention.       Elliott Gould – Aug. 29, 1938                         Missing Mona
                                                                                                     Month         It has been called the theft of the     the Germans. Some said a
                                                                                                                  century. On August 21, 1911,             ruthless American collector was at
                      Budge That Grudge                                                             Cataract      Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the       fault. Others hoped that it was a
    Notable           International Forgiveness Day is      Harvard’s Medical School say that                     most famous painting in the world,       joke and that the painting would
                      August 7. This is not only a day      forgiveness relieves stress,                          was stolen out of the Louvre             soon be returned. Meanwhile,
    Quotable                                                                                         Month
                      to forgive and be forgiven, but to    improves heart health, reduces                        Museum in Paris. The news made           visitors flocked to the Louvre just to
                      improve both your physical and        pain, and can lead to greater                         headlines around the globe.              see the empty space on the wall
  “Let us forgive                                                                                 International
                      psychological well-being.             happiness.                                                                                     where the Mona Lisa had hung.
 each other – only                                                                                                Local police had no leads. The
then can we live in
                                                                                                  Clown Week                                               Dismay turned to humor. Someone
                                                                                                   August 1-7     only evidence investigators had          wrote into a French newspaper
     peace.”          It is almost a universal human        To forgive does not always mean
                                                                                                                  was the painting’s frame, which          asking the thieves to steal the Eiffel
                      experience to be hurt by the          to forget. People can often forgive
                                                                                                                  was found in a staircase. One            Tower next. Postcards showed
  ~ Leo Tolstoy,      actions or words of another           the person without excusing the         Ramadan
                                                                                                                  fingerprint was lifted from the          Mona Lisa leaving France with
 author of War and    person. But did you know that         act. Forgiveness is letting go of        Begins       frame, but a fingerprint expert could    Leonardo da Vinci.
      Peace           holding a grudge could affect your    resentment or thoughts of revenge.      August 1      not match it to a suspect.
                      cardiovascular and nervous            It may truly be the best medicine.
                                                                                                                                                           Two years later a man visited the
                      systems? Studies show that            Plus it has one more benefit. As                      As the days wore on, rumors began
                      grudges put your body through         the writer Oscar Wilde reminds us,
                                                                                                   Respect for                                             office of an antiques dealer in
                                                                                                   Parents Day    to circulate. Some French blamed                            continued on pg. 4
                      the same strains as a major           “Always forgive your enemies –
                      stressful event. Researchers at       nothing annoys them so much.”           August 1
                                                                                                                  More S’mores, Please
                          Missing Mona         continued from pg. 1
                                                                                                  Mustard Day
                                                                                                   August 6       Who do we have to thank for that
                          Florence, Italy. This man revealed an amazing secret. He had the                        delicious campfire treat known as
                          Mona Lisa hidden in his hotel room. He called himself an Italian         Sisters’ Day   the s’more? Who dreamed up that
                          patriot. He had stolen the masterpiece in order to bring it back to        August 7     perfect combination of rich
                          Italy. He asked for half-a-million lire in payment and a promise that                   chocolate, gooey marshmallow,
                          the painting would never return to France. The antiques dealer                          and crisp graham cracker?
                                                                                                   Elvis Week                                              1917. Lately s’mores have been
                          agreed and went to the man’s hotel room.                                                Unfortunately, there is no known
                                                                                                   August 10-16   record of the origin of this snack.      turning up in the darndest of
                          After a heap of ratty clothes and a false bottom were removed from                                                               places. Some pizza restaurants
                          an old trunk, the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa appeared. The             Poet’s Day     The first s’more recipe was officially   have even taken to baking
                          painting was intact and safe. Within hours, the man was arrested.        August 21      published in the Girl Scout              chocolate and marshmallows on
                          How had he done it? A former worker at the Louvre, he had simply                        Handbook in 1927, but similar            top of a graham-cracker crust.
                          walked into the empty museum (it was closed on Mondays for                Dog Day       treats already existed. Mallomars        Whichever version you prefer, don’t
                          cleaning) and lifted it off the wall. On January 4, 1914, Mona Lisa       August 26     cookies had the same ingredients         feel shy about asking for “some
                          returned to the Louvre, where she is protected day and night.                           in 1913. The MoonPie followed in         more” on August 10, S’more Day.
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                             Guiding Lights                                                                                        The Right to be Left-handed
                             Why do so many people find            dangerous coastlines. Perhaps the                               On August 13, left-handed people        person’s memory and creativity.
