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      The body requires good hygiene on the outside and also on the inside to
remain clean, healthy and active. Every one knows how vital cleanliness and
hygiene is to our general well being, but most people stop at the outside of the
body and never apply the same principles to the internal system. Digestion plays a
very important role in the body’s health because it is during this process that
nutrients are absorbed into the body and waste is eliminated from the body. The
process of digestion begins when the food that is ingested is broken down in the
alimentary canal into a form that can be absorbed and assimilated by the tissues of
the body. Digestion includes mechanical processes such as chewing, churning, and
grinding food, as well as the chemical action of digestive enzymes and other
substances such as bile and acids which work to breakdown the food. Digestion
actually starts with chemical digestion in the mouth with the action of saliva on the
food, but the real work takes place in the stomach and small intestine where the
food is subjected to gastric juices, pancreatic juices, and succus entericus, or
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      The large intestine, or colon has no digestive function but it absorbs large
amounts of water and electrolytes from the undigested food that is passed on from
the small intestine. There are four main parts of the large intestine. They are, the
ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colons.            Strong peristaltic

movements, muscle contractions, occur at intervals that move the dehydrated
contents of the large intestine towards the rectum.

      Most people only pay attention to hygiene when it concerns cleansing the
external surface of the body. Attention turns to internal hygiene only when we start
to experience something wrong with our digestion, excretions, secretions, as well
as changes in the color of our skin and eyes. If something is wrong with our body,
it will usually manifest itself by making us sensitive, irritable or feel pain. These
are the signs that there is something that is not right going on inside. If these
symptoms are a result of a neglected colon, it is time to look at colon cleansing for
a chance to restore the colon to its original, optimal state. This form of internal
hygiene should be performed on a regular basis in order to keep the colon in good

      The more we learn about how the colon works, the more people are turning
to colon cleansing in order to keep the colon healthy and avoid colon cancer.
Recent research surveys found that45% of people who were experiencing problems
with elimination were also dealing with some form of cancer in their colons.
Obviously, anytime that you have concerns about your colon, you should consult
with your physician in order eliminate cancer as the cause.

      Colon cleansers are used by people who want to fully remove any impacted
feces and the associated toxins that cling to the colon walls. We are all familiar
with the chemicals that are used in preservatives. Fast foods and processed foods
usually contain the most preservatives. What most don’t know is that the colon can

have these toxins locked in impacted feces that are not eliminated during their
bowel movements. The longer these toxins stay in the colon, the more trouble they
can cause for the overall health of the body.

      Colon cleansing can eliminate these preservatives and their byproducts and
create the correct environment for a healthy colon. Constipation is another
condition colon cleansing can alleviate. Constipation is a warning sign of many
illnesses, and not simply illnesses that are related to the gastrointestinal system.
Constipation can also be the result of a reaction to medication that is being taken
for other illnesses.

      If your constipation is not due to some illness or blockage of the bowels,
colon cleansing with natural herbs can produce the desired effect and return your
colon to normal operation. Regular colon cleansing keeps your colon functioning
properly and reduces the chance that you may contract other diseases due to the
toxins that were collected in your colon.

      Colon cleansing can also be very useful in controlling the symptoms of
people that suffer from gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable bowel
syndrome, IBS, or yeast overgrowth in the bowels. Irritable bowel syndrome
(spastic colon, mucous colitis), is a common condition in which recurrent
abdominal pain with constipation and or diarrhea continues for years without any
general deterioration in the physical health of the afflicted. There is no detectable
structure to the disease. The symptoms are caused by abdominal muscular
contractions in the intestine and heightened sensitivity to such stimuli as stretching

or distension of the limbs. The cause is unknown but the condition is often
associated with stress or anxiety and may follow severe infection of the intestine.
Tests will be needed to rule out organic cause for the disease. Treatment for IBS is
based on removing anxiety through psychotherapy, dietary adjustment, the use of
fecal softening agents, and drugs to reduce spasms or to diminish to the pain
associated with IBS.

      When confronted with gastrointestinal disorders, illness, and other bowel-
related conditions, the use of cleansing agents can restore the colon so that it can
resume its normal functions within the body. A colon that does not have to deal
with built up toxins and impacted feces will improve the overall condition of the
body’s health and enable the immune system to fight off what ever diseases are
trying to gain a foot hold in the colon.

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