                             lighthouses fascinating? Is it the    most famous lighthouse the world                                will be waving their left hands and
                             romance of the solitary lighthouse    has ever known was the great                                    slapping left-handed high fives as      While there are many
                             keeper? Is it the hopeful beacon      Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria in                              they celebrate Left-Handers’ Day.       disadvantages to being left-handed
                             of light steering ships clear of      Egypt. Like the Pyramids of Giza,                               Are left-handed people really that      (try to find left-handed scissors or
                             danger? Do they inspire us,           the Pharos Lighthouse was one of                                different from right-handers? For       spatulas!), there are some
                             comfort us, or serve as symbols of    the Seven Wonders of the Ancient                                years scientists have been asking       advantages. Lefties have a
                             our maritime past? No matter          World. Completed in 283 BC, it                                  that question and finding surprising    greater chance of having a high
                             what stirs your fondness for          stood at least 350 feet tall. In 1303                           answers.                                IQ. Lefties can see better under
                             lighthouses, take the time to enjoy   a massive earthquake shook the                                                                          water than righties can. They are
                             these coastal sentinels on August     entire eastern Mediterranean and                                One thing is for sure – lefties are     better at multitasking. Lefties also
                             7, Lighthouse Day.                    the great lighthouse crumbled. It                               different from righties. How?           can make better baseball pitchers,
       Michigan has more                                                                                                           Scientists have discovered that a       tennis players, fencers, and
    lighthouses than any                                           was not until 1962 that a diver
                             The first lighthouses were simply     searching for fish spotted its                                  left-handed person’s brain is           boxers. Of course, many righties
              other state.                                                                                     Barack Obama,       different from that of a right-         might argue otherwise.
                             large fires that burned along         underwater ruins.
                                                                                                           Oprah Winfrey, and      handed person. While righties use
                                                                                                            Paul McCartney all     just one side of the brain for things   Lefties run in families, which
                             Janmashtami                                                                   use their left hands.   like processing language, lefties       suggests that handedness is
                                                                                                                                   use both sides of their brains for      largely decided in the womb.
                             All over India, people will be        discovered that Krishna was alive,                              this task. Research shows that          Roughly 10 percent of the
                             celebrating Janmashtami on            he sent many demons to kill                                     there are more, and stronger,           population is left-handed, which
                             August 22, a holiday                  Krishna. The all-powerful Krishna                               connections between the left and        makes it likely that someone you
                             commemorating the birth of Lord       defeated each enemy and fulfilled                               right sides of the brain in left-       know will be celebrating Left-
                             Krishna. Hindus believe that          the prophecy by slaying Kamsa                                   handed people. These                    Handers’ Day on August 13. Do
                             Krishna was a human incarnation       and freeing the people of Mathura.                              connections between the two             them a favor on this day and
                             of the great Lord Vishnu, one of      This is why each year the city of                               halves of the brain affect not only     extend them your left hand in a
                             the three main Hindu gods. As a       Mathura has the greatest                                        language, but can also impact a         handshake.
                             protector of the universe and         Janmashtami celebration of all.
                             maintainer of cosmic order, Vishnu
                             often had to transform into human     Lord Krishna epitomizes the victory
                                                                                                                                   Fantastic Furballs
                             form to descend to earth and          of good over evil and embodies
                             conquer the forces of evil. Krishna   pure love and joy. For these                                    Sasquatch. Yeti. Bigfoot. This          panels provide compelling
   Hindus believe Lord                                                                                                             mythic beast has many names.            evidence that bigfoot exists.
   Vishnu took human         is believed to be the eighth time     reasons, Janmashtami is quite a
                             that Lord Vishnu took human form.     joyous celebration in India.                                    During the last weekend in
        form ten times.                                                                                                            August, the residents of Carson,        Famed primate expert Dr. Jane
       Krishna was the                                             Statues of the Krishna are washed,
                             According to Hindu beliefs, Krishna   placed in cradles, and rocked like                              Washington, keep on the look out        Goodall believes in bigfoot. Too
    eighth incarnation.                                                                                                            for this giant, fur-covered recluse     many people have described eerily
                             was born as the eighth child of       babies. Hindu faithful fast all day
                             Devaki, sister of the cruel demon     and break their fast at midnight,                               during their annual Bigfoot Daze.       similar encounters with hairy,
                             king Kamsa of Mathura. Kamsa          the traditional time of his birth.                                                                      humanlike creatures. Dr. Jeff
                             heard a prophecy that he’d die by                                                                     The celebration has all the             Meldrum of Idaho State University
                             the hands of his nephew. So each      In honor of Krishna’s upbringing in                             trappings of a town fair.               agrees. After analyzing footprints,
                             time Devaki gave birth, Kamsa         a family of cowherds, people                                    Attendees enjoy live music,             film footage, and hair samples, he
                             killed her child. However when        prepare a variety of sweet and             Sasquatch fans       horseshoe pitching, a dance             concludes that bigfoot is not a
                             Krishna was born, Devaki              buttery dishes made with cow’s            gather in Carson,     contest, and plenty of food –           hoax. If you’re a believer, sign up
                             outsmarted her brother by secretly    milk. With singing and dancing,             Washington for      including bigfoot-hunter burgers        for a Sasquatch expedition with
                             switching her child with a local      Hindus revel with unbridled joy the           Bigfoot Daze.     and yeti spaghetti. But there are       your local Bigfoot Field
                             cowherd’s daughter. When Kamsa        way Krishna taught them.                                        also true believers. Discussion         Researchers Organization.

